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Default Drones

Have any of you had an odd/funny thing happen with drones during a game?
I'll start of. Once i was playing tau (1300) against space wolves ( about 1600). I deepstriked some drones and a Shash'vre. My shash'vre died ( can't remeber why) But my drones killed a terminator squad, while not losing a single model despite being fired at by devastator and tactical squad.
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Trying to fix him with with a dark lance
Fix him with a dark lance,
Try to fix him with a dark lance.

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Default Re: Drones

pure luck?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Drones

he he, 1 drone killed an entire squad of genestealers and then wounded a brrodlord before finally dying
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Default Re: Drones

Their statline is actually pretty good, all things considered. I think people tend to underestimate them.
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Default Re: Drones

Joint combat patrol. Only things left alive are 2 drones and an assault marine sergeant. I charge in, same I so we strike at the same time. I killed the assault marine and he killed the drones! The game truly ended with nothing left alive on the board!
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Default Re: Drones

4 drones took 2 turns of a 2K Choas army, and survive 2 turns of CC.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Drones

I've had a shield drone of my commander kill a Chaos commander, who first killed my commander, but since the drones only die at the end of the phase ... They bashed him to death. >

Also I had a squad of 2 drones (from DF) keep a squad of demonete's busy for 2 turns in CC. (the dice gods where on my side)


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Default Re: Drones

I love me some gun drones. I always use at least one full squad of them.

That squad has:

Destroyed 2 Basilisks, a Defiler, and several Rhinos.
Tied a Bloodthirster in hand-to-hand combat (2 wounds vs 2 wounds - the Chaos player was pissed).
Wiped out several Guard Heavy Weapon squads.
Prevented a large unit of Ork Bikers from charging my fire base.
Delayed various nasty close combat units from attacking my fire base for a turn or two (example: 8 gun drones tied up a unit of 8 Furies for two and a half turns and killed 3 of them).

Gun Drone Squadrons are extremely versatile. They kill light infantry, deep strike to take out rear armor and transports, and a squad of 8 can effectively make a 14" cordon to prevent units from charging important things. On top of that, they have respectible initiative so they can occasionally do some damage in close combat.
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Default Re: Drones

Well, their pinning is the most useful thing on them...
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Default Re: Drones

Utterly brilliant. I love the lil beeping gnats ;D
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I'd hate to get on his bad side... >
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