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Strange situations in CoD...
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Default Strange situations in CoD...

Think of that situation...

I have 10 fire warriors on the top roof of a building... There is no space for other models on that roof...
An assault marine squad wants to assault me... They can't jump on the roof and assault on foot because there is no space... How can they try to assault my FireWarrior?... They're virtually unreacheable...

I used to let them assault me anyway because that would be a bit beardy in my thinking... Am i wrong? What would you do in this situation?

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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

I don't have COD, but in normal 40k I would say they can assault as assault doesn't just represent hand-to-hand. In COD they should probably bring some template weapons to clear out some space first.
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

add a extra attack to the assaulter and and say that it represents the Chance of the assaulter squashing some one when they land ;D ;D lol ;D
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

I'd say it's pretty nasty business to do somthing like that.... I've always just let them assault me if they rolled well enough on the rough terrain thing
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

Thats a good question. In normal 40k it wouldnt much matter but in CoD where specific floors becomes very important... I would say he has to make space. Not trying to be biased here but if there isnt room to assault then they cannot reach you. It would be like a normal space marine squad trying to assault a crisis team ontop of an intact building. They cant get there. Maybe you can represent it as the assault marines cant get a footing to launch the attack and when they do they go crashing back to the floor so they have to use ranged weapons to clear space first.

Brings a whole new meaning to establishing a foothold huh. I think IG could really benefit from this with all the numbers they can pack in...

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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

The original cityfight modified the CC rules for this reason. I think he would be able to assault, just stick him on the edge or something like that. The assault marine isn't sofly landing next to the Tau when assaulting, he's smashing into them and knocking them over.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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Originally Posted by Nox
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...


If you're a mighty, heroic and all-round xenos-scum hating and righteously god-emperor fearing assault marine - flying high through the clouds on your 15th millenium jetpack that still runs on petrol - youre not going to give a flying-monkeys arse if theres enough space to land on the roof, or if there some guys standing there. Once that fuel indicator starts bleeping red you know the only right thing to do is fly straight at them, and try to flatten as many of them ass possible. Then if you're lucky enough to survive you can go ahead and start decapitating aliens.

Rules-wise he can't charge you. If he cannot land in the movement phase somwhere where he can then walk 6" and make it into assault, then he cant charge you. I would only really argue this against an opponent who is either a rules-laywer himself, a dic.k and/or unsporting.

Against a regular friendly opponent i would probably let them charge, but i would demand counting as defending cover, as well as a dangerous terrain check (remember in Cities of Death, if they jump into area terrain or cover theyre dead on a 1!)
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

Assault Marines have pistols, do they not? He should be able to make a hole for at least one model to get in. Aside from that, can't he use normal difficult terrain rolls to land on the floor below and climb up on the charge?
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

There is a rule that comes into my mind when talking about "room", and is the one that kill every model that cannot disembark from a transport when it's destroyed if there's no room to place the minis (and there are some tau tacticas regarding devilfishes, FW and crisis blocking landraiders or rhinos exits to eliminate whole squads of marines). I think that if there's no space for them (even cramping the FW), then they cannot assault, first they'll have to clear the area a bit.
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Default Re: Strange stuations in CoD...

Originally Posted by coolflame616
remember in Cities of Death, if they jump into area terrain or cover theyre dead on a 1!
They are just as dead in regular 40k. At least where I play nearly all the cover is counted as difficult terrain (which jump infantry count as dangerous terrain when jumping).
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