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Friend needs Advice
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Friend needs Advice

Hi, my friend is starting a Tau army but he doesn't know what to buy.
He wants something along the lines of a lot of big guns
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

Well start off with whats required, a Crisis Suit and a squad of Fire Warriors.

Once he's got those units, he can get his fill of big guns from Hammerhead Gunships and Broadsides.

I suggest one Hammerhead, 2 Broadsides, one more squad of Fire Warriors and perhaps a Devilfish.

Then work from there!
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

For big guns you need to get crisis and broadside or hammerhead heavy. This will almost certainly make you outnumbered ... but it's a fluffy and fun list to play in my eyes.

And indeed ... buy a crisis commander suit and a FW squad (also don't forget the codex).
If you like the Kroot because they are cheap and allow you to but more points in big guns or just because they look nice or etc. Take them, I did, they turn out to be a great help for keeping broadsides out of CC.

And wish your friend good luck with his list.


PS: let us (/me) know what he disides to play.

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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

The best thing to buy is always the battleforce, unless you really don't like 2 or 3 units in it.
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

If he wants big guns, I think broadsides are the way to go
Originally Posted by Mage

And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

Battleforce only gets better...
Watch me rebuild my army! - Now with pics of my new scheme!

Open invitation to all: Send me a pm, and I'll be have a look at your army list.
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

First, he needs to get the basics. This would be an HQ, and two troop choices. In other words, a Crisis Suit Commander, and two squads of Firewarriors. This is 25 models, will start him off with at least 400 points, (combat patrol legal), and will only cost $70. From there he needs to expand to the other unit choices, (Elites, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support). The best way to decide which one you want is to purchase one squad of them all. This gives your army more variety in strategies, and will allow the player to decide which one is more helpful to him on the battlefield, and he can then focus on that type of unit.


Elites are immensely helpful in battle. In most armies, they offer mobile firepower, with enough armour to take a few turns of fire. The squad will often carry more specialized weapons, that are more powerful then normal, but they will cost much more. Elites, when used correctly, can offer a great offensive unit to back up your core force.

Best Beginning Unit- Crisis Suit

Fast Attack-

Fast Attack units are usually more close combat oriented, and will have an increased speed because of this. They will usually have this in forms of fleet, (whichever one it is, wheter fleet of foot, wing, etc), or a vehicle, (bikes, tanks). Sometimes they are just for scouting the field, however, and will have decently ranged weapons to meet with this.

Best Beginning Unit- Pathfinders/drones


The thing about drones is that they come with your regular tau units, (at least the plastic, technic tau models, like suits, and firewarriors). The cheapest way to get drones is to simply buy a regular Crisis Suit, (non-commander), and 2 firewarrior packs. This offers you 6 drones, and you can still have the Crisis Suit as your Commander, (the only thing the other pack offers you is two funky looking heads, and a few new metal weapons that aren't even that good in most battles).

Heavy Support-

A heavy Support squad is the hammer of your army. Technically, they don't offer as much damage all around, but will offer more damage in one place. A crushing offense can be dealt to any vehicle, or heavily armoured squad within quite a long distance. Tau Heavy Support Units offer some of the strongest, and longest ranged weapons in the game, and can put a stop to almost anything, if used in the right ways.

Best Beginning Unit- Railgun Squads, (Broadsides, or Hammerheads).

The Choice of Which One-

This is a hard one. Each unit offers more in certain categories. The Broadside squad offers more numbers of Railguns, for less points, which can be devastating to any, and all 2+ armour saving squads. However, the Hammerhead offers more for horde killing. The Broadside can offer 3 kills at most, the Hammerhead can offer 3-however many models can fit under a large blast template.

Ion Cannon- The perfect MEQ killer, offering 3 decently powerful armour piercing shots. It averages 1.66 Marine kills per turn, and is less points then the Railgun.

Submunitions- The raligun version Broadsides don't have, this gives your Hammerhead/Hammerhead squad a ton of horde killing options, like termegaunts, Orks, Eldar, etc.


Starting off is a little more easy with the Hammerhead, in my opinion. It offers you two very different weapons, so you will have more strategy options, and can allow you both at any time without having to purchase two vehicles. Not only this, but it is cheaper, only costing $60, instead of $105 for 3 broadsides.
Magnets are simple to apply once you find them, and will allow you to swap an Ion Cannon for a Railgun anytime your opponent's army figure changes.

Originally Posted by Falstead
Falstead: I don't think you can ever justify a T5 goat in a regular 40k game
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

some of these 'iffy' units can be pretty expensive, for something that not everyone will take to (vespid, kroot, sniper drone teams, etc)... So make sure to play a few proxy games to get a feel for them...

Awesome summary there, toastmaster, though I'd disagree with the special issue weapons being useless. the AFP's no good on a COMMANDER (you don't wanna put your only 'guess' weapon on a BS 4/5 guy if it can't benefit from it, right?), but superb on some monat shas'vre. And the CIB gives you a very efficient infantry-slaughtering weapon, perfect with plasma for taking on marines, termies, carapaced guardsmen or hordes.

I'd add that drone squads are very cheap, and very versatile. I almost always keep at least one or two squads of 6 or 8 in addition to whatever's on vehicles. These guys are slightly-more-accurate, carbine-equipped firewarriors with jetpacks and slightly higher accuracy that can deepstrike to hit basilisks and other weakpoints with their pulse weapons.
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

Also adding to what Nova said the CIB will be useful in the up coming Cityfight heavy enviroment. The more shots one can have will be to their benefits because you better believe cover saves will start making AP (kind of) unimportant.

Kind of off topic, but I thought it should be added.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Friend needs Advice

thanks for the help
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