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Shas'O config
Closed Thread
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Default Shas'O config


What configs are you guys using for your Shas’O? Ive been thinking about it and I think I like the CIB, PR or MP. Ive been rolling these off at my desk this morning and I can’t come to a conclusion on what I like best. I was thinking CIB + PR, but the CIB is soooo inconsistent. When you hit with it, then rack up a few wounds it does pretty well but the problem is when S3 you fail to wound a LOT because your hitting marines on 5’s right? and if your lucky you might get a 6 or 2 in there.

The MP is nice and has good str, but the AP is high so its really not a marine killer, as they will still get their normal armor save.

ABF I have only gotten to use once and I had mixed results so I can’t really speak on its effectiveness. It was working nicely but I dont know if I would want to hang my Shas’O’s hat on it.

So what do you guys think is the best config for your Shas’O
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Default Re: Shas'O config

Personally I prefer a Shas'el with Targeting Array, PR,MP and HWMT.

I don't like to get my commander up close, I don't like to use him in hand-to-hand combat and getting him too close leaves him open to be shot up because his independent character status is usually negated. The TA gives him the same BS as a Shas'0 and thats mainly what I use him for,shooting(from far away).
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Default Re: Shas'O config

i use either a pr/fb or a cib/pr, always with a shield gen, with hardwired multi tracker and some other neat stuff
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Default Re: Shas'O config

My 'o has a helios load-out with a Sheild and a HWMT. For my 'el I have a Plasma, CIB, targeting array, and HWMT.

They both get up close and personal but the 'el keeps his distance. They are both great for aggresive players.

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Default Re: Shas'O config

I go with a fireknife w/ sheild generator and hard wired multi tracker. I find that by taking this configuration it gives you a good chance against any army, not just marines.
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Default Re: Shas'O config

for the Shas'O, which i would only suggest in a static army and u have spare points, i would suggest MP, PR, and the C&C N for the nice ld 10. just personal preference, but i like that the most. dont forget ur HWMT and other things u feel like adding like stims :-X
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Default Re: Shas'O config

Oh, one of these discussions, again...

I'm trying a couple Shas'os in my army. I love the Ninja'o, and I'm trying PR, SG, VT with him. I hate that I can't mount a second gun on him, but generally his role is a deep-strike Heavy Weapons Team killer, like Devastators.

The other is a PR, FB, MP Shas'o whose job is fire support for the main bulk of the army. With a variety of weapons and IC status, he survives well and lays the hurt on everything.
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Default Re: Shas'O config

This is an age old question for all it would seem hehe. So for references sake here are my commanders:

Shas'O, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, HW MT
Shas'el, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, HW MT

Shas'O specializes in taking down heavy tanks and infantry while the shas'el can mow down some light stuff fairly well and if need be put some hurt on more heavily armored opponents. Whats nice is that the CIB despite its low str can be ap 1 and has 5 shots. Against marines half of those shots that inflict a wound will be AP 1 and that can spell disaster for terminators especially coupled with the more reliable PR and possibly even the Shas'O.

Independant Char status keeps both alive generally as although they get close and do suffer many dangers with mechanized units and tanks ther eis almost always something to put closer and add their multi wounds and JSJ they can surivive a long time even up close.

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Default Re: Shas'O config

usually: Shas'El with Plasma, CIB, Targetting Array, HWmulti
for a hundred points, I get something with a good chance of ripping several times that amount apart in infantry, whether hordes, GEQ or MEQ.

If I had the points to upgrade to a Shas'O, probably change the targetting array for a shield generator... or maybe a command node and stims..

Plenty of missiles and other anti-armor to be found elsewhere. With my Shas'El leading (from a few inches behind) my devilfish-carried firebase, things die. Things die fast.

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Default Re: Shas'O config

[size=16pt]Shas'O. Back in Action![/size]

Before the new codex, the Commander was a pretty simple choice. Most people simply took the Shas'El and kept it simple. Some would go for aggressive setups, but most simply enjoyed the independent character status and the long ranged accurate shots he could bring to the board.

That's all changed.

The Shas'O is back in action. He's frequent in many lists these days, for good reason. Some things Shas'O's are being used for:

I - Aggressive, short range heavy infantry destruction.
II - Short range light infantry beat down.
III - Assault (That's right, assault. He's not bad at all at assault against average infantry setups)
IV - Target Priority aid; the Command Node is quite valuable to fuel other units his Leadership.
V - Interception; great at taking on sudden threats.
VI - Resilience; he can take a considerable beating now; and has plenty of new toys.

Gear for you to pay special attention to:

1 - Stimulant Injectors. It allows you a feel no pain save. This is a save you make after you fail your normal save. Think of it like "twin linked save." Very effective and nicely priced (affordable).

2 - Vectored Thrusters. Gaining the hit & run ability is vital to close range Shas'O. You will end up in assault at those ranges, and this little gem allows you to control assault, leaving on their turn, allowing you to shoot again and again. Very powerful tool.

3 - Command Node. You can lend your leadership 10 to your fellow Tau near by for the purpose of target priority tests. This is pretty important if you want to ensure that your Pathfinders and XV-88 Broadsides are all putting their ranged weaponry into the vital targets without the risk of failing that target priority test that you have with Leadership 8. Having leadership 10 at your finger tips for a cheap price can really help those units out. This is helpful on a Shas'O who is part of a squad, or simply takes a ranged support setup.

Let's look at some configurations, to give you examples of why Shas'O are being used again:


Shas'O Helios, with Special Issue Gear
[size=7pt]Often referred to as the Ninja'O (due to Thrusters)[/size]

-Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster
Multi-tracker, Stimulant Injectors & Vectored Thrusters
132 points.[/size]

This setup is quite common these days, because it allows you to do quite a few things. For starters, he we have three very hard hitting shots that hit on 2+ and typically wound on 2+ with no armor saves allowed. Pretty nasty when you're punching down an enemy jump pack character, intercepting a squad of assault marines, or giving a little pain to some Terminators that came a little close after deep striking. Anything tough, will take some serious burn from this Shas'O. The new stuff is what makes him tick though. The special issue gears give him added resilience in the form of the feel no pain save, allowing him the chance to make another save should he fail his normal armor save. It's very effective and cheap. To top it off, it allows him to make saves against shooting attacks that are less than Str8 but that even ignore his normal armor (most notable: plasma attacks). It's like a limited, but cheaper invulnerable save in that respect. If it's Str8 or above however, he cannot use it. And it doesn't work against power weapon effects in close combat. It merely makes him more resilient in the shooting phase. Still quite a great upgrade. The thrusters allow him to hit & run. This is a big change in our new codex because it allows us to control assaults, whereas before we were lost if we were assaulted. Now, we can literally punch them in the face, assault them with our Shas'O's nice profile and strong Str5 attacks, and then on our opponnent's turn, hop out of assault and shoot them all over again. Fast, Potent and Tough.

Shas'O "Dakka", with Special Issue Gear
[size=7pt]Often referred to as the ROF'O (due to Rate of Fire)[/size]

-Cyclic Ion Blaster, Burst Cannon
Muli-tracker, Stimulant Injectors, Vectored Thrusters
123 points.[/size]

This version of the Shas'O is also aggressive. Built for close range engagements against non-Marine type infantry. The idea is to use him against things like GEQs (guardsmen, orks, tyranid hordes, guardians, dark eldar warriors, etc). Anything lightly armored and Toughness 3 will be quite an easy target for this fellow, because you're throwing out 8 attack dice hitting on a 2+ and wounding on a 2+ or 4+ depending on the targets. The AP is generally enough to ignore the light infantry saves and with that many dice you can really beat down the numbers fast. With his Stimms and Thrusters, at close range, he can take a few shots and shrug them off effortlessly and the Thrusters allow him to leave combat should he get swamped. Ready to spray them all dead over and over. The Shas'O is actually superior in combat, against these types of enemies (except of course Orks and sizeable Tyranids hordes) and can do quite well shooting and assaulting them, over and over.

Shas'O "Fire Knife" variant, with Special Issue Gear

-Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod
Hardwired Multi-tracker, Command Node
122 points.[/size]

Think of him as a jack of all trades (though lighter on the armor support). The idea is support. His command node fuels target priority tests near by, while he supports everything else via his fire support. He has the strength and AP values to take on multiple target types. Missile Pods for the first turn ranged support, as well as better odds against light skimmers and transports. He has the Plasma Rifle for the closer range encounters and the 2+/3+ saving infantry types. The only thing he cannot do is punch down a Wraithlord nor open a Land Raider. But everything else, he's more than capable of.


-- Anyhow, I think you get the idea. Shas'O's can be put to a lot of use with the new gear, allowing them to do things they weren't able to do before. And those things allow us to take advantage of the better profile of the Shas'O, with his higher leadership, his improved profile in terms of assault potential and of course, the more wounds, the more durable while he's out on his adventures. You can get aggressive and actually get some combat help, as well as some serious shooting beat down.

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