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Cities of Death Ownage Matches using Tau
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Default Cities of Death Ownage Matches using Tau

I played two games of COD since its release and have owned both of them.

The First was agaist SPACE MARINES. We played the mission where we had to capture the opponents defended building whilst preventing them from capturing your own. I took razor wire, booby traps and demolition strategems. I placed my booby traps on my building. and razor wire everywhere. anyway i think my opponent wasnt to smart because he didnt commit any of his force to take my building. BIG mistake. because i captured his meaning automatic victory. i took very minor casualties.

The Seconf was agaist the infamous DARK ELDAR. This was so badkly owned on my behalf. we had to capture the centre building whick being dark eldar charged the entire army at it from day dot. my deilfishes worked wonders on their infantry and by the end of the game(turn 4) i had annihilated his entire force and had everyone onr of my units on the objective. i laughed lots because he had only killed one thats right one model in my entire army. it was a crisis battlesuit. but eh. i flogged

Send in some ownage games of yours using tau and margin of victory.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Cities of Death Ownage Matches using Tau

You might want to look at your oppenets, and not just the army's. If you are playing against Deathwing and he lines his forces up and walks them right down the main street into three squads of Firewarriors and a unit of three Broadsides that isn't too swift.

Hope you don't lose to a vet IG player.
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