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Army awareness: Speed Freaks
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Old 09 Jun 2006, 16:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Army awareness: Speed Freaks

These guys all move fast, but we're using to people moving fast to get into HtH w/ us right?

here's where these guys distinquish themselves: outriders.

if they get turn 1.. their 1st turn charge range is 12"(scout move) + 12" normal move +6" charge. = 30" first turn charge range!... i lost my pathfinder+ionhead to first turn powerclaw attacks that way... my pathfinders had to use their first turn move to get the fish infront of a xv8 squad to screen them. -_-'

be aware of this, and if facing a speed freak army, make sure that all your assault vulenerable units are somhow shielded from this.

I still won by a very slim margin because i had 4 skimmers on hand by chance, and used the remaining to agressively througout the game to shield the rest of my assets
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Old 09 Jun 2006, 16:29   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

As with any army, know how far they can go and then set yourself 1 inch further away. Rapid fire with Markerlight support is your friend =^.^=
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Old 09 Jun 2006, 16:40   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks are very vulnerable to the devilfish blocking technique.
They're also pretty vulnerable to Pulse Rifle fire while in vehicles (much like dark eldar).

If you're playing static, I'm not sure how you beat them.
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

remember though that their nobs... on bikes no less... are almost definitely going to be armed with power claws. on a charge he had 3+1+1=5 attacks. chances of a 6 turning up are good, and chances that he'll be on the fish's side armor of 3 to glance is also very good.... so they are not totally defenseless against skimmers.

counter deploy is also hard since their outriders are fast, so they deploy after you've deployed all of your troops and such like.

static, like you said, would have a host of trouble with it

yesterday there were

2 squads of 7 bikers
2 squads of 7 outriders.
1 squad of 20 vulcha boys with that special character that let's them charge 12"
3 units of 1 heavy flamer equipped buggies.
1 squad of skarboys riding in a trukk with the boss.

as someone who sometimes deploy a firebase, i consider myself very lucky yesterday for going 90% mech (offset is that 2/3rd my heavy stuff was kitted to deal with hordes of power armor). staring down 4 biker squads is intimidating at the very least. there are so many targets, you can't take them all before they charge. and even if you're in tanks... they can still go down to that 6 to hit with the claws.
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

It's very easy to beat them with static. There is no way they can survive that much firepower. All the entry lanes will be clogged with dead ork vehicles on turn 2. Railguns auto-penetrate trukks. That said though, the rails are much more useful blasting a tightly packed squad of entangled orks.

There is exactly one gun in our army that doesn't stand a reasonable chance of killing an ork vehicle in its squad - the CIB. Also the sub round if it is not directly on the target vehicle. Everything else, even down to a lowly kroot squad, has a very good chance to glance at least. Just about everything else can penetrate.

Admittedly, I have never seen bikes or outriders. But it seems like they should get one squad at most and then die.
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Old 10 Jun 2006, 01:17   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

OK.....how to beat Speed Freaks with Static Tau 101... (Farsight)

1. Three broadsides on high terrain, on your side of the table edge, all with target locks.

2. position firewarriors on either side.

3. Hold XV's in reserve (deathrain/fireknife) to deep strike in behind.

4. Place 6x stealth suits behind cover to jsj.

5. Commander decides were to best influence the battle

6. pathfinders DO NOT MOVE IN FRONT OF THE ARMY. Fish is parked on the back side of the building, pathfinders las targets for broadsides. Shas'ui with a HWTL works wonders.

As with the above mentioned statement their own hulls will block their own vehicles. Once you have the orks stopped, then the stealth team goes to work. IMO a stealth team is THE BEST unit aginst orks, they get mowed down like grass.

But then again 21 Str 5 attacks with 5 Str 5 with no save, that will put a smile on my face any day of the week, especially hitting on a 3+'s.
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Old 10 Jun 2006, 01:37   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

That was the worst guide on how to win with static ever.


This is why I went mech. A dedicated assault force (24" a turn on the charge) will physically rip apart a static army, and mangle a hybrid.
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Old 10 Jun 2006, 01:38   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

also another note to remember is that a good speed freak force will compose with alot of bikes

they are all T5, and always get their 5+ cover save.
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Old 10 Jun 2006, 02:23   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

What 5+ cover save? I generally don't let people get saves.

Anyway, static Tau need a lot of skill to beat speed freeks, but I've done it. You need to stagger the force. I've done thois while playing speed freeks the one time I've played against them using a static force, and it works. The main thing is, is to win deployment. The battle is really decided there. If you win, deploy a hammerhead as far up as possible, and push them back. Then, you're warriors need to be in layers, and not be in max squads. Squads of 6 to 8, especially six of them work great. Keep them seperated, and you WANT them to get wiped out in combat. Another weird thing is you want to divide your firepower at the beginning. I mean it. You want to force morale on the biker squads, and blow up as many trukks as possible. And railheads need to blow up battlewagons, and their gay-ass zap kannons. Crisis teams and stealth teams need to assist the FWs to kill trukks and bikes. Oh, and remember that scouts is before first turn, so moving up really is a risk. Like me killing Shrike because I got first turn Hope this helps.
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Old 10 Jun 2006, 02:29   #10 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Army awareness: Speed Freaks

all in all i think the best thing in a static army to kill SFs with would be
Fire warriors=Firing lanes, theyre normal guns can penetrate (on some ocasions) their transports, not to mntion completely destroy the infantry.
Crisis suits=support fire. these are the guys that should get the first pot shots at trukks and stuff to try and destroy them so your FWs can smack around the infantry.
Commander=where he is most required, aka, the middle
broadsides=high terrain so they can just shhot up everything they wish ;D

sop is my static Tau guide good enough for a Mech Tau player?
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