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Can orks beat tau?
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Default Can orks beat tau?

Can orks beat tau? I've played 5 games against orks and have yet to lose or even come near it.

What can the orks do to win against tau? They just get eaten up by pulse weapons and ork armor is torn appart by mssile pods.
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Default Re: Can orks beat tau?

I have seen several battles with orks. Most times the ork player will use the standard tactic of loading as many Boyz into trukks and shooting them accross the field in a mad rush. Not a good idea against Tau cause every time they do it the Tau guns turn them into a pile or smouldering ruble. But I have seen orks succeed. This involves sending their heaviest units forward to scare the Tau player into sending allot of fire at them. Then the ork player keeps his vehicles hull down and under cover as he flanks the Tau. Usually done in city fight or areas with lots of hills and woods but it works. If just one trukk of boyz hits the Tau lines at even half strength the Tau are in serius trouble.

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Default Re: Can orks beat tau?

I've seen a good Ork player work a couple of squads of Stormboyz into the Tau line using cover. There's no need to say the Tau lost that one.
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Default Re: Can orks beat tau?

Tau vs Orks is a tough battle, I won't pretend it isn't. It reminds me a lot of Eldar vs Orks in Gothic, though it isn't quite that imbalanced.
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