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What would you use against Thousand Sons?
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Default What would you use against Thousand Sons?

hey well we got a new guy at my shop who's playing thousand sons and i was just wondering what advise or tactic would you use against an army like this. i think this is going to be my baptism into mech tau now (hehehe).

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Cool beans, I play against a Thousand Sons army every once in a while (my favorite chaos army by the way). Generally they come off as themed armies and Thousand Sons are one of the least competitive.

They do however have dirty tricks like Thralls helping to bust down 2 Winds of Chaos templates in one turn, 16 bolter shots, and when assaulted protect the powerfist/ power weapon wielding squad leader with a good deal of wounds...(this is all with a rhino too!).

Besides that though they are quite expensive, and anti-armor is generally limited (unless they use Bolt of Change which would be a suprise...and a waste of points...) Many will take a Predator, or two to make up for their lack of anti-armor in squads. A railgun would work wonders against Predators, Rhinos, Dreads, and the occasional Land Raider. The railgun has its uses but I believe the Ion cannon has more potential against a great deal of Sons.

Basically don't let them rapid fire so no FoF, cause they'll do more damage to you than you will to them. Fusion Blasters are cool because they negate their armor and instant kill them. Massed plasma fire works too, remember using a fusion could be dangerous but the Sons suffer from having to walk through cover always which might save you.

Take out their armor, (and namely transports first) then focus on long shots with FWs. If possible mount and redeploy if needed (unlikely). Slowly whittle them down, that's all it takes. Watch out for the winged Lord, he could do some damage. Also if the Sons get close to your lines watch out for a Flamers attack (it will complete ruin fire warrior squads) and screamers can engage you Tau quickly and will actually win!

So again, take out transports, kill potential fast Lord or Daemons (Screamers), whittle squads down with massed fire on one unit, Watch out for Flamer summoning when squads get close. Fusion, Plasma, and Ion work well, but a broadside or two would help! (I guess a Railhead could be a substitute )
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Default Re: What would you use against Thousand Sons?

Broadsides with A.S, after your done with the vehicles get some instant kills or pummel thralls with SMS. Also, I've had 1000 Sons hit me with something make you act as if you have moved even though you didn't for shooting. Hand fulls of FW's and throw in a cheap HQ with the Fragmetation Thingie for extra fun. However, I'm putting this together on the fly and everyone will probably tell you im wrong. :P
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Default Re: What would you use against Thousand Sons?

Actually, a skyray, somepathfinders, and a bunch of extra seekers are great here. BS5 insta-kill? Yes please. Your greatest fear against Tzeentch is there deamons. Flamers will massacre FireWarriors like nothing else, and they each have 2 wounds, and are cheaper than the normal guys. The fast attack choice can also tie you up real fast. Lesson, kill banners first. IF you don't, you will die. Oh, and the Lord of Change is a pain in the D'yi. So are anything that throws those nasty powers at you. If they bring possessed or chosen, laugh at the stupidity of doing it and rack a good 400 points from a round of shooting If they have cult terminators, plasma and fusion, all the way. Any extra seekers too, but doun't count on them getting past the 2+ save And don't let them cheat you by playing with obliterators, raptors, bikes, or other marked units, if it's a Thousand Sons army. Hope this helped. Later.
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