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Can the Tau be evil ?
Closed Thread
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Default Can the Tau be evil ?

[pink]Hey guys,
im new here,
i use the B.L forum so check me out there too,
I have written a xeno index style article about
My Jíhadda Tau. Itís quite long so here goes,

Index Xeno
The Jíhadda Tau Sept.

The twisted and battle hardened Fire Warriors of the
The Jíhadda Tau have began the new era of their version
Of the Greater Good.
But the true work can only begin when one last task
Has taken place, the purge of mankind from the galaxy !


The Jíhadda Tau originally comes from the Keílishan sept world,
As a result they still carry traits from their former sept.
The Jíhadda are mistrustful of others and most of the time
Openly hostile to any xeno races.
The fire warrior caste are especially aggressive and are highly
Skill in the art of terror tactics.

The departure.
To understand the Jíhadda Tau we go back to its roots in the Tau Empire.
It began with a Ethereal called Aun Oí Malícaor , he was very open about
His views on the state of the Empire, its use of allies and the wars
The Empire was engaged in. He was clear that other xeno races would never
Submit to Tau rule, and only the Tau with its wisdom of the Greater Good
Were stable enough to rule the entire galaxy.
Whilst young and outspoken Auní Malícaor did gather a large following
Of like minded Tau from all castes.Tua came from far and wide he hear his
Sermons on how the Tau should progress. To Auní Malícaor even the Elder
Were beasts to be used or culled at will, not to share the rewards of
Following the greater good.
Other Ethereal tried in vain to calm Aun Malícaor, to convince him that his
Words brought ill feelings to the Empire and the folly of his words.
But it was already too late for Aun Malícaor; he was already on his way
Down a dark path. In secret he had learnt of dark gods and of powerful
Dark realms. He planned to find out more and how to use this dark power
For his own ends. He just needed to be free of the Empireís tight leash
To do it.
His plan was simple, escape from Keílishan and head towards the area of space
Known as the Bleeding eye ( the eye of terror ).

Auní Malícaor already had a large following of many fire warriors and
Their commander Coldblade. He visited Coldblade and gave him a false
Warning of a plan to kill him and to send all of his fire warriors on a pointless
And suicidal mission.
Commander Coldblade was so shocked by the betrayal by the other Ethrealís.
That he at once pledge him and his menís services to Auní Malícaor plight.
With a whole hunter cadre behind him, Malícaor had little problem gaining the support
Of unhappy members of other the castes. Within days he and Coldblade marched
On to the space ports with a crowd of thousands.
The Ethereal tried in vain to make Malícaor see reason, but to no avail.
Their pleas fell on deaf or angry ears. For the few times in Tau history
The Ethereal words had no effect on the Tau people. Powerless to stop
The crowds, they stood back and allowed the Tau to leave without harm.
Malícaor could only smile, to him this was all the proof he needed that
The rest of his kind were weak and he would return to first rule the Empire
Then the rest of the galaxy.

The long travel
The now homeless Tau headed towards the Bleeding Eye.
After many years on crowded and dirty space ships,
The Tau breed and had young. They dreamt of the day of finding the new world
Were the caste systems would be stripped away and the Tau would finally grasp true
But it was not to be so, soon alien pirates and raiders were attacking the lonely
Tau fleet, Killing many and destroying ships and supplies.
Soon the Tau was desperate, cold and hungry. With damaged ships that limped ever
Slower to the now distant dream world. They almost gave up.
But Auní Malícaor would not allow it, he ordered Commander Coldblade and his fire
Warriors who now outnumbered the other castes by effective breeding programs
To force the other castes to carry on their tasks. The teachings of the
Greater good were put back into place.
Commander Coldblade and his fire warriors enjoyed their new role as Auní Malícaor
Enforcers. But still had to deal with the constant alien raids and attacks.
The hunter cadres suffered terrably losses at first but found that their powerful weapons
And highly trained skills were more than a match for the alien pirates. They even turned the tables
Of the assaults by tracking the raiders back to their own bases and launched devastating attacks
On the aliens own bases and ships.
The trip was cut short though not by raiders or civil unrest but by the ships themselves which by now
Were old and decaying. Simple repairs never seem to last and power failures were becoming a daily problem.
The ships just could not carry the Tau any further.
So the Tau sought out a place to land their fleet for system wide over hauls,
A small forest moon of a Hugh gas giant was chosen.
Upon finding the Tau a new home, Auní Malícaor declared himself the founder of the new Tau
Sept, the sept would take the name Jíhadda ( meaning of long traveled and hard fought in the Tau
Tongue ).

New World
The new world is infact a forest moon, called Bastion by the new Jíhadda Tau sept.
The moon now serves as the capital of the septís enclave.
Around 2,000 years ago a race known only as the Jekgol built amazing cities and temples
In honor of their dark gods. Now long dead the cities stood empty and ready to be used by the
Jíhadda sept.Nothing else is known of the Jekgol only that they built many temples to to dark warrior gods
Each temple is bathed in blood which stains the walls and alters.
The Jíhadda have now taken the old cities and rebuilt the them to there needs, in a contrast of old ruins
And high spec technology the Jíhadda Tau now use this moon as their Bastion and from here they plan
The demise of mankind.

Colour schemes of the Jíhadda fire warriors
The earth caste workers are making lots of progress in the development of new and better weapons.
But still the most of the Jíhadda armed forces use old kit, the paint work is flakey and rusty.
The Jíhadda fire warriors main colour scheme is now black and metal colourings, all the better to appera
Sinister and brutal.

Signs of chaos worship
Most humans and other xeno races when faced with black armored fighters covered in blood and skulls
Reel back in fear of chaos taint. The Jíhadda has little faith in chaos and her god, yet have seen first hand
The effects it has on the hated humans. So are only to happy to paint blood onto their amour and
Fix skulls to guns and tanks. The images of death and destruction cause fear and panic in the humans,
All the better then if it helps spread the greater good of the Jíhadda.
Some have noted that battle suits that have the skulls and bloody trophies are harder to destroy and
Rarely miss with their powerful weapons. They fear chaos now guides the Jíhadda whether they know it or not.
They may not be wrongÖ.

Fire Warrior mutations
The only caste which seems affected by the use of the new wisdom is the fire warrior caste,
Where once was proud warrior now stand twisted creatures of war, powerful bodies, boney crests
And strange horns are now seen in their ranks.
The mutations only have affected about 3 % of the fire warriorís numbers and have yet to be
Explained by the earth caste. But unlike other races which fear mutation as a sign of chaos or bad
Breeding the Jíhadda see it as a sign of greatness, they are the new champions of the greater good.

The Kauyon
Within months of the Jíhadda Tau settling on Bastion, scouts were dispatched to investigate
The surrounding systems. On a distant planet the Jíhadda made contact with an alien race.
After a horrid fire fight the Jíhadda pulled back when two of their number was killed.
The Jíhadda took to the skies and bombed the area from their ships.
On returning to he surface they were met by the surerving alien warriors, they throw themselves
To the ground and chanted. It took many days and the deaths of four water caste members to understand
The aliens, they called them self the Kauyon ( means hunters ). The earth caste believes that the Kauyon have mistaken
The Jíhadda for the Jekgol their acicent masters. They also believe that the Jekgol had taken Kroot hounds from Perch
Thousands of years ago. The kroot hounds were left to fend for themselves after the death of the Jekgol,
Hunting reptiles in the jungles of their new home they evolved over time to be great hunters and took on aspects of the
Tall walking lizards they ate. The Kauyon can not remember the Jekgol but know of them though art work in caves,
And old temples. It was their last mistake, the Jíhadda made slaves of the Kauyon using them as frontline troops and
The females as earth caste slaves. The Jíhadda has no time for allies.

The 13th Black crusade
Whilst Commander Coldblade sent out his scouts, Aun Elí Malícaor sent out his own spies for more
Knowledge of the dark gods, within weekís news broke of a terrible war around the Bleeding Eye.
Aun Malícaor sent Commander Coldblade to investigate this war.
Coldblade and his hunter cadre of fire warriors set out, only to catch up with the fighting near the end
Of the war. But the fighting meant nothing to Coldblade; he was too shocked to find humans fighting humans.
It was clear to him that the humans who praised the dark gods could win this war, and if they did then there would
Never be peace. But it was also that the chaos force drew much power from the xeno race called humans.
If he could wipe out the human race then the chaos gods would never have the power they have now again.
So with all speed he returned to Bastion and met with Auní Malícaor, together they agreed the humans must be scoured
From the galaxy, then and only then could the greater good of the Jíhadda Tau could be spread to what xeno races
Those were left. It was also noted by Coldblade of the effect ness of terror and the images of the chaos gods had
On the humans. Auní Malícaor decide that all of the Jíhadda fire warriors were to paint their amour black and skulls
And blood of the humans should be used to cause even more horror in weak humans.

The New Wisdom.
Commander Coldblade disgusted by the humans has begun a new campaign of terror on the xeno race.
Aun ElíMalícaor has began to teach his youngest sons of the power of the dark gods.
This is the start of the era of the Jíhadda, one which will paint the galaxy red with human and any other
Who dares not to bow too Aun Malícaor enclaves. New powerful warships are being built as we speak
And the Fire warrior castes number swell with intense breeding programs.
The Jíhadda does not follow any chaos god, but the chaos gods have started to take notice in them.
Its warping effects are starting to show on the fire caste. And other strange happenings are being reported to
Auní Malícaor almost weekly.
But as yet the Imperium is unaware of them
So have taken no action instead blaming reports of raids on Elder of Chaos minions.
The Jíhadda stands ready with horrific new weapons and powerful fleets.
Along with aggressive patrolling and terrorable raids on humans worlds, the Jíhadda now control
13 systems. Which are called the Jíhadda Dominion Enclaves.

so what do you think ?[/pink]
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Default Re: can the Tau be evil ?

Nice job on the storyline! something I noticed though... I'm assuming you wanted the text pink,so here is the correct code for it : [color=pink] (your stuff here) [/color], which gives you (your stuff here) . In response to the posting question... I think it would be possible to have evil tau, maybe corrupted in someway (some people think this is what happened to O'Shovah . We all have our opinions, though, and I think that O'Shovah isn't truly evil, although certainly not in agreement with the standard tau way of life. I have a few questions, though: How long did this take you to type? Also, J'hadda sounds a lot like Jihad.. I'm not sure if this is indended or not, but it seems like it. I guess it kind of fits, too , even though Jihad actually means something like "Ones daily inner struggle to be a better person", with different people interpreting "a better person" in different ways. Welcome to the forums, BTW


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TY for the tip
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Default Re: can the Tau be evil ?

Ok, I see that you did put much effort into writng that article, and it is good and interesting, but there are quite a few fluff holes. Interesting, but unfluffy. And I don't like the format, since you cant see where each sentence starts or ends easily. Made it more confusing.

A) Warp drives. The Tau could never get anywhere near the EoT. Their ships are one third as fast as Imperial ships in the Warp, and their engines need frequent recharging that can only be provided at Tau septs. It takes Imperial ships at least three years to go from one end of the galaxy to the other, and that's if they spent the duration of the trip in the Warp. It would take twenty or more for the Tau to get there, and that's only if they were unchallenged. The fleet would be destroyed in the first year or so of they voyage.

B) Corruption/General. Simply taking on the mantle of Chaos Tau is dangerous, and though I'm not totally against it, the "voyage to the eye" is kind of odd, since even powerful Chaos warlords on the Easter fringe feel no urge to go there. And if he turned to Chaos, there woud be no vestige of the Greater Good left at all.
Also a hunter cadre is 50-100 Tau. Just getting one would not be inspiring in the least. i think that if you dont ditch this fluff path altogether, you should change it so that enough Fire Warrios had alredy joined him enough to form several cadres. Especially since if "Tau came far and wide to see him" I would think he had many many followers. And if he was tat influential to be able to gather thousands of Tau to his cause which was definately much more radical thatn Farsights, then you'd think the Ethereals would notice enough that the Dex would mention it.

C) The Empires control. A heresy this dire and powerful would be too much for an Ethereal to "talk him out of". Also it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a Tau not to follow an Ethereal's command. You'd think they could just shoot them, or find some other way. He's against he entire Tau Empire that way. also that was such a significant event that to be believed, it would have to be in the Dex. ITs so significant, it'd be like having a Primarch in your Marine army. And have it a Chapter founded way after all the loyal Primarchs died.

D) Finally,
13 systems? Near the Cadian Gate? And the Imperium doesn't notice?
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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

can tau be evil?

Sure, to others who hold different stances. remember, both *good* and *evil* are relative. but enough about philosophy.

problems. galore.

to the eye of terror? the tau do not even know about the eye of terror. to them the wars there are akin to random barbarina hitting each other with sticks in the jungles of equador. its that remote, and misunderstood. and 13 colonies. no way. change it.

second. chaos gods, and such mutations. would never happen. ever. tau are all but incorruptible to chaos.

thirdly, a single cadre fends off all these pirates. you do realise chances are these are eldar? no way, dude. no way.

fourth. etherials who have a *diagreement* such as this will fight a duel with honour blades. first guy who draws blood wins. words? nope. duel. then words. and whould your guy fail, he's kicked into line. fail that? institutionalised.

there *are* ways to make it work though.

take an embittered and possibly rogue etherial. doesnt like *a* alien race. one specifically. its tarnished his view of aliens. So, instead of corrupting a great commander, he takes his honour guard of a few hundred tau to the perdus rift, which is an area of warp space real space overlap near the tua empire. occassional mutations. raids to get equipment. seen as a threat by other tau and even then, not all tau will know of it. relatively unknown outside the empire too.

Overall, its an interesting idea, but flawed.
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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

See, Tau have a firm belief in the greater good that protects them from harm. Furthermore, they have a TINY warp presence. Tiny. Very hard for Deamons to even see them.

A better way would be to have an isolated exploration fleet on the Eastern Fringe being exploited by a wily Chaos sorcerer. He draws out their mistrust of other races to pure Xenophobia, he destroys Etherial transports so that the Greater Good cannot be directly interposed back onto them, and makes the Shas'O and the Kor'O in charge his pawns.
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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

As the others have said there are numerous fluff holes but most of those have already been covered but there are a few left.

Firstly even if the Tau ships could get to the eye without being destroyed there would be no way they could make it on the supplies they had and the small size required to even escape the empire without being cought would mean they would not possess the equipment to do any major repairs or reproduce their equipment and in otherwords in the space of a few years if not less they would run out of supplies. Meaning no munitions, armor, vehicles, tools, drones, repair equipment etc, etc, etc and within hours or days of their supplies running out would be dead in space let alone trying to hold off pirates.

Then you get to founding a sept of their own, where would they get the equipment for this? Even should they have ancient cities to make use of I doubt any equipment found there would be of use, surely Imperial smugglers and pirates would have pillaged almost everything of use ages ago or the Imperium itself would have. The Imperium is big and while the actual organization may not know everything and have every planet covered and investigate all this pirates, smugglers, crooks and criminals are everywhere and they would almost certainly loot any cache of equipment and tech so valuable.

Aside from the other fluff problems the simple logistics of it dont work out. A major expeditionary force would be needed to even make any headway into the Imperium even without fighting and such a force would of course draw far too much attention.

As for evil Tau, that all depends on your definition of evil. Brightsword can deffinetly be considered evil. But we saw the Etherials reaction to that and his eventual demise.

You also have to wonder how the Etherials work, would a rogue Etherial even be able to do such things. It may be that a senior ranking Etherial with bodyguard would show up and order him to return to the Aun'Ar'Tol on T'au for... reprimands and he would be unable to refuse.

It could work though, the examples both Deadnight and MechTau gave would be good ways of doing a more dark side Tau and remain, for the most part, fluffy.

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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

One thing I do like: wearing of skulls and other symbols of death to scare Imperial armies.

That I can see happening...intensive terror tactics like this purely to mess with the Imperium. I'd love to see that modelled :P
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Default Re: can the Tau be evil ?

Originally Posted by Captain Colarius, 3rd Company, Fists of Dorn Space Marines {Rev_Enge(spc)}

A) Warp drives. The Tau could never get anywhere near the EoT. Their ships are one third as fast as Imperial ships in the Warp, and their engines need frequent recharging that can only be provided at Tau septs.
That is not true, sure their ships are slow compared to the Imperium, but they can recharge their own Warp Dive systems. Also, the only ship that has the problem of a limited dive system is the Defender. Every other Tau ship is able to do continous warp dives.
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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

Stil, there are many many other things that they would not be able to simply repair on the fly. Anyway, its faster recharging at tau septs, and it slows them even further.
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Default Re: Can the Tau be evil ?

Well guys thanks for your views,
I will take them into account, when I re write this.
This is mostly my ideas for background for my new tau army.
I donít want to include new rules or anything so whilst does not stay true
To the fluff, it will make a very interesting looking army.
Jíhadda is my own version of Jemíhaddar, since I see the Jíhadda Sept
As a 40k version of the dominion, with the ethereal Auní Malícaor being like
A founder and the fire warriors being like the Jemíhaddar without the
Super human power of the space marines.
I may have gone over board with the chaos theme, I really wanted a tau
Force that looks like it follows chaos but really donít even know what it is.

Anyway thanks again peeps ! xx
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