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[1,000 point army list] First Try at Tau
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Default [1,000 point army list] First Try at Tau

Hi all,* I am just starting to play Tau, but have played 40k for about a year now, with a small eldar army and a larger Guard army.

Here is my first attempt at a Tau army and a rough idea of how it will work "in theory".* Let me know what you think.

Shas'o w/ Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Shield Generator, and HW Multitracker 135pts
5 Stealth Team 150pts
12 Fire Warriors 120pts
12 Fire Warriors 120pts
3 Crisis battlesuits w/ Team Leader: Plasma Rifles, Missle Pod, Multi-trackers.* Team Leader w/ HW Target Locker 203pts
Hammerhead Gunship w/SMS, Rail Gun, and Multitracker 170pts
4 Gun Drones 48pts
4 Gun Drones 48pts
Total: 994pts

My Stealth Team will infiltrate, and harass a flank while I may deepstrike the Gun Drones in to assist later in the battle with pinning.* The firewarriors and Hammerhead will provide the anvil while the Shas'o and the Battlesuits will be the hammer.* What do you think?
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Default Re: [1,000 point army list] First Try at Tau

Fairly good army (well thats just in my opinion!) and you seem to have the tactics spot on, well done! There are afew things that MUST change however!

Shas'o, take out the shield generator...he has 4 wounds and just keep him within 6" of another squad (probably the crisis team!) and he cant even be shot at, this means the multiracker need not be hard wired and in total you save (brain whurrs) 25 points.

Buy another stealth suit to make a nice team of 6, (your still 1 point under remember with the shas'o point cutting!)

As for the crisis team i would have a squad of two and a squad of 1 to totally fill up your elite choices as you can not only fire at different targets with different squads (hence negating the need for a target lock or the team leader, (becuase face it your not choosing him becuase hes better in combat are you!), thats 8 points saved...( i thinks!)

As for the hammerhead this is your personal preference, but mine would be to drop the SMS for the burst cannon, drop the multitracker as i only move mine 6", making all hits glancing...meaning if its immobiliosed it only crash lands.....and also under 4th ed rules meaning it can fire all weapons. Therefore my hammerhead cost 155 points (RG, BC, TL),but whether you choose to mirror that is up to you.

Many people are going to say stick your gun drones in one squad....well im one of them, theyre only efective in the largest squad number possible....try deepstriking them to snipe rear armour if your having trouble with vehicles. One general thing i would change but again i wouldnt say its essesntial, would be to remove one crisis suit and add some more fire warriors (with my things changed you would have 89 points to spend on them so thats two squads of 11 and one of 10)

Take this advice how you want, seeing as thats purely how i would play my army, theres no right or wrong....but....your tactics are pretty sound to me!
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Default Re: [1,000 point army list] First Try at Tau

The only thing I'd suggest is to drop the Shas'O for a Shas'El. You don't really need so big a HQ in 1000pts, plus it frees up a few points...
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Default Re: [1,000 point army list] First Try at Tau

Frees up 25 points to spend on some more fire warriors! aim for 3 squads of 12 by using the points cutting ways i suggested and also getting rid of 1 crisis suit. However the best way to test whether this army works or not is to play games with it then change/take out/put in units according to how things go.
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