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Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded
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Default Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

[size=12pt]Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded.[/size]
[size=7pt]Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Inquisitor, MalVeauX[/size]
[size=7pt]Special thanks to the following for additional ideas: cyberzomby, heliodorus04, t0nkatruckdriver[/size]

Originally Posted by Disclaimer ~ Read This First!
The following article is meant to help reintroduce a Tau unit to people who are just picking up the new Tau Empire codex, or who are not avid Tournament players and simply are looking for more information, or a few fresh ways to look at an old unit that has been revitalized. It’s important to remember that while you may think you know everything already, there’s hundreds out there who may not. This is for them. It’s also for those who simply want to like Pathfinders and need a little push in the right direction.
With the release of the new Tau Empire codex, Pathfinders have changed. Not only have Pathfinders themselves change, via rules and user-friendliness, but even more so, they’ve changed in terms of how they’re viewed, how they’re used and how often they’re taken in a Tau Force.

So let’s explore how Pathfinders have changed, what these changes can do for us, and why Pathfinders are back on the map!

[size=11pt]~ reVisiting the Team ~[/size]

Squad: – Right away, as we’re all very well aware of, the team consists of the Pathfinders and a Devilfish. The Devilfish is the classic reason that many do not use Pathfinders, or simply are put off by the cost of the team as a whole. It made perfect sense in that regard in our previous editions and codex, because a Pathfinder team with heavy markerlights and light pulse carbines were not exactly the best candidates for zooming around the battlefield in their Devilfish—they’re for support generally. This made the Devilfish a pretty big sore thumb for the unit. This has changed.

[size=11pt]Squad size notes – Small and large pathfinder teams are perfectly fine. Small teams allow for extremely cheap and great scoring units. Nevermind the Devilfish, this can be thought of in a new way (*read more later about Warfish). When you look at your Pathfinders, just look at the Pathfinders and not the Devilfish. You will see a team of 4 models, which is perfect for scoring, which is extremely cheap at 58 points with a Shas’ui for leadership. Or you can look at the 8 man team, as a great scoring unit (non-scoring at 3 models that can make use of the reduced price of Bonding). And if you need more buffer, you can always pack in Drones (such as the newly revised Shield Drones if cover is low; or Gun Drones for pure squad size buffing) for added protection.[/size]

Equipment: – Markerlights of course! Before, markerlights were great. We could do all kinds of fun things. But now, markerlights have changed as well, much more in our favor. Not only are they more useful, but even more flexible than before. And what it breaks down to is: we don’t need tons of markerlights; a few is just fine! The idea of massed markerlights isn’t required. A handful can literally fuel the whole army (though the more the merrier of course). Of course, we also cannot ignore the Rail Rifle entry, which now comes with target locks. While this isn’t the reason you probably are taking Pathfinders, it’s still something to mention that it’s still there.

[size=11pt]A note about Rail Rifles – Many complain that Tau Troops don’t have support like other armies. Pathfinders do. They can call in seeker missiles, they can carry several Rail Rifles and they can cause pinning at up to 36 inch range. For everyone who wanted a squad to act more like Marines and the like, well, Pathfinders are it. A basic reminder again: Don’t think of the Devilfish when you think of Pathfinders. Think of them like Elite Fire Warriors in a way.

Further notes on the Rail Rifle option: While this weapon seems powerful, it’s also only half accurate and costs more and more points. They can add punch power to a team of Pathfinders, but in general an Ion Cannon or Crisis Suit is simply better at the job of AP3 beat down. The option exists for people who want to mass AP3, or people who simply like the feel of Rail Rifles. Rail Rifles in pathfinders are not the best performing Rifles you can have, especially with the more attractive option of Sniper Drones, but that’s a Heavy Support slot that not everyone is willing to dedicate. So if you really want Rail Rifles, there’s the option. I wouldn’t overall recommend it, but if you do take them, perhaps consider moderation (2x Rifles). Also, they will work a lot better if you have other markerlights to support your rifles with—they cannot fire from the markerlights layed down by the same team unless they’re networked! The Rail Rifle is one of the easier ways to force a pinning test, and if coupled with markerlights, can both cause casualties and pins at 36 inch range, compared to 18”. Not bad! Not spectacular either though. It’s also worth mentioning that with the new Marker Drone options, we can effectively have Networked markerlights in the squad, allowing us to use our own networked lights to guide the rail rifles (since normal markerlights in the squad may not). Two marker drones would give you an average of a single light per shooting phase, which is enough too boost the BS of the 1 to 3 rail rifles in your squad to BS4. While this is possible—it’s also a massive 60 point upgrade to achieve that BS4. Not exactly worth while when you already were hitting half the time. I would suggest using other lights to enhance them further, instead of increasing their cost via 60 points.

Transport: – There’s that Devilfish again, looming over an otherwise extremely attractive unit, reminding us that our fast attack selection must be buffed by a minimum of 80 points, for a transport that we generally will not use to transport the Pathfinders, or if we do, not for very long. Again, this has changed for the better. Again, unless you’re truly using it to hold the Pathfinders back or scoot them around the battlefield, then disregard the Devilfish in terms of Pathfinders, and instead think of it as a new entry called a Warfish. It’s not a new entry, but it’s all about thinking about it differently. You will read more about this later.


Finally the good stuff. This is what we’re really interested in because it’s what really makes Pathfinders more and more desirable (aside from Markerlights). Stat-wise, a Pathfinder is a FireWarrior practically, and they must have their Transport—but we have some special rules with Pathfinders that really make them stand out.

Scouts: – Being a Scout before was great. But now, it’s all the more important. To refresh your memory, Scouts may always be fielded, regardless of mission rules, regardless of game level. We’re talking about a Tau unit which has a vehicle and long range markerlights, which can call in support from said vehicle that will be on the board, turn one, no matter what. This ties in very well with having a Warfish on the board on turn one; as well as having possible seeker support on turn one, and enough lights to guide said Warfish or seekers, if desired. And on top of this, we still have Rail Rifles—long range anti-MEQ weapons that can be guided by other markerlight units to crush infantry on first turn, or cause added pinning. All on the field—first turn.

[size=11pt]Scout Note: It is under heavy debate, and always has been, if the Devilfish of the Pathfinders is permitted the Scout Move. Many claim yes, many claim no. Instead of giving you an interpretation, it was purposefully left out and it will be up to you and your local community to interpret how that works for you.

However, to give you some fuel, the Tau v2.0 FAQ which is chapter approved specifically stated that Pathfinders and their Devilfish could perform their pre-game move, including normal rules for embarking and disembarking.

Major Update: Latest FAQ states the Devilfish does not have the Scout special rule.

Marker Beacon: – Rejoice, for the Devilfish has a new feature. Our Pathfinder Devilfish is more unique now, less of a sore thumb, and more of a support vehicle that we’re happy to have on the board due to this gem. Marker beacons allow your units which enter the game via Deep Strike to re-roll the scatter dice if it has line of sight to the Devilfish. This is a pretty big deal. Many players were deep striking XV8s and Gun Drone Squadrons and many despise deep strike completely in Tau. The Marker beacon helps us with a second chance for those bad scatters. You’re still not 100% safe, but this is safer than absolutely no help at all. Want to drop a Sun Forge with scatter aid? The beacon can help.
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

[size=11pt]~ reThinking the Pathfinders ~[/size]

Right away, let me remind you: Do not consider the Devilfish while thinking of Pathfinders. We will cover why soon.

When we think of Pathfinders, there’s a few things that we can do. We can think of them in different ways. We can think of them in different roles and we can use them in ways that we already thought about, but never really bothered. So let’s look at a few.

Deployment & Scout Move Use.

This is a huge, nearly critical aspect of Pathfinders that literally makes or breaks them from the start of the game. Many players, fresh and seasoned make the mistake of putting their Pathfinders forward in deployment, in the front, out of cover, and even use the scout move to move even closer to targets. These are all massive things to avoid. When deploying your Pathfinders, you should consider that they have 36 inch range. You don’t need to move forward at all practically. Your targets generally will either be out of range by far, or easily in range. 36 inches is plenty. Keep that in mind so that you don’t deploy any further forward that you absolutely need to. Always deploy in cover. Always deploy behind other units. You want cover and you want every non-vehicular unit firing at you to pass a target priority test in order to actually fire the shots. Every bit counts.

When using your Scout move, this shouldn’t be used to move closer. This is better used to move horizontally. Many times, it’s a great way to move into a flank where something emerged as a target, attempting to escape sight from another one of your units. It’s great for moving out of the sight of something the may have responded to you. Or it’s great for moving away from places such as where infiltrators have setup in a threatening position, or to get line of sight to some infiltrators to help light them up for removal. The scout move is more of a defensive move to use as a response to your opponent’s deployment. Very rarely should you be using this move in order to be “more in range” with your markerlights or rail rifles. That’s the quick road to “my pathfinders die too fast every game, so I don’t use them” kind of viewpoint.

Also, remember to obscure and place your Devilfish/Warfish somewhere intelligently. You do not have to place the Devilfish next to the Pathfinders. They can be deployed separately and this is something you can use to your advantage. The Devilfish/Warfish can also be actively used to place as a counter measure to enemy units that you think will be coming at you fast, forming an impassible wall that doesn’t block line of sight, but blocks movement and assault paths to more vulnerable infantry units of yours.

Pathfinders as FireWarriors (or like a Heavy Support).

If you were already taking FireWarriors but you were not so keen on them because of their lack of options, then think of Pathfinders as a replacement. Again, don’t think of the Devilfish—that’s something else. Think of what those Pathfinders have and can do: 4 to 8(10) models in the squad, heavy weapons like the Rail Rifle, markerlights for supporting other squads or calling in seeker missiles and pulse carbines for up-close-and-personal chats. Notice something? Pathfinders have access to two different AP3 weapons, with anywhere from 3 Rail Rifles to several Seeker Missiles. That’s a lot of scary damage. Obviously the squad isn’t marines, so we can’t take a load of damage—so keep that in mind while kitting them out. Stay in cover and keep your distance. Your AP3 is to marines as their Heavy Bolters are to you. Regardless! The idea is to think of your Pathfinders as a Troop almost. A Troop with the ability to bring support to the board, on it’s own, and not just a bunch of Pulse Rifles.

Pathfinders as Markerlight Fuel.

This one is nothing new. They’re the cheapest clump of Markerlights you can get. However, before, it required several markerlights to accomplish anything, which meant we needed more models to ensure that more lights hit each time. That’s not the case now. We don’t need as many markerlights as often, since they have changed (* read more on those later) and we can use a few lights to do a lot of work. Every two lights you take, will completely buff a single unit in it’s entirety. This is a huge change. It means 4 markerlights can support two units. Six can support up to 3. Or you can mix and match and focus on a single target to really lay claim to its annihilation. The markerlights are so useful and flexible now that they’re even more attractive and make Pathfinders as a source all the more attractive as well. It’s certain that we have other units which can take Markerlights, but they generally cost a lot more per light and are no better at surviving than Pathfinders (exceptions: Stealths, Sniper Drone Teams and Sky Rays). However, if you’re thinking of the Pathfinders on their own, and not the Devilfish, then you’ll see that 82 points can get you 6 markerlights with Leadership 8. 106 points can get you 8 markerlights with Leadership 8. That’s nothing at all! Even if you lose the Pathfinders, so what? If they only take out half of them and break them, you’re donating only 41 to 53 half-victory points? If totally destroyed, they get full points. Remember—the Fish is not involved in this. It’s a separate unit. Just because the cost is listed in the same category doesn’t mean anything in terms of these victory points. So think of your Pathfinders and their magical markerlights and only them.

Pathfinders as Two Entries – Pathfinder and Warfish.

You’ve read about the Warfish to this point so far and either already know why it’s mentioned, or would like to know what it is. We will soon come to that. Right now, let’s look at what I’ve been stressing about how you think of Pathfinders and their Devilfish. The Warfish option allows your Devilfish to be much more than just a transport that you had to buy. Instead, you can think of it in two ways: The first, is that the Pathfinder team is just that—the pathfinder team. They’re cheap, tons of options and great. The second, is to look at that Devilfish that you were required to take and think of it as a whole new entry. Think of the Warfish as another battle tank that you would already buy if you had the option. Think of the Warfish as a vehicle that you would want to buy for 120 points that has nothing to do with the cost of Pathfinders. Just think of it as a new heavy support in a way. Keep thinking of the Pathfinders as just the little team of Pathfinders. They share the same force organizational chart, but in the game, they are indeed two separate units. Each is worth victory points separately. Each operates separately. Think of them as two different things. Because they are!


[size=11pt]~ reThinking the Devilfish :: WarFish! ~[/size]

As soon as you read the new codex, you were probably thinking how cool it would be to stop using those Gun Drones on your Devilfish and instead, start mounting up some Smart Missile Systems and go firing about with your gun boat. It’s expensive, it’s not a Hammerhead at all and it’s probably not going to survive being so aggressive. But you know what? It’s a great source of damage, it’s a great decoy for your other units and it’s a non-scoring vehicle anyways, so it’s not a big deal if it does go down in flames (that's to say that in the sense of a scoring unit which when destroyed, not only donates victory points to your opponent but also means you have one less scoring unit; when it's non-scoring, you only donate victory points the same way a scoring unit would, but you didn't lose a scoring unit--you merely gave victory points and your opponent didn't just drop a scoring unit--there's advantages within the disadvantage.)

The WarFish literally is simply the Devilfish, with the SMS upgrade.

After a full move, the WarFish can effectively put some Line of Sight ignoring SMS shots into something that is up to 36 inches away from you. Your Burst Cannon could also be in range of something, depending on how you Deployed. But in the end, we have something much more than just a sore thumb. We have a battle tank.

[size=11pt]Think about Deployment. Typically you will have 6 or even 12 inches of deployment zone to put down your Warfish. Then on first turn, you can move up to 12 inches and still effectively fire all your weapons at 18 inch rage, or your SMS at up to 24 inch range. Remember, your Devilfish doesn’t get a free move—but it doesn’t matter. We can still get enough range to be first-turn-effective. Think about that: 6~12 inches (deployment), 12 inches (movement), 18~24 (shooting) inches. Now to make it even more sweeter, remember that your opponent also is using that deployment zone. He’s not going to be fielding his models at the board edge. They’re going to be put forward, anywhere from a few to 6 to 12 inches forward. That’s simply increasing your effective range! First turn, you can effectively apply 7x BS4 Str5 shots (Dakka!) from an A12 skimmer that is glance-only 36 to 42 inches away, or even up to 48 inches away if you only use the SMS. Does your precious WarFish seem to be so low on range now? That’s aggressive![/size]

Perhaps now you can think why the WarFish and Pathfinders are separate entries? They’re two very different units. One is scoring, one is not. One is tough, one is not. But they both can output damage and support each other, or other units. And in games where escalation is in play—they’re both on the board, working their wonders. First turn strikes from a Warfish, guided at BS5 by a single Markerlight, also able to output a seeker missile or two? Also backed up by a RailRifle or two? Why not! That’s a lot of potential firepower on turn one. It’s two separate units on the board, for just one force organizational chart entry. So keep thinking of them as separate!

It’s not a Hammerhead.

This is key to remember. But it’s also key to make it different. Hammerheads are Heavy Support battle tanks. Warfish are Fast Attack battle tanks. You could have a few, or even up to 6 if you were feeling a little edgy and wanted to. But still, having the option is what it’s all about—even if you don’t want to use it still, the option is there. That’s a great new feature to Pathfinders at your disposal that is quite useful against if not all, but some armies.
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

[size=11pt]~ reWhy Pathfinders? ~[/size]

The age old question that generally pops up, or at least the comment, is “Why take pathfinders and markerlights, when I can just take more models that cause damage.” There are several answers to this question. Some are good, some not so good. However, it will greatly depend on you, your level of gaming, the level of gaming in your group and if you’re playing variable opponents and lists, or if you’re just playing the same old things over and over.


Pathfinders give you flexibility, which allow you to respond to things that your list wasn’t built to specifically handle. Good examples of these are: Lots of Montrous Creatures, Extreme Hordes, Massed Terminators/2+ saves, Armored Companies, etc.

The Tau army as a whole, cannot combat each extreme threat on it’s own. And we cannot bring enough of the right kinds of weapons to effectively take all of them on, without a little lacking in each department. The more low AP we take, the less dakka we have for Hordes. The more dakka and AP we stack, the less we have for busting armored companies and massed monstrous creatures. The more railguns, low ap and dakka we take in the same list, the less each of them are at effectively doing the job. We’re not a BS5 army. Or are we?

Pathfinders give you the choice to buff what you are lacking in, to make it more effective when the time is needed. When you need those railguns to work overtime and that each miss is a crucial failure, the pathfinders can make those twinlinked railguns fire at BS4 accuracy—the whole squad. When you need your Stealth Suits or Dakka Crisis to really hit on key against those Hormagaunts coming your way, hitting at BS3 may not be enough and then you’re assaulted and dead. But if they suddenly had BS5 from markerlights, we can take on that horde problem. If we’re staring down loads of Terminators and we didn’t expect it, we’re going to be short on the ability to truly wreck them. Even with Pathfinders it will be rough due to limited AP2 support. However, with Pathfinders it will be more reliable to use the 3 to 6 plasma weapons or fusion weapons that you may have in your list, to effectively fire at BS5 and really wrack up the damage, instead of hoping for the best at BS3 or twinlinking.


Finally, as much as we talk about markerlights, we might as well take a brief look at them. They’re clearly written in the codex and it’s obvious what they do. But just to reiterate, let’s see why they’re flexible for us:

Seeker Missile – Seeker salvos are less useful because we require a lot more vehicles to have enough seekers available, due to the reduction of seeker access for vehicles (sky ray excluded). While seekers are still a part of the codex, they’re less used. But that’s not to say they’re not worth having. It’s still very flexible to have some mid-strength support that doesn’t have to be mounted on a Hammerhead or Crisis. Markerlights that provide these are in your Troops, Fasts, Elites, even Heavies. You could go as far as the HQ, but really, it’s just there for flexibility. Every category has a little access.

Ballistic Skill Buff – This is the main event. The critical change. No long we do we only buff a single weapon. We buff entire squads by adding +1 ballistic skill to the unit. This makes FireWarriors at close range hit at BS4 or BS5 accuracy with just 1 or 2 lights. Whole teams of Crisis Suits with multiple non-twinlinked weapons finally can get BS4 or BS5 upon command from just a single light or two. Entire Hammerheads can output all of their guns, not just the primary weapon, at BS5 upon command. You can finally get your BS4 Firewarriors, or a tall-tale BS5 army.

Target Priority – This is one of the lesser elements being used often, but it’s still useful. Target Priority tests can really claim a turn if you fail one. If your XV-88s or even other Pathfinders fail a target priority test, they’re going to waste all that precious support on something you did not want to bother with, or can’t even harm. That’s a waste. So being able to automatically pass this test when it’s absolutely crucial is quite useful. Keep in mind however, that we have Command Nodes available now, which buff leadership for Target Priority Tests by the leadership of the Commander and that should be explored before Markerlights are used for this ability. Also to note, is that Target Priority can instantly be buffed by attaching any character to the squad to allow for their use of Leadership.

Ignore Night Fight – This is a great ability in Dusk & Dawn games, or any game where Night Fight is a feature. We’re a shooting army and not everything we have has a black sun filter. Being able to just take the shot can be a crucial play at the end of the game. However, note that the markerlights had to see the target first to be able to even do this, so it won’t be so often something you use early in the game, but more something you use at the end of the game, when you can easily light most targets after they’re closer. Again, not the most often used, but worth mentioning for higher game levels. Another way to boost your abilities to fire markerlights during night fight, as well as other weapons, is to attach independent characters with the acute senses ability as they confer that to the unit that they’re attached to. Not as effective as a black sun filter, but better than nothing.

Leaderhip Modifiers – Finally our pinning weapons can be useful! Sure, we cannot pin the entire 40k collection of races, but we can pin a good portion of them. We can modify their leadership test for each light to make it harder and harder to pass that pinning test. Armies that you’ll be able to pull this off reliably are things like Eldar, Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard. You could manage some Space Marines sometimes, but it’s less likely to happen (just like it’s less likely with Necrons). Anyhow, the point is you can finally get reliable pinning by reducing leadership, making the pinning effect of several weapons more worth while (such as a Rail Rifle).

Cover Modifers – We lost our ability to totally negate cover with just a single light from a weapon. That’s not a big loss though; it merely slows down the Submuntions which ignore cover. However, we can still modify cover saves, but not just for one gun, for the entire unit. We can bring down the cover saves, 1 per light, on a target and then whoever shoots at them, will not have to be supported by a light to ignore cover. The good news is that only one light is generally needed for general use. Reducing a cover save to a 6 is pretty easy with just one light, and it’s low enough to not worry about wasting low AP shots with.

[size=11pt]One of the biggest questions out there, is whether to improve ballistic skill or to lower the cover saves, when firing at particular targets. For that, consider the following:[/size]

4x Burst Cannons (12x Shots) vs. GEQs in 5+ Cover:
Standard Rate: 3 casualties on average.
Ballistic Skill Increase to 4 via 1x Markerlight = 4 casualties on average.
Cover reduced to a 6+ via 1x Markerlight = 4 casualties on average.

6x Burst Cannons (18x Shots) vs. GEQs in 5+ Cover:
Standard Rate: 5 casualties on average.
Ballistic Skill Increase to 4 via 1x Markerlight = 7 casualties on average.
Cover reduced to a 6+ via 1x Markerlight = 6 casualties on average.

It greatly depends on the situation, but the higher up you go in terms of number of shots, the greater the ballistic skill will take effect in this case.

3x Plasma Rifles @ 12” (6x Shots) vs. MEQs in 5+ Cover:
Standard Rate: 1.7 (2) casualties on average.
Ballistic Skill Increase to 4 via 1x Markerlight = 2.3 (2) casualties on average.
Cover reduced to a 6+ via 1x Markerlight = 2 casualties on average.

6x Plasma Rifles @ 12” (12x Shots) vs. MEQs in 5+ Cover:
Standard Rate: 3.4 (3) casualties on average.
Ballistic Skill Increase to 4 via 1x Markerlight = 4.6 (5) casualties on average.
Cover reduced to a 6+ via 1x Markerlight = 4.2 (4) casualties on average.

Those are just rounded off averages, not precise to be sure. But the idea is simply to show that there isn’t a huge difference between the two choices. However, in general, you may be better off increasing how many times you hit, if you’re throwing out tons of shots, while perhaps if you’re only firing a few shots, you may want to ignore cover with your precious plasma (contrary to what a number may say), since you can still hit everything, but so long as he can save against it, you can fail to do damage. The choice is yours.

[size=11pt]~ Doubling Up!? Don’t make me laugh!? ~[/size]

Before Tau Empire, it was relatively unheard of to start taking multiple Pathfinder Teams. It was already hard enough to find people who were using Pathfinders in competitive environments to begin with. They’re not FireWarriors nor Hammerheads, therefore have no place, they chant. Though if you look around, if you visit competitive groups, you will see that quite are starting to use multiple Pathfinder teams.

Why though?

Two teams are generally better than one, in most units. It’s the same generally for pathfinders. They can share markerlight support. They can spread out the damage that they are dealt. And for the tread heads, they supply two Warfish to the board in Escalation matches. That’s the real attraction. Having those twin-aggressive Warfish on the board, throwing down a lot of damage, guided by Pathfinders, or even supported by them via Rail Rifles if you took them. Generally though, it’s just the markerlights and the Warfish, spreading the Dakka love.

While this may sound like complete and utter heresy to you, you may be surprised that it’s being used, it’s working, and that it’s not such a rotten idea after all!

Two small teams allow you to increase your markerlight targets (two teams, two shas’ui makes for 4 possible separate targets). You get your WarFish on the board fast and early. You also increase the area coverage of your markerlights and by having multiple sources, you decrease the focus on just one of them. You also have two nice scoring units, in terms of victory points for the Pathfinders themselves, only yielding small amounts of points to your opponent if they’re lost and you’re also holding a scoring unit should they survive. You can also do the same with larger 8 man teams, but that’s reserved for much larger games (it does get expensive, of course).

Food for thought.


Sample Configurations:

Pathfinders x 8
Shas’ui with Bonding and Hardwired Target Lock
WarFish (Devilfish, Multi-tracker, Smart Missile System, Targetting Array, Decoy Launchers)
117 point Pathfinders, 120 point Warfish.

A general team, setup to lay down lights, allow the Shas’ui to markerlight a separate target possibly and the yummy Warfish to go about its business. Remember to think of it as a 120 point Warfish and a 117 point Pathfinder team. They’re separate!

Pathfinders x 6
82 point Pathfinders, 120 point WarFish.

A lesser squad of Pathfinders, cheaper and more honed towards fielding the Warfish, but also having 3 markerlights on average per turn to unleash. Again, a 120 point Warfish and a 82 point team of Pathfinders.

Pathfinders x 4
58 point Pathfinders, 120 point WarFish.

This is going a little barebones, but is easily used as a way to get another Pathfinder team (fielding two). You get 2 lights on average per turn from a 58 point scoring unit. The Warfish is there as normal. You would use double teams such as this, if you wanted, to have two Warfish on the board, backed up by two teams of Pathfinders, both of which combined would lay down 4 lights per turn on average. Enough to guide both Warfish and two other squads on average.

Remember to think of the Warfish as a separate unit in terms of cost and victory points!


Whether or not Pathfinders are right for you, you can at least have a good idea of what they’re useful for, what they’re capable of, and why it’s such a hard choice when choosing them, compared to something straight forward such as a Hammerhead or Crisis Suit. There’s no dilemma when we look at some units, but Pathfinders have always had the touchy feel of “maybe” or “maybe not” that has kept a lot of people from enjoying them, and has been an attitude to keep others from using them off principle, while others who were using them were deemed “odd.”

Hopefully the more use they see, the less “odd” it will seem to have them. And you can enjoy using your Pathfinders without being told how something else would be better for your army. You’re the commander after all!

Enjoy! Or bring on the Flak! :P

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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Great article

I would only like some more about wether or not taking rail rifles and what it will do with youre pathfinders.

What kind of armys can take pathfinders ( mecha, hybrid or static )

And I dont realy agree with the its a non scoring unit so what does it matter if it goes down

Its 100 ( some more ) points. Thats quite something.

I did like youre article though. I never read those long ones but this one was nice to read
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Great article as usual, Mal. I'm in full agreement with everything you said there. Great Job!
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Your article seemed to me to suggest that the Devilfish attached to the Pathfinder squad does not get a "scout" move. That seems to be a subject still debated. How you play locally may affect that rule interpretation (where I play, I always get the DF scout move as well as PF).

I have adopted a 4xPF team w/Warfish, and it's making great strides, in conjunction with a Sky Ray. I think I'll experiment with a 8xPF team with shield drones.

I love everything you have to say, but I feel the need to add that even though I play a mech tau style, I still get decent use out of Shas'Ui w/Markerlight and Target Lock attached to a Fire Warrior mounted team. I almost always get 2 or 3 turns of static shooting out of said units.

Warfishes are phenomenal units. I would try to take six, but I don't have that many SMS systems to apply!
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments. I actually also totally forgot to address deployment ( : ... ). I also made sure to go back and address a few points further, such as Railrifles and Scouting. As well as added a few more things that I initially didn't include or only skimmed.

Keep the comments coming

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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Oh good grief, Malveaux. Logarithmic scale be damned. Have a cookie.

I'll go sticky this in the tactica section, if that is all right with you.
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

I play hybrid, and I must say, this article has shaken up my army list pretty bad. I have now dropped my shas'o in favor of a pathfinder team!
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Default Re: Pathfinder Teams ~ Tau 2.0, reLoaded

Wow this is GREAT!!!
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