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The Tau Empire and its Views on Suicide/Martyrdom
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Default The Tau Empire and its Views on Suicide/Martyrdom

With the new Codex, there's been a bit of a darker, more blind cultish feel to the tau. Take the Failsafe detonator for example. And I actually like it; it's useful. You can toss a unit of Crisis suits into combat with the express purpose of blowing one of them up (depends on the opponent, usually guard or tyranids....low armour save).

But what I really am surprised with is that I find at about midgame you can get tempted to throw away an ethereal. think about it, if the ethereal dies, all the tau units have to pass a leadership check...but if they do, even later (use bonded units) they gain preferred enemy, and you have... Close combat capable Tau! I was really surprised the first time is happened. My Aun with honour guard firewarriors was murdered first round of combat. Every unit on the table passed their leadership test, and then the honour guard threw back the unit of Dark Eldar Incubi that had been assaulting them. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this change or had a similar situation or if i'm just out of my tree with luck.
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Default Re: The Tau Empire and its Views on Suicide/Martyrdom

1) You have to take an ethereal. The honor guard is just more firewarriors, slightly less horrible (slightly. kinda like guardsmen are slightly less horrible than our regular FW's) in CC but more expensive.
(Edit: whoops! forgot it was BS, not WS they get. Still... I'd rather be able to take them alone, without that ethereal....)
2) He has to DIE (victory points for the other guy).
3) All the forces eligible for this bonus must pass (no reroll, ethereal already dead) a leadership test or start falling back. Nothing like losing 1/3 of your army because a single guy got killed! If they weren't eligible or didn't have to roll, they don't get the bonus either.
4) If all of the above have gone 'well', you're... slightly less horribly mauled in melee... sometimes. even though technically its better to get beaten and fall back so you can start shooting again.

What does this mean you wonder? Well, except for the odd, rare fluke, you're still completely screwed. Your initiative hasn't gotten any better, the enemy still strikes and wounds just as easily (its not a WS increase on our side, just an easier time hitting), and the strength of all but our battlesuits is abysmal (and even then the suits lack power-weapons). In other words, whatever's left will have a slightly higher chance of hitting. yay.

If it works out for you, keep at it. But I'll just warn you that its a very expensive and risky 'bonus' you're hanging the battle on there.

Other armies with units granting ethereal-style bonuses don't have anywhere near the same 'penalties' attached. Marine commanders/captains for example don't require LoS and won't have their army running off if they die. Plus they're in 3+ or better armor and can use tons of nifty pieces of equipment (we don't have much in the way of infantry equip, even worse if you don't even have a gun!)
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Default Re: The Tau Empire and its Views on Suicide/Martyrdom

You can toss a unit of Crisis suits into combat with the express purpose of blowing one of them up
This isn't really possible either. You have to lose combat without being wiped out, and it seems like you have to have some teammates remaining... So you must lose the combat, have a teammate left, and fail morale.

Even then you get something like 2-3 clean hits and 2-3 more partial hits. No AP value. Even orks get their save. Aside from the question of how a S8 hit could have no AP, it's not a particularly good for a 2 -3 man crisis team, the cheapest of which come in at 70-100 points.

It's not really darker as it's to be used only when defending one's squadmates, who are like brothers and sisters or spouses to the Tau. The only other time I could see it being used would be when the Tau was sure he was going to die...
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