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Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire
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Default Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire

Back in my days of Lynx I wrote a karma earning me my first karma cookie, the Guide to themed armies.
I am here today to present to you the Guide to Tau Empire* Themed Armies!
*Farsight Enclaves will be covered in Issue 3.

For those who want the generic guide click here.


Pick your army's terrian and Arch Enemies, and Vor'La watch the army come alive!


Let's face it. Your army is going to be shaped by the terrian they fight on. The terrian impacts modeling AND how you equip your troopaz!

Generic Terrian:

Grassland is akin to planet bowling ball, but with grass. A few rivers or bluffs (groupings of trees) to break it up. This is (at least to me) a Mech Players worst knightmare! The lack of terrian WILL open up alot firing lanes, but at the same time leave your juicy flanks open for a can o'whoop ass. In this enviroment the range of tau weapons is what will rule the battlefield as Korne rules the Warp.

When I think of grassland, it reminds me of the Moors of England and Scotland (beautiful places, but never read Hound of the Baskerviles there...espically when you are staying at your uncles...who happens to own a rather large Russian Wolf Hound....). But, those aren't grasslands. Northern France comes next. Northern France reminds me of Nazis. Nazis remind me of Solviet Russia. Russian reminds me of Snipers. And Snipers remind me of Ghilli. Grass Ghilli reminds me of Grassland. See my connection?

Creating Ghilli in 40k:
Now, I dont have a working digial Camera, so be warned, I will try to explain as best I can.
Metal Mesh - Enough to cover a model.
A Green or Brown paint - Recomend Catachan Green, Dark Angles Green, Camo Green, Schorched Brown, Desert Yellow, Graveyard Earth
Static Grass Flock
Super Gule

Step one:
Wrap the mesh around the painted model, leaving the front and head exposed.

Step two:
Remove the mesh, keeping the shape of your mini.

Step three:
Paint the mesh your chosen colour.

Step four:
Add dots of super glue to the mesh.

Step five:
Cover the mesh in static grass and shake off any extra grass.

Step six:
Attach the mesh you mini.

Grasslands are just flat open ground. No intervening terrain, no distractions just you the mini, and the enemy. This has some good pionts, and some hack and slash points. Because of terrain set-up, you will always have the enemy in your gun sights. But, this comes at a cost...no terrian to slow down assault forces!

When I think of Grasslands, I think of Snipers. The Pulse rifle seems like a sniper rifle to me!
In a Grassland army, your list is such:
HQ: As Per Tau Empire Codex

Elite: As Per Tau Empire Codex

Troop: Fire Warriors on foot with Rifles

Fast Attack: Gun Drones, Vespids, 0-1 Piranha

Heavy Support: Sniper Drones, +1 Broadsides


Well come to the Jungle, we got fun and games!
The Green. Home to JD's Catachans, Commander Silent Strike's Tau and My Eldar (We have never actually played, just they are noted for thier armies)
Jungle games are fun, becasue it is like a natural city fight, and I love that!

What do you need when you go into the jungle? No, not toilet paper, leaves work fine for that! We need...Machettes!
Hacking your way through the jungles is a real treat....to watch!
What you need:
Large Knife (Like those featured in the the Catachan Heavy Weapons Team Box) (Alternative: if your Arch Enemy is Tyranids, use a Scything Talon attached to the handle of a bonding knife. if your AE is Orkz use a Choppa)
One of the Tau arms that holds a rifle or carbine.
Modelling knife
Plastic Glue

Step one:
Cut the hand off of the tau arm, reattach it 90 - 120 degrees counter clockwise.

Step two:
Glue the large knife into the hand.

Step three:
Attach the arm to your warrior, and Vor'la! Ready to hack through the jungle!


Jungles are tight quarters. All Warriors on foot must be armed with Carbines, Mounted can have either.
Crisis Suits are big an loud. Because of this, in the jungle they are not key, as they are not really good at fighting in uber dense terrian.
Jungle Themed List:
HQ: Commander

Elite: 0-1 Crisis Suits, +1 Stealth Suits (Xv-15 work better as they are sleeker)

Troop: As Per Codex Tau Empire

Fast Attack: No Pathfinders

Heavy Support: Hammerhead, Sky Ray


Ah. The desert. We all know and love it. It is very hot and little terrian. Desert battles are fun, I love them.


Due to the heat, the arm badges would be uber hot.
Desert Tau never wear arm badges.
Desert Tau may also wear sand ghilli: Create a ghilli suit as in Grassland, but use sand rather than static flock, and only brown paints.


As Grassland

Arch Enemies:
Who you fight also dictates your armies style of play, and how they are modelled

To start, da biggest da meanest and da baddest boyz in da kosmoz!
The Tyranids!

The Horde is embeded in the human phyce as a thing to be feared. Plus, they are icky bugz!

Modelling Ideas:
Perhaps your Warriors have fought many long battles with the Horde, and lost their arm bagde. So they pulled off a gaunt's head and used it as thier arm badge!

Kroot replaced thier staves for scything talons, and prolounged Tyranid DNA eating, your kroot may have begun sprouting tyranid biomorphs and armour plating!

Horde armies fear flamers.
An Arch Enemy: Tyranid list must have as many flamers as it possiblely can.
All Tanks must have Burst Cannons, as more shots = more dead bugz.
Fast Attack must be Drones only, and everything that can have drones must, as the Aun do not wish thier loyal warriors to die at the claws of the facesless horde.

Work shift at 11, not 10. Time to get off!

I have to go to work! (damned late shift at the movie store!)
Man, this origami dream is beautiful, but those wings will never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire

ok as soon as you can, i would like to see the way to justify an army whos main role is to fight anywhere they have too...pretty please?
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Default Re: Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire

Very nice job :funny:
I'd love to see more, I would help if I could but I'm in the middle of my exam's :'(


PS: I also have a little request ... could you do something around desert cadres? I want to see if great minds think alike :

mod: Tnx a thousand times ;D

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Default Re: Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire

Desert added.
Orks in Arch Enemies will come next.
Man, this origami dream is beautiful, but those wings will never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket.
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Default Re: Themed Armies Made Easy: Issue 1: Tau Empire

Can we first have an ice world and a lava and or a demon world out there ?

This way you will have covered the most common worlds

My army is a glacier/ice world one and I dont see it in there >
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