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New Tau player needing help!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New Tau player needing help!

Hi. Welcome to my topic about how I am a new Tau player. Please post all you can about them and how the units work. I know nothing about them. Help me please! :-\
For the glory of the imperium. CHARGE!!!!!!!!!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: new tau player need help!!!!

first of all welcome to the forum and the Greater Good ;D

Let's start with the very basics:
tau infantry => very good rapid fire weapons, VERY bad at close combat!
also max out the units and take 2-3 units to start with

the XV-8's golden rule= Always use the extra movement (in assault phase) to keep distance (they can move twice a turn if you didn't know that)
and specialise them with one kind of weapon (and twin-link them for better results)

about equiping the battlesuits: you have 3 'hard-points' you have to fill with weapons or support items
you can give them 3 different weapons but that isn't that usefull (cause you can only fire 1 weapon at a time)
give them instead 2 weapons and a multi-tracker (abilty to fire 2 weapons at a time)
give them 2 of the same weapons for twin-linking and something else like a targetting array (higher BS) or a shield generator (invulnerable save)

that are the first things that came to my mind
I will post again if something else come to my mind
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Default Re: New Tau player needing help!

Welcome to the forums!

For starters, what does your current army look like? One of the most basic things about Tau is that they really have two completely different sets of strategies and units that can be mixed or used independently. Depending on your tastes, you can field a Static army focusing on massed firepower, or a Mech army focused on mobility. You can also mix the two to form a Hybrid army.

There are many good articles on all three forms stickied at the top of the forum. I would recommend going through them for in-depth descriptions of how the Tau army works.
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Default Re: New Tau player needing help!

Codex has pretty pictures
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Default Re: New Tau player needing help!

well if you know nothing about them why do you want to start with them ???????
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Default Re: New Tau player needing help!

Don't get sucked into the idea of a 'Static' or a 'Mech' army. pick the units you like for the reasons that appeal to you most. These terms are given to army's but they would be this type of army regardless. Browse the Codex and take Units for their purpose.

Crisis Commanders are very powerful units but they aren't that tough so try to keep them away from enemy units or shielded by other units. Read about the 'Independant Character' Rules in the BBB, as this is key to their effectiveness ion many cases.

Crisis Suits are also a key part of the army as they allow you to field 'heavy' weaponry, something which Fire Warriors do not allow you to do. Their weapons have many purposes and it would really help you to have a good look and think about the weapons and equipment for the squads use.

Stealth Suits just rock, they come with a lot of firepower, stealth fields, and Jetpacks! Don't slow them down with too much, or any, equipment though. Of course all of this is just my opinion so it is up to you to decide for yourself.

Fire Warriors and DevilFishes are entirely up to you. Some people prefer amssed Firewarriors to utilize their gun, which is a very powerful weapon on a relatively cheap soldier. Having a large proportion of Fire Warriros allows you to shoot, a lot, especially at rapid fire range, but if a squad like this should become locked in Close Combat they are probably dead, which will give the opponents squad the option of advancing, or even worse, consolidating into another of your squads. But, if you have eniugh guns, will they even get that close? Some prefer less squads and choose to mount them in a Devil Fish. The Devil Fish doesn't have to be used much, but does allow you to relocate in a battle should you feel the need to, capture objectives which is quite important and also use the 'Fish of Fury' tactic, soemthing I personally am not a fan of but other players may priase it's usefullness. It does have it's uses You could strike a balance of the 2, or go for minimal Firewarriors, allowing you to field other units from the codex.

Kroot are essential in any army in my opinion. You can choose to field them in large or small groups, but I advise smallish groups. They have a very strong gun and some nice abilities for their points. You can also mix in Kroot Hounds and Krootox into the same squad now. I prefer taking a small squad of Kroot or 2 and using them as an anchor and if you are using a woodland board, putting them into cover. They aren't that bad at CC, but will generally get slaughtered by dedicated, more specialized CC troops unfortunately. They are useful because they have some nice rules, a good gun, and are CHEAP. don't upgrade them with armour, it doesnt really do anything at all. On the other hand, some people don't like Kroot and don't take any

Gun Drone Squadrons can be useful, but you could spend the points elsewhere.

Pathfinders, possibly the biggest topic of conversation throughout Tau history. Ok Ok I exaggerate but it can get pretty heated. I always used to forego taking them in favour of other 'firepower' units. However, they do now make very useful 'utility' units. I mean by this they are one of the Tau units which works really well by enhancing the rest of your army. The new Markerlight rules make them seem a lot more Attractive, but I have never used them so i cant really help. I'm sure other will chime in hehe.

Piranha's look useful, I've never tried them. If i did I wouldn't give them much, if any equipment apart from the Fusion and use them for Tank Hunting. As with PF's, I have no experiance with these and can't really help.

Vespids are not my cup of Tea at all. Highly specialized at killing heavy Infantry i.e. Marines, they are too fragile and too much of a 1 trick pony. All I could say they are useful for is scaring your opponent, as if you played mariens you wouldn't want to go near them would you? Or let them near you. I have never used them, nor given them much consideration so maybe others can help.

Ahh, Broadsides. Another unit of contention. They take out Tanks and high toughness units well, and they shoot at hordes, well, rather well. They take up a heavy slot too, which is soemthing to think about. Use them well and don't put them slap bang in the middle of your deployment as you may be tempted too A good diea is to take a squad of 2 and position where they can cover a long 'lane' of the battlefield, such as a coorridor between cover where an enemy vehicle is likely to become visible. Twin Linked Uber-tank killing weaponry is good in this ideal situation. Be clever with your positioning of Broadsides and they could win you games ...

Sniper Drone Teams are a good cheap heavy support option. But I have nver really given them much consideration.

Hammerheads, Ion or Rail? The choice is up t you and from reading the codex you will easily see the Pro's and Con's of each. 3 Rail heads used to be flavour of the month but the codex has made cheap Ions look rather attractive to some players. Railgun Hammerheads are useful for their ability to move and shoot and any target with it's 2 types of shot. Versatility wins the day, or does it? Ion heads can be quite damaging too, but not as much as the Railhead, but thats why it's more expensive. Decisions Decisions.

I don't bother with SkyRays :S

I hope I have helped, you need to read and play to learn though, so get going ! You can learn the most from palyign games.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: New Tau player needing help!

hey thanx guys youve been a real help
For the glory of the imperium. CHARGE!!!!!!!!!
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