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I need a good army list...
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Default I need a good army list...

Hello, Nuke again! (note: if the mods feel this would be better suited on the army lists board, please feel free to move it) I have a bit of a dilemma: I have a campaign (not Medusa!) coming up this Friday at ,my local hobby store, and I need a good army list. Here are the campaign details: every game dice are rolled to determine goal (take and hold, annihilate, etc...), game location (cityfight, COD, normal board, etc), lighting (nightfight, dayfight,dusk/dawn, etc),terrain amount (low/high/almost none),and board size (4x4, 4x8, etc), maybe more. As you can see, the it is intended so that you cannot gear your army to one single type of game, as there are many that we will be playing! We are allowed one army list of ~2,000 points. The armies that I KNOW will be competing( a * means there may be another/more): Tau (me, maybe one other), Tyranid (1*). Dark eldar (1*), Chaos(2*),Necrons (maybe), Orks (maybe, not sure if Speed Freeks or not), Eldar (maybe), Witch Hunters (maybe), IG (probably, not sure if it's an Armored Company or not, but I don't think it is), and last of all, I don't think and SM will come. Some proxying is allowed for units, probably more as long as you have the real models by the end of the campaign. Here is what I have to work with:

[size=10pt] HQ[/size]
Shas'O, Currently configured as so:
Pts: 135



2 units of fire warriors
1 D-Fish (currently configured as warfish)

1 Crisis suit, can proxy in some, maybe use O'Shovah as a Crisis

1 Unit of Stealth suits

[size=10pt]Fast Attack[/size]
4 Pathfinders, leader
1 D-Fish (if i use the 'finders I cannot use it for the 'Warriors unless I proxy)

3 piranhas

[size=10pt]Heavy Support[/size]
2 Hammerheads, can be configured any way, but one has a lot of electrical (lights!) customization on it, and the Ion cannon on it is wired into the turret, can call if a Railhead, though.

2 Broadsides

I will but some more units on Friday when I go to the store, and off of eBay, so give me some recommendations please.

Thanks for reading! To restate, the army needs to be a take-all-comers list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: I need a good army list...

Looks pretty good, but if you want to take O'Shovah be sure to take advantage of his rules. Such as the increased bodyguard (up to 7 crisis suits!) and the blood brothers rule, which means every squad gets a bonding knife at no extra points cost.

Oh, and be sure to put a fusion blaster in your pirhana and stealth teams

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: I need a good army list...

I think the O'shovah was a good suggestion , you will also get a prefered enemy rule againts orks if they do show up in a match of yours , but i would try and give your battlesuits weaponary to tackle anything the enemy throw at you .e.g give you commander fusion blaster for tanks and give him a cyclic ion blaster for light infatary.also try having a hammerhead with rail gun ,its perfect for taking out tanks special characters and infatry squads (with is submition round ) ;D
you can throw anything at us but we will still survive , as long as there is the greater good the tau will always thrive.
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