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Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

Hi all first post and everything.......so an intro I guess. I've been playing 40k since 97-98 When space hulk was sold. Actually my best friend and I split several of the board games for genestealers and terminators. After selling off the extra pieces this was actually the cheapest way to get these two models. I was also around for the release of robo rally....1 & 2. I stopped playing for 7 years simply because there were no game shops in my area and you can only play so many Ultramarines vs tyranids before it gets boring. Well I've moved to a major city where nerderies abound (read: game shops) and have decided to take the hobby back up. Anyway on with the show..........

Shadowsun: Am I reading correctly that she can target and shoot two different units? I'm brought to this belief due to the fact that her advanced targeting array says she can target two units and the fact she carries two fusion blasters not twin linked fusion blasters.

Has anyone noticed the tau's identity crisis? The fact that they are real shooty but many of thier options run against this, no matter if your static or run and gun. I'm not talking about mathhammer what's worth whats not but the actual choices. A move or shoot fast attack choice (pathfinders), A short range gun in an extremely shooty army (pulse carbine), even if you wanted to run and gun you have standard move, JSJ units with weapon options that take away the JSJ ability, being able to equip JSJ units with weapons that take away that ability, 18" anti infantry on EVERYTHING no matter how fragile the unit, drones that were built to be disposable troops yet they count torwards unit cohesion, mandatory multi-linking on units when everything has the potential to shoot with BS5.....these are just a few things that don't seem to make sense to me.

Conspiracy theory......Is GW getting ready to kill off a race or two...or maybe just change them significantly? I've noticed since getting back into the game that other than a few special characters a lot of the armies in 40k are the same they were 10 years ago. Also that Eye of Terror and now Medusa seem to be making heavy changes to the story. If I was going to make a guess I would say Ork might be up for elimination.

Stay tuned for pics of my Tau army (painting now...well not RIGT now.) Since I already had a genestealer amy......good bye genestealer cult you were fun while you were around...anyway. I'm looking forward to adding the broodlord....oh how I wish I could just field all 100 genestealers (this will make you hate painting) as a single unit. Also why super detail one unit when you can super detail a whole army.....A chaos space marine/ lost and the damned army is my choice for this. Speaking of which does anybody have good links for superdetailing models or examples of. See ya.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

I would say Orks are not going anywhere. Out of all the races they're the only ones who don't have to worry about extinction because of their massive numbers.
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Default Re: Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

fluff and game wise orks will be around for a very long time if any race gets killed off it could possible be eldar and dark eldar just with the stories and how many people play them (there are more eldar than dark eldar players at least what i have seen in my area).

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Default Re: Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

I take it by "take away this ability" you refer to how many of our weapons seem to have shorter range "compensating" for the JSJ's 6 inches? Burst cannons are pretty short ranged, for example...
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Default Re: Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

Yeh orks are pretty stuck into warhammer 40k being one of the beginning races however i havnt seen many people using this army lately :-\
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau identity crisis, shadowsun and 40k conspiracy theory..............

All the 18 inch anti-infantry weapons, fast run and gunners and long range shooty weapons are just why a hybrid Tau army are so good, because you can have an army that specialises in every form of ranged combat. For example, your stealth, pathfinders and piranhas are ripping it up behind enemy lines while providing markerlight support for your big guns.

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