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What sept are your Tau from?
View Poll Results: What sept are your Tau from?
i haven't put much thought into it 6 10.00%
Dal'yth 7 11.67%
Fal'shia 2 3.33%
D'yanoi 1 1.67%
Vior'la 7 11.67%
Sa'cea 11 18.33%
Bork'an 1 1.67%
Other 18 30.00%
i haven't put much thought into it 7 11.67%
Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11 Jun 2006, 17:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default What sept are your Tau from?

I'm interested to know where which sept everyone's Tau army are from. Making your army from a sept can give your army an interesting background and open up a lot of design and colour scheme possibilities. My army is from T'au, the main sept. I made them from T'au mainly because I like the generic colour. But I made a little modification to them. I named the army, " The defenders of the greater good" and they are supposed to be an elite squadron reserved to the main homeworld. When I painted the fire warriors, I painted all the warrior's shoulder armor white, like you do with the leaders, and painted the leaders' shoulder armor shining gold, still making the Tau symbol white. For my battlesuits and vehicles, I just added lost of designs to their armor and painted some armor plates different colours. This shows their "elite" kind of status. I may do a bit of conversion for my kroot and vespids to make them look cooler and more, "formal" rather then rugged and alienlike.

So, lets hear from you.

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Old 11 Jun 2006, 18:23   #2 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

mine are from Tau'N and they are an elite striking surgical cadre (no MASH but surgical striking) and so they use lots of devilfishies and kroot...
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

Oh, I see how it is, our world gets abandonned and suddenly we're getting cut out of internet polls... Dangit, N'dras are Fish'Eads too! *hold up protest sign*

Its not hard to figure out where my Fishys are from by that
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

I liked the idea behind Daly'th so I had my cadre come from there. The whole idea of a very comercialy focused center seemed rife with opportunities for a flashy paint scheme and commerce fleets to be protected plus its a nice focus for a very elite and mechanised cadre with access to all the latest tech.

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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

Vior'la hot blooded skilled in death that all i can say
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

My Tau are not really from a sept. They are based around the idea of a mercenary group from a bunch of septs, working for the Greater Good and their own desires. Ironically enough I don't have any kroot in my army...

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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?


I just thought red sept markings went with my scheme well. I also wanted to be able to field Farsight if I wanted too.
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

Well, I had a Dalýth force but now I think it is becoming a Sacéan one. They are more stylish in their way of war than many others.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

ya mine arent any kind of "elite special op ninja mercenaries that play by there own rules". mine r just the original sept tau because i liked the color scheme, also i figured at some point gw might give tau factions and i figured if that happened i would have one the faction because its teh main sept, so i minght get benefits to play with that sept.
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Default Re: What sept are your Tau from?

T'au, and Bork'an.
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