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Broadsides and Ion Cannons
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Default Broadsides and Ion Cannons

i know that this is ilegal rules wise but would it be a viable choice for broad sides as house rules or would an upgrade like this be overpowerd the point of this is i wish we could use more plasma tech and ion tech being that we can only use plasma on xv's and ions on tanks (not counting cib)

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lonely tau
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Default Re: Broadsides and ion cannons

well actually it owuld be not only unfair buyt conflicting with fluff. you see the Railgun has to be mounted on the Hammer head because of the submunition on it, whereas the solid shot can be used on the broadside because it does not have the subs in it (although replacing solid shot for subs would be an AWESOME option..) and the ion cannon is just so big that they need to mount it on the HH for normal "big" purposes...
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Default Re: Broadsides and ion cannons

And the power feed would be insane... the Broadside would have to replace it's SMS with power generators.
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

that would be a cool idea.

A TL Ion Cannon that would replace both the rail gun and the SMS (takin your idea Comrade Novae), would be a viable house rule in my opinion. Maybe also reduce movement due to the heavy power generators that would be required.

I don't know how many points it should cost though.

Think, it's not illegal yet.
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

Well consider that we already have that pretty much in a unit of sniper drones, for 80 points. Their guns are weaker, but they have a stealth field and come with a markerlight. I think a modded broadside without secondary weapons systems could stay at 70 points, or perhaps even cheaper!

I dunno, consider the costs of similar things like obliterators and starcannon bearers.
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

Granted, broadsides don't have submunition packs, but they DO have two railguns (twinlinked), which the hammerhead doesn't go around with. They certainly aren't as fast, but neither do they need to power the hammerhead's skimmer/antigrav systems.

Replacing the twinlinked railguns with a single ion cannon, probably reduced to 2 shots, would be a pretty fair option in my mind.

They can always make a broadside variant of the weapon, or make it a "at +/- x points" to keep balance, after all.
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

I wouldn't try to mod the ion cannon for simplicity's sake.

Basically, like Nova, I would drop the TL railguns for a single ion cannon. (And drop the pionts by maybe 10 pionts).
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

I actually argued this (the ability to mount Ion Cannons on Broadsides) for a very lone time on another forum.

Then realized it was silly.

The main target of the Ion Cannon is (Light) Vehicles and (Heavily) Armored opponents.

The main targets of a Broadsides (With TwL Plasma and TwL Railgun) is (All) Vehicles and (Heavily) Armored opponents.

So I stopped.

Granted, an Ion Cannon/Twl Plasma toting Broadside is one sick Anti-MEq machine, but it's fine as is. *shrug*

Just my 2c,
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Default Re: Broadsides and Ion Cannons

I think ion cannons on broad sides would a great idea. Shouldnt change the cost much (if at all) to have either a twin rail gun or single ion cannon. Considering how cheap the ion cannon is in the codex, AND you lose twinlinked it should cost the same.

I kinda picture them like larger, heavily armed stealthsuits (maybe lose the 2nd weapon system and get a stealth field lol?) with a big gun-arm and the other hand to steady. Not sure if anyone has ever played planetside, but they have mega armour suits, and the ion with the plasma gun comes to mind.

I mean broadsides are basically "hammerhead suits" you can lose the mobility and armour, but get twice the number of firing models (2 railgun broadsides with shield drones for 1 railgun hammerhead). I think it should be the same for the ionhead. Sometimes there are gonna be places where you want an ion cannon instead of a railgun in a city. I dont see why the tau should make a suit capable of wielding tank weapons, and then just 'forget' about the other main tank gun.
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