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Photon Grenades (good/bad?)
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Old 13 Jun 2006, 11:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Photon Grenades (good/bad?)

I was wondering if photon grenades are worth it in a mech tau army.
I hope that you all can give your thoughts in this subject

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Default Re: photon grenades good/bad ?

I think of it this way... your taus are F'd anyways, if anyone gets into CC with them. (MEQ as 80% of gaming environment) so if it hits the fan, i'd rather they totally get creamed so the chance of them trying falling back and all dying, or dying completely right in CC. that way the shooting lines are open again.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: photon grenades good/bad ?

To me, they're point eaters, but that's just me. If you want to get photon grenades, your expecting your Tau to be in situations where your enemy is charging at them. Therefore, I think it's better to not do the photon grenades and stick to keeping your fire warriors far away.

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Default Re: photon grenades good/bad ?

Not worth it in a mech army. You shouldn't get even close to CC as mech, and if you do, something is seriously wrong. Besides, if you do get into CC, you want to lose the initial round so you can fall back and shoot. Photons keep you in longer, and put off losing just to lose a few extra men. Plus, they are a point sink.
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Default Re: photon grenades good/bad ?

Photons have some uses but in general are deffinetly not worth it. Now arming a squad with EMPs to be a nasty surprise to the enemy in a mech force, now thats something...

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Default Re: photon grenades good/bad ?

They CAN be handy in some situations. I was playing Necrons and a necron lord+warriors veil-of-darknessed into my firebase. I could only destroy 1 necron from that unit in my turn, and next turn they charged my fire warriors. Only 12 attacks, and both suck in combat, so my firewarriors tied them up until my kroot scurried over and dominated. But normally they are not too useful .
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