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Default tactics

okay i want to know some good tactics for facing nercons , Tyranids those are the two army i always have trouble with
SM i eat for breakfast eldar i thing tau are mean to put them in there place with so much S7 weapons but nercons they kill are skimmers with easy then shoot or cc use and it sucks once my mobility is lost and tyranids are fast wing hive tyrant what are some good tactics for up coming Medusa campaign for these foes ?? how would you death with them in city of death fight ??
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Default Re: tactics

I don't play against Necron at all so I can't help you there. against tyranids you want as Manny shots as possible. seeker missiles can handle the big guys while you pour fire into the swarms. In cities of death use a stratagem that can either slow down the broods or provide you with extra defence. Razor wire or fortifications work well. I hope this helps.
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Default Re: tactics

I don't play agaisnt nid but I use to play them fighting agains them you want lots of blast weapons and dont want to come with in 24" of them or they will slap you in hth.

as for necrons kill there warriors first and rember they have I 2 and you can thake them on in hth combat but rapid fireing if all so fun
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Default Re: tactics

Originally Posted by frankthetank
okay i want to know some good tactics for facing nercons , Tyranids those are the two army i always have trouble with
SM i eat for breakfast eldar i thing tau are mean to put them in there place with so much S7 weapons but nercons they kill are skimmers with easy then shoot or cc use and it sucks once my mobility is lost and tyranids are fast wing hive tyrant what are some good tactics for up coming Medusa campaign for these foes ?? how would you death with them in city of death fight ??

It really depends what kind of Necron army you're facing and of course, what kind of Tyranids you're facing.

However, in general, here's a tip for you when facing Necrons:

2+ Saves / XV-88: Necrons don't have a lot of AP power. The Heavy Destroyer is the biggest compotent of the army that can bring low AP to the board with any kind of reliability and mobility--monoliths just don't count when it comes to that. Look at the things you can take, which are not vehicles and very well equipped for hosing Necrons, of all kinds. You'll see the XV-88 Broadside is a diamond in the rough. Not just for the railgun, but for the extremely cheap access to the twinlinked plasma rifles housed on a walking 2+ saving body!. Two XV-88's with upgraded twinlinked Plasma is pretty dangerous to Necrons. You can get a team leader and some Shield Drones and go to town, relatively safe, unloading very accurate and armor-save-ignoring shots into their ranks. Most weapons they fire at them will bounce off the 2+ and the 4+ inv. save of the shield drones can soak up anything the Heavy Destroyers bring to the board, while you nuke them with a Railgun. The XV-88 will stand up a lot longer than the Hammerhead will as a heavy support (in general). Also, you can rig another 2+ saving crazy suit on a Shas'El/O with iridium and shield drones, packing plasma and fusion--just like an XV88, but without the Railgun. It may seem like a waste, but having the ability to hold up for a very long time in combat, and be able to drop a few Necrons fast and easy, it's pretty valuable.

Shas'O: The "O" is better than a Necron in close combat. Can you imagine that? The Ninja`O is pretty great against the Necrons. You can bounce around, hose three Necrons per shooting phase easily, assault to avoid being shot to ribbons, and then break out of assault to shoot and assault them all over again. That single "O" can literally stall full squads of Warriors, or Immortals from doing anything for most of the game, just with his Thrusters and Stimms. It's amazing how durable he is, while Necrons only have 1 attacks, don't wound except on average 50%, and you have a 3+ and 4+ buffer save to top it off. You can literally do it without a scratch typically. It's just too bad we can't take several Ninja...

Sniper Drones: The Necrons can easily kill the Snipers, but they have to dedicate 3 things to it. One, would be to deep strike a monolith within range, to hose several squads at once. It's very possible, but it costs him quite a bit investment to do it. Meanwhile, that requires turn 2 at the earliest. Two, would be Wraiths that move oh-so-fast to come in range and simply assault them. Dead drones in a heart beat, but it will cost him 2 Wraiths to do so. Three, would be a Veil attack, where anything plus a Lord comes deep striking down, and hose your Drones. But the risk can be worth while, to have 2x Sniper Drone teams available for anti-Necron duty. They can do pretty well to drop 3 necrons per turn on average, without their lights. This is better than an Ion Head, without the armor value problem that is easily glanced. The trade off, is that you're just as fragile at close range. But you're immune to his long range. It's not perfect--but just another option for dropping things like Destroyers and the like, from 36 inch range. Quite useful in that regard.

Wraiths: The Wraith is quite possibly the most annoying unit you will encounter. It moves insanely fast and it goes right through terrain. It will assault you by turn 2 if it wishes and it has that silly 3+ invulnerable save. It's a fast way to lock up your XV-88s, catch your Shas'el/O early, beat down some Sniper Drones, or anything else in your list for that matter. They're fast and strong in combat, and even though you get armor saves, they will be rolling 3's and 2's to hit and wound you, forcing save after save until you fail. Meanwhile, you hit on a 4+ and wound on anything from a 5, 4 to a 3+ depending on what you're assaulting with. Luckily, if he fails a save, it's lights out for the Wraith. Kroot can win assault against Wraiths, but Kroot probably won't live long enough to see a Wraith unless allowed. Anyhow, keep a big eye out for Wraiths. Try not to waste low AP power on them. Just hit them with Dakka, since that 3+ save will be constant.

Skimmers: Just because Necrons can easily toast your skimmers, doesn't mean you should leave them all at home. A whole squad will be forced to fire at a skimmer. That's one model. That's instead of hosing something more valuable to you. And skimmers are rather useful for things like tank shocking or haulting advancing paths in terrain. Skimmers are also useful for not being locked in combat by things like Scarabs and Wraiths, but instead, can help to outrun Necrons to the point where only Destroyers, Heavy Destroyers and Veil attacks are the things that can catch them--all of which are some of the most devastating attacks that the Necrons can output, with speed. And they're all relatively over-kill and wasted, when firing at a single little Skimmer of ours. Don't hesitate to take Ion Head. The ability to quickly and accurately hose a destroyer team right away that cost more than the Ion Head did, will cause you far less casualty later. If you get first turn, you can get a lot of work out of it just by removing small key fast attacks that he can field. Necrons don't get back up if there's no like-models near by--which is often the case with Heavy and normal Destroyers. Leave the railguns to the XV-88s.


As for Tyranid.... I can't help but say "Warfish, Warfish, Warfish." Pathfinders are just too useful here. Tyranid in Cities of Death are excellent in assault. They will run up on you fast. And your infantry will be assault-bait, way too early. Warfish are always on the board, and always moving right away. And they have line of sight ignoring weapons, on the move, that are effectively 36 inch ranged with the movement and weapon range combined. You can reach out and punish some bugs in cover, even with good cover saves, with attacks that hit them even when you don't see--it works. The only thing that will relatively stop you will be Venom Cannons. But I seriously doubt too many bug players will be using big old Carnifex in city fights. The small variants are just better in those cases, due to the limited line of sight options. But if you do see them, be ready to have to fight cover saves to knock them down--in other words, don't waste time shooting a carnifex. Too many wounds, too good of saves, and the cover saves will deny your powerful weapons their effectiveness. Just focus on everything else that you know you can kill and try to optimize how the Venom Cannon can see you.

Dakka HQ, Kroot, Pathfinders with Warfish and Ion/Rail head setups. Anything that is on the ground is going to be assaulted. So don't fill the ground up. Anything in the air will be shot by a Venom cannon eventually, but they're not that accurate, they're extremely limited in the army list and you can get way more skimmers than he can can deal with. Simple protocol of denial of effective targets for him.

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