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Pirahnas, invulnerable?
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Default Pirahnas, invulnerable?

I was playing with my friend the other day who uses Necrons, and i finally got my new codex in the mail the previous week so i had some time to read it and create some armies, and well i thought about using Pirahnas. There really good, and with a fusion blaster they can take a Necron without giving him his armor save, and with a Targeting Array there pretty accurate.
SO anyway, what im trying to figure out is, when a skimmer moves more than 6" he gains a sort of no more Penetration thing? what is that, if I keep them moving he no longer gets penetrated? and with Melee, you always have to roll a six to hit a skimmer? woah, tell the truth im still new at using vehicles, cause at first crisis where all the fire power i thought i needed. Come to find out, if he wants to take out my Pirahnas, he has to roll a 3+ and a 6+ and in close combat 6+ and a 6+ yea there pretty tough!... or am i using them wrong?
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

Moving more then 6" downgrades all penetrating hits to glancing hits, and only allows enemies to hit you on a 6+ in close combat. This does not mean you're invulnerable. What would normally be a penentrating hit would now be a glancing hit, so any weapon hitting you with a penetrating hit can still harm you. And there are a lot of basic troop guns that can take out a piranha, (All that are strength 4 or higher).
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

You're mixing both 3rd and 4th edition rules. In the 3rd ed. You would have to roll a 6 if the kimmer moved more than 6". However, in the 4th ed, you still roll to hot as normal but all penatrating shots count as glancing.
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Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

I think in Close Combat, the assaulters need to roll a '6' to hit a skimmer as long as the skimmer moved.

Each your skimmer moves over 6 inches, all penetrating hits are downgraded.

I would not use Pirahnas against Necrons. Their standard weapon has the Gauss special rule which effectively allows them to Glance vehicles with relative ease. If you are close enough to fire a single FB shot on a group of Necron Warriors, then they will rapid fire your Pirahna into non-existence.

Same goes for your tanks. When fighting Necron, eliminate the Wraiths, Scarabs and Destroyers first. Then spend the rest of the game keeping your vehicles away from those guass weapons while still trying to focus fire on his troops. It ain't easy, but at least you can move a helluva lost faster.
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

Skimmers are always hit on a 6 in combat, whether they move or not. They are only hit any other way if they are immobilized. Which in most cases means dead anyway.
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

I did notice that they were not indeed invulnerable, but watching my friend have to roll 6 after 6 after 6 after 6 kinda made me laugh, cause i was using markerlights and my broads were rollin 3's and 4's and killin everything he had, really i used the pirahnas as bait to lure him into certain places where i could have LOS and the fact that he needed to roll a crap load of sixes, made his oh so precious wraiths, human...lol
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Default Re: Pirahnas, invulnerable?

"Skimmers Moving Fast" BGB pg.69
Basically any skimmer moving over 6" downgrades all hits to glancing.

"Assaulting skimmers" BGB pg.71
Unless immobilised, you always have to roll a 6 to hit a skimmer in close combat.

Keep in mind that the piranha is also open-topped (BGB pg.68), and theirfore is also a lot more vulnerable to being shot down then regular vehicles.
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