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Piranha Questions
Closed Thread
Old 29 Jun 2006, 02:26   #1 (permalink)
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Default Piranha Questions

I normally play with two hammerheads(railhead and ion cannon) in my lists. The only problem is that if I dont get first turn my poor hammerheads are bombarded with a bazillion lascannon shots, which normally leaves them useless for the rest of the game :'( (thank goodness for TL fusion blasters crisis suits).

Anyways, I was wondering if replacing the railhead with two FB piranha would be viable. I know that the lower armor would make them more damageable but the better movement and smaller models should make them better. Right ???

So, what do you guys think of this idea (before i go buy a few piranhas and ebay off my hammerhead)
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

keep the hammerhead if it doesn't work for you don't use it. you can make the hammerhead a devilfish

do you have disruption pods? that might help!

well maybe you should buy something that will make him shoot at something else >

broadsides would be good
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

Why'd they change the old disruption pods for the new ones, anyways? We have skimmers. Skimmers with landing-gear and sensor-spines. you pretty much have to willingly stick yourself in the open AND do so without moving your full range, and do this without being in cover to NOT get glanced when struck.

Last thing we need is more ways to turn things into a glance. Those old pods were awesome!
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

Never used the pods much meself.

Piranhas are great if you can use them right. I love the darn things. In both the 2000pt battles Ive fielded them in each took out a Land Raider and each also bagged a number of other tanks while sustaining little to no damage (I run two currently). They are fast but most opponents dont see them as a great threat especially as there are also two Railheads and an Ionhead staring them in the face aswell as half a dozen battlesuits of assorted types and ranks zipping around there are too many other targets and the enemy only realizes their folly until its too late. A Piranha with Fusion and TA will run you 70pts. Not bad at all for a very fast, decently armored for its class and pretty well armed little skimmer. Taking out 450+pts of tanks ontop of that is just icing on the cake. I cant guarantee the same results all the time.

Keep the little guys out of sight and use their speed to keep them behind cover and on turn 3 or 4 jump two onto a target and hose it down with their Fusion Blasters, with two at least one should always be hitting and with such speed getting side or rear armor shouldnt be difficult. Two is 140pts and even if it takes both shots to bring down an enemies tank thats still on average between 130-250pts so with careful target selection your chances are fairly good.

Hmm I should really write up a tactica on the Piranha...

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Old 29 Jun 2006, 04:28   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

Originally Posted by Vash113
Hmm I should really write up a tactica on the Piranha...
Heck yeah. I've always thought them kind of silly, but it sounds like you have an effective plan.
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 05:38   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

well what i do is give my hammer head a target lock so it can move and shoot like a fast moving vehicle and deploy it behind cover so it doesn't get shot. or if that doesn't work try putting your hammer heads in reseves then bring them out when you need them.
if you going to run some piranhas, get at least 3-5. right now i have only one with a fussion blaster and it wops BUT! so imagine what 3-5 would do. i plan to get 5 and have them do a flying 'V' across the board ;D
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

for the smaller scale battles however i suggest replacing one of your hammerheads with a broadside squad. The hammerhead of course will be targeted but most players down take any notice of the fact that when it comes to killing tanks broadside will whipe any smirk off their face. I field my HH mainly as a distractive force and if it kills a load of things in the process im happy ;D
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 06:31   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

Give your hammerhead a multi-tracker so it can pretend it's a bigger pirahna

I don't typically use these, though I know the store runs three of them with fusion blasters. Parahna swarms are interesting, especially when you position them so that they attack the sides and rear armor simultaneously.

...And I always give my tanks Decoy launchers. D-pods didn't do much for me, and work only when being at long range.
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

has anyone ever gotten a whole squad of them?
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 07:40   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Piranha Questions

I do normally have a multi-tracker and distruption pod on my tanks, but even if the hits are converted to glancing, it still can be destroyed and most likely be stunned. The boards I usually play on have tall, skinnier towers and stuff, so its not always easy keeping my enemy from getting some kind of LOS on me (the tank has to come out sometime).

I figure a railhead will go for about 180 points. So, that means I can field at least 2 in its place, and i could probably field 3 for about 210. Plus the piranha will have a easier time hiding. As I was saying, I usually have two hammerheads going so, instead of the railhead, I'll have an ion cannon and 2-3 fast, skimming, distruption podding Fusion Blasters. Sounds like a pretty scary combo to me.

Plus I will have to sell the hammerhead to afford the piranhas (dont worry, I'll have two modular devilfish/HH left ).
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