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Cities of Death and the Tau Empire
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Default Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

I just got back from racing to my local game store and getting cities of death, and, after having flipped through it, have decided post how this supplement affects Tau.

First, I'll start off with the basic game rules that benefit/detract the Tau Empires Army.

Jetpack infantry and Dangerous Terrain. OUCH! a lot of my Tau are are JSJ, and with a dangerous terrain test every move.. even twice a turn... JSJ becomes RTDAP-S-RTDAP (Roll The Dice And Pray). Another problem the Tau face is that Crisis and Stealth suits cant jump to the third floor of a building, because their jump moves are limited to 6".. and 6"= 2 stories.

Flamers Template new rules. Bummer, I was planning on exploiting a trio of flamering Crisis... I guess I still can, but theres a severe limit to it now: If my flamer crisis team wants to scorch that vindicare assassin on the 3rd storey rooftop, they better not be at ground level!! Because now the template only affects a single storey of a building, and templates can only target the same level of the shooter or 1 level up/down. And since a template is 8" long, and most streets are 6" wide, I'd pretty much have to jetpack to a lower level of the same building just to be able to get a shot! hmph! >

Skimmer Transported Troops (wonder who they're talking about here?) cant disembark into buildings... all troops must disembark outside of it and then enter the building from the ground level. Well, that takes away a good portion of the Tau's skimmer mobility options now, doesn't it? Of course there is a Stratagem that will allow you to specifically deploy from a skimmer to a rooftop (rappelling lines), but a dangerous terrain test is added to the maneuver. This seems about fair, ruleswise... I just wish it didn't cost a Stratagem choice just to do something we used to always be able to do.

WOW, these are all negatives so far, aren't they? Well, hmm... let me look for some positives, through Tau Eyes...

Don't fear the Basilisk , Earthshaker/mortars/spore mines anymore... why? Because barrage/indirect fire weapons hit the top level of a building only... and the under CoD, all templates affect only models on one level! KEWL! On a related note, This sort of hobbles the ABFP as well, and our Railgun submunition is similarly limited.. it only affects a single story of a building of your choice... but that means you can safely shoot into a building occupied by friendly forces, or.. more dastardly... you can snipe a Broodlord that likes to always strike a dramatic pose at the rooftop by himself... >

OK, enough about the basic rules tweaks... now onto the stratagems... and their suitability through Tau eyes:

Key Building Stratagems

Ammunition store is GOLD... imagine a firebase in a building offering 4+ cover, and allowing missed to hit re-rolls! Now imagine how many FW teams you can cram into that building!

Observation Point is kind of pointless to Tau, because a LOT of our units already come with Acute Senses.. :

Dirty Tricks Stratagems

Fortifications suit Tau well, since it reinforces a chosen firebase. Now, imagine an ammunition store that's also fortified, and you can see a strong Tau Castle that will be very strong against assault ( ignores all grenade effects that affect initiative.... so photon grenades mesh well here as well!)

Master Snipers upsets me, since a Rail Rifle is not a sniper weapon... making this stratagem completely useless to us. There will be several of these 'complete misses' to follow, btw... >

Armoury Stratagems

Rappelling Lines are about the only choice Tau have available in this armoury, in any usefull sense. This is the stratagem that allows troops to disembark out of skimmer onto rooftops. This offers an appealing theme to base an army around, since units at the rooftops effectively add another 3" of difficult terrain per level for charging units to cross... : all of is within RapidFire range of Tau guns... meaning a Tau army in a Cityfight could fight 100% from the rooftops, using the difficult terrain to their advantage! Anyway, its a great way to get Pathfinder Markerlights up in a roosters nest pretty effortlessly, and may keep MechTau armies viable under CityFight conditions.

Siege Shells don't apply to Tau. At ALL. why?
All of your tanks already armed with a S10 Ordinance Blast weapon are equipped with Siege Shells in addition...
OK.. [looking.... looking] nope! No such animal in Tau inventory! :-[

Wrecker stratagem is also not at all for Tau use...
All of your Monstrous Creatures and all models armed with a Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon are Wreckers.
[looking...] NOPE! No such animal there either! >

This mean that the Tau really have no way to demolish buildings, other than Demolition Charges or Preliminary Bombardment stratagems, both of which are stratagem hoarding and not more than 50% certain. Lets hope Tau foces NEVER get a Total Devastation Special Mission (where victory is determined on how many buildings the attacker destroys).

Deployment Stratagems
We no longer get to Deep Strike nor Infiltrate in Cityfight unless we allot a stratagem to these abilities... hmph!

Sewer Rats though, as stated elsewhere is very nice indeed for 32 model Kroot packs.. ooh! make that 35 model packs with the inclusion of 3 Krootox! Sewer Rats is NOT an infiltrate, the manhole is treated as a 'table edge', meaning that unless they block all nearby manholes with someone, a very very nasty reserve unit can appear right next door!

So, Stratagem-Wise, we Tau are left with the following: Ammo Store, Fortifications, Rappelling Lines, Sewer Rats, and as much Barbed wire as we can get as our only real usefull options. This IS fortunate in a way, since we only get 1-3 stratagems based on Mission Level, then a limited list to choose from makes the choosing easier!

Now, What does all this MEAN?? Well, so far I've determined that the Tau can do a Cityfight battle through 2 solid approaches; 2 tactics I'm gonna call "Rooftopping" and "Bunkering".

Rooftopping Your army takes the high ground, and defends it with rapidfire guns, JumpJet Skirmishers, and a hasty Skimmer evac after the enemy struggles (and most importantly bottlenecks itself) to almost within reach. Its really too bad the Tau have no way to demolish a building full of enemies after they evac. Oh well... leave that tactica mayhem to the Orks! I guess the Tau would just have to settle for a follow-up submunition round to the floor of that building that's the most bottlenecked... And theres always the well practiced Mont'Ka concentration of fire! > Repeating this "haha neener neener cant catch me!" game all day and in addition taking advantage of the elevated firing position bonuses (being able to see behind barricade-like cover that enemy units are hiding behind, and those trying to stay out of LOS behind vehicles), while mounting an SMS on everything possible to engage any unit wherever it may be with impunity, and you'll have a very well thought out strategy. Add a Kroot Sewer rat Swarm to the mix and you've got a "vertical envelopment" thing going on, where the enemy finds himself fighting a 2 front battle wherever he turns!

Bunkering Here, the Tau make a stand, and group tightly together in a Static Tau sort of way... Within a Fortified building.. preferably that's also an Ammo Store, and with lots of barbed wire around it! The only thing to fear are blast weapons (assuming its a 2 storey ruin at LEAST.. otherwise you gotta worry about indirect fire as well), and wreckers, and pretty much anything else that hurts buildings. But with the ability to re-roll missed shots, and the ability to counter assault with EVERYBODY anyone who dares to charge, while again ignoring their frag grenades.... well, you can see how tough of a nut this would be to crack! This sacrifices a lot from Mission objectives though, so may be the more limited of the two approaches.

Keep in mind these are just very initial thoughts, so things may very well change after we soak in all the ramifications of this new supplement. I hope I successfully avoided any copywrite landmines, yet still got the gist across, and hope I didn't ramble on so randomly that no one bothered to read this far down this monster post.. Ill most definitely go over it and edit/clean it up later, I promise! : [edit: Done!]

Nice post, Calaban [+1] - Khanaris.
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

wow that all sound so cool i would like to see this in game tau bunkers in while SM try to take it in a full charge
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Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

Great original post. CoD defenitely forces you to pick between a secured static firebase or a mech air-drop list.
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

Another problem the Tau face is that Crisis and Stealth suits cant jump to the third floor of a building, because their jump moves are limited to 6".. and 6"= 2 stories.
I don't think so...
Suits are jump infantry so they can move 6" long but can go to any height in one move...Just like jump marines.... Or is there a rule that specifically states the contrary? (in this case JSJ would be difficult...but stay in high floor and avoid assault would be great!)

And great you mentioned the sewer kroot tactic...i so much love it... :-* :-*

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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

Hows this for an Idea...

Use the roof topping techneque, to produce a lure with most of your army, then, when the enimy are right below you, jump away, and blow the building up beneath them! BOOOM! Right, after that brilliant, idea, I'm off to try it!

That one requires rappeling lines and demolitions, plus one more OF YOUR CHOICE to help with whaterver enimy you are facing! Plunging fire could be good though. Exept against marines.
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

one very nasty (and possibly beardy) technique is putting a team of pathfners into an ammo store building, re-rolling failed to hit markers make the rest of the army [i]VERY nasty
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

Originally Posted by Hadhfang
one very nasty (and possibly beardy) technique is putting a team of pathfners into an ammo store building, re-rolling failed to hit markers make the rest of the army [i]VERY nasty
that would be so cool to do every thing would be hitting on 2 with no cover saves
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

I imagine that bunkering will be a BIG strategy, with a combination of tanks and a solid firebase.
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

Over the last 2 days i have been realizing the power of Kroot in city fight, and they are DAMN amazing. I didnít EVEN think about adding in the Krootox but ill be picking up one or two tomorrow...... BACK ON TOPIC... You can use your Kroot almost like a 'nid player uses Hermogants (im sure I spelled that wrong) or warriors. They move fast, and if you move from building to building you can get a NICE armor save (I would say what they are but I don't know if I would be violating copyright rules) plus with a large force of kroot you can totally throw your enemy off, maneuver ALL OVER the place, and stay RIGHT IN HIS FACE the whole game. Using your pathfinders to light up targets, pin units, fire warriors to cut down his forces and hitting them HARD with Kroot in assault! Tau are a TRUE TRUE and yes let me say it once more TRUE force to be reckoned with!

I dont know if you guys are playing City fight but if you not GET OUT THERE AND PLAY!!! The options, the missions, the new Stratagems!!! City fight is almost like a new game!
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Default Re: Cities of Death and the Tau Empire

I'm playing a game at the moment! (It had to be posponed- my oponant had to go to school. Nayah! I love exam leave (once the exams are over of course!)

I chose sewers for my Kroot. Unfortunatly, so did he!

We played it that you both get to place the random amount of markers, but even an average roll left the board compleatly covered. What would you say to do in the future? (grrr... Bloomin blood claws charging from a sewer!)
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