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Close combat Tau.
Closed Thread
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Default Close combat Tau.

OKay I'm new to this.

Here's my idea

of a cloise combat Tau, one who has been over doing it and been away from the Aun for too


Take one firewarrior, throw in the Ork fighter rule, so they can hit

things in hth.
Now we need a bit of tech.
Tau by themseles are not good, it is

their equipment which makes them so.

Supposing we take the idea of the honour

blade, make it less sylised, a bit more manufactured and call it a fireblade. (not

a new name I know, but a good one. I do not claim to have made this name.)
Say S+1?

For a bit of versatility, throw in a couple of options.
Hard wired

systems: multi tracker makes the user aware of mulitple targets, so they may be

able to hit more of the enemy?
+1 A?
Target lock, sounds like the user is

aware of the weak points of the opponent, analysing angles of strike, focussing on weak

Allows the user to use the rending ability a la genestealer.


of back ground now.
The Fire caste used to be (5000 years ago) fairly nasty guys to

go toe-to-toe with.
they have changed a bit since then.
Supposing they went

into a bit of a culture shock, stress of battle, no nice ethereal around to tuck them in,

that sort of thing.
They become a bit beserk, possibly aware that they are no longer

serving the greater good.
Wouldn't they want to remove themselves from the Tau

race in a way that serves the good? (Cross between sister repentia background and Death

company background)
So supposing we had a Tau, aware that he is not likely to come

back leading these guys into battle for the greater good.
Going to be moving

forwards, give him a carbine.

Wrap it up in points values, give it fancy name


Elites (means that there will be fewer suits, but thems the knocks)<br /

>0-1 (not many berserkers at anyone time.)
Shas Mont&#39;au Jkaara (lit. Mirror of

the time beofre the ethereals)

Points WS BS S T W I A LD SV
J&#39;Kaara 17

3 3 3(4) 3 1 3 1 7 4+
Shas&#39;ui 20

2 3 3 3 1 2 1 8 4+

Team: The team consists of 1 Shas&#39;ui and 4-8 (Nice Tau number) J&#39;kaara<br /

Weapons: The Shas&#39;ui is equipped with a pulse carbine, the J&#39;kaara are

equipped with Fireblades and EMP grenades.

Options: The J&#39;kaara may be

upgraded using one of the folling potions at the shown points cost per model.

Wired Target Lock +5 points. Gives the user the rending abilty.
Hard-Wired Multi-

tracker +5 points. Gives the user +1 A.

Special rules:

Fireblades are similar in design to the honour blades of the ethereals, being more of a

glaive due to the single blade. They are a doble handed weapon which give the user +1


Cursed: The Tau will only enter the J&#39;kaara state due to

extended times away from the Ethereal caste. This unit may not be used in any army

containing a member of the etheral caste.

Please give me feedback on this.

Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

well, the rules are okay in terms of

looking balanced, except one thing:
Tau NEED to be bad in CC. Imagine if in MGS,

Rex had no radome for you to hit with the stingers, or in FF7, the red dragon wasn&#39;t

hurt by ice magic. Tau have thier character flaw, and judging by the way the rules are

headed, they will become a very good army, as will the IG.

The only way this

could be fluffy is possibly Farsight Enclave only, or belonging to some other renegade

faction. Thats the only place you will find no Ethereals

side note: sqaud size

should be 3-7. right now, a maximum squad has tzzentch&#39;s sacred number i

think, and for a race thats psychically inert, that wont get people doing a conspiracy

claim. 8&#39;s khorne, a far more suspicious number for close combat obsessed loonies!

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

i quite like the idea but, just one thing, the

honor/fire blade is to be used in two hands and therfore cannot count as bieng a pair of

close combat weapons ( tau codex p 19)
"Time to decide. Do you kill for the Tau&#39;va, that impossible dream that the tau hope for? or do you kill because you can, because you&#39;re good at it?" Thoughts by La&#39;Kais

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

welcome to the forums
People say that I am a man of few words, but the truth is, most people talk too much without saying anything.

I never lose, I choose not to win.

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

Indeed, double handed weapon. Think a cross

between a glaive and a double handed sword.

I agree that Tau do need to be bad

at close combat, and I agree that the J&#39;kaara should only be usable in the Enclave

armies. Where else would you find an army without an ethereal?
Iif you look at the

sats, these guy aren&#39;t too bad in hth, butt hey have such a small squad size that

they&#39;d be more of a decoy than anything. But "For the greater good!" and

then procedd to get minced against your average guard platoon. However, they do seem to

be a fun addition to a Tau army, I&#39;m working on drawing one with blade and all, and

it is really nice samurai imagery.

Thanks for the welcome
Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

Why don&#39;t you create another break

away faction that&#39;s even less equipped then Farsights enclave, but one that can call

upon the forces of Chaos to aid them in times of dire need.

PS is there any

chance that Tau would ally/battle alongside Khorne?
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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

I hate to say this, but i don&#39;t think

that Chaos would really have much to do with the Tau, the only Chaos legion with any

activity out that way is really the Alpha Legion, but still...
The reason for the 4

-8 is that thats a nice Tau number, they have 4 fingers per hand after all. Sort of like

marines are 5-10.
Nothing Tzeenchy or Khornate implied. These guys are invisible to

the chaos gods, remember?

Still, "Blood for the greater good! Skulls for

the Ethereals!"
(Yes I am aware of Kais&#39; quote at the end of the Fire

Warrior book.)
Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

The fact that they had him say that turns my

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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

Originally Posted by sirjonsnow
<br /

>The fact that they had him say that turns my stomach.
Agreed. Kais

was such a bad a** in the game because the player has access to nearly a battallion worth

of health points thanks to the force Field and &#39;Health Pods". Without the

medical supplies, odds are you will die before you get to the Predator Gunship before the

pick-up location. Also, notice that Chaos doors and surfaces roiling with chaos energy

hurt you in the game. A Chaos aligned entity would be immune to such things. That and

when playing the game, you don&#39;t get some Chaos fluff that makes it easier for you

to succeed. You have to use skill and tactics .I think it&#39;s a week cop out for the

writer, I pray that GW does not incorporate that one line into their fluff for the Tau.

As far as equipping Tau for CC, they need to have a higher WS (Duh! I know),

and power swords. Because they are small of stature they would need to wield them two

handed, and they would have to shoulder their carbines while the weapon is deployed. To

give the Tau the fighting chance they need in CC, it is more efficient to equip some

Crisis suits with Power swords much like the optional commander character in the CODEX.

In fact a bunch of Tau in Crisis suits with a power sword and shield generator equipped,

and a WS of 5 will knock the polish off pretty much any CC trooper in the game. I

suggest a squad of these be considered as restricted choice as a Broadside, since they

are the polar opposite in function. A squad or two of CC Crisis suits would bulwark the

charge of most CC races long enough for the riflemen to give what for before the CC

Crisis suits are going to have to hit the jetpacks before they go down.
Hmm I think

I know what my next kitbashes will be....

Also considering this

thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=439.0
I realize the Tau are all

about the gat, but the race did not always fight with guns. Fire Warriors have CC blades

often on their kit, just like soldiers do these days. As for fluff justification, please

consider the following:
The other races, especially the Eldar and Imperium use power

swords to great effect in CC. After seeing this a few dozen times and salvaging a few of

these artifacts (Namely Human built ones) the Earth caste decide to revers engineer these

impressive weapons and start producing small ones for the Etherials and FW footmen, and

big ones for Crisis suit pilots. I realize this option starts to plug the chink the Tau

concepts respectable armor, but the Tau are a young and adaptive race. They can adapt

their wargear and tactics faster than any other established army. And yes I do feel the

Etherial would approve of such advances, since it would improve the Tau&#39;s success

rate on the battlefield without having to rely on hiring Kroots. Remember the Etherials

are not part of some sinister agenda, they really want what is best for all life in the

universe, most importantly the Tau.
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Default Re: Close combat Tau.

Or i&#39;m sure that the Farsight enclave

could persuade some Imperial Rogue Traders to drop by with several hundred or so power

swords at a reasonably high profit... I need not say any more...
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