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Tau tactics
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Default Tau tactics

This is an idea to cover fire warrior teams. me and my friend play small, 500 point maches. I normally deploy 1 full fire warrior team, 3 piranhas, and some other units. I have found this tactic to be very effective:

. . . . . . . . . . . .

- - -
The dots are fire warriors and the dashes are piranhas. the piranhas stay just out of range and when enemy assalters come charging in they are halted by piranha fire. What do you think?
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Default Re: Tau tactics

Well, assaulters are unlikely to be halted by the fire... unless the gun drones somehow pin them. However, The hulls do a marvelous job of preventing charges.

Pirannhas are extremely fragile, though. A plasma shot or any antitank weapon is likely to send them screaming into the dirt. Then he only needs a few difficult terrain tests to assault you through the wreck!

Devilfish are better for this task as they have better armor in the front and are not open topped. Hammerheads are better still, but I'd kick you in the face if you took a hammerhead to a 500 point game.
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Default Re: Tau tactics

but I'd kick you in the face if you took a hammerhead to a 500 point game.
LOL ..... it never fails to susprise me what some players will take in a 500pt game.... especially SM players!
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Default Re: Tau tactics

i have to agree with direstrike. When it comes to a unit holding off assaulters there are a few different units which would be probably better suited for the job. A Devilfish would probably be a better idea because it can also provide better mobility, defence and maybe a seeker missle if the enemy is looking strong.
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Default Re: Tau tactics

Hehe i take a hammerhead in 500 points

With ion cannon of course.

I personally would drop a piranha and 1 or 2 firewarriors and get a devilfish. The you can do a Agressive Drone Barrier Drop, which is how mech tau defend from being charged. Check it out:


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