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Farsight Conclave Question
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Farsight Conclave Question

First off I would like to state I am pretty new to WH 40k, but the Tau remind me of the Protoss from starcraft, and I just new this was the race for me. Now onto my question, Can I play a Farsight conclave army without O'Shovah? If I am playing an army point valued below 1500 (Which would seem like more of a scouting force). The way I see it is that he can't be running around with all the units of the conclave, so would they still recieve the bonuses at the price of their cons? I haven't been up to the local GW yet to get their opinion but when I do I will gladly post my findings. ???
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Default Re: Farsight Conclave Question

Welcome to Tau Online!

This is an often asked question, but I'll happily answer it:

No, strictly speaking you cannot get any of O'Shova's faction abilities without having O'Shovah present.. It would be like having the psychic ability Fear of the Darkness without a Librarian around... the abilities and bonuses are built into the specific model, which needs to be present.

But thats just strictly speaking. If you can get your opponent to agree, then you certainly can play a Farsight Enclave army without the big guy himself... just dont expect that to always fly.

Alternatively, you can selectively limit yourself in choices and configurations, to make a very convincing Farsight Army, without it being an official Farsight Army. This would be a Theme, now, and not a set of special rules.

Anyway, With the new Tau Empire codex, a lot of the reasons to want O'Shovah around for his abilities are moot.... we dont get Ork Fighter +1s to all units anymore, which was the big bonus most people wanted. Nowadays, all youll lose out on is no 7 crisis suit bodyguard, and no free Bonding. You could make a standard Army List, restricting yourself to the breakaway faction limitations by choice, and thereby have yourself a 90% O'Shovah army without O'Shovah. But honestly, how can you pass up a unit of 8 Crisis Suits.. all of which can buy wargear?!? :
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Farsight Conclave Question

Hahaha, go figure, I thought I should have searched the question before posting. Thanks.
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