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[Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters
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Default [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

First off thanks everyone for the advice.

I really didn't get a chance to do a turn by turn write up but I'll tell you guys basically what happend in the Armored Company vs. Tau 1250 battle.

Our Lists are here by the way: http://www.dangerplanetgames.com/dpn...wtopic&t=10060

The table was and icy one, it had good terrain coverage, and I got lucky on a few set up rolls allowing me good mid-field J-S-J options. There was also a few pieces that blocked LOS from deployment, and I nice bit of terrain about 12" from the short edges of the table. All in all it was good terrain.

The mission the loot counter one, we had three counter, one placed center and the other two placed about 18 inches away on each side.

His deployment was four of his Russ' in a corner with a good vantage point, and one Russ and the Chimera center.

I started the game with all my suits (beside HQ) in reserve (deep striking) and most of my units were on the opposite corner from him. My broadside was middle of the deployment zone as was one fish.

Basically he began moving his tanks forward towards the objectives, all his shots doing nothing or being save. I played pretty safe by sticking most of my units out of LOS and simply waiting for his units to present themselves.

First unit to Deep strike was the Helios suits. They killed a Russ, and then proceeded to get battle cannoned to one member. My Fire Warriors moved towards the objectives (one was brilliantly placed so that LOS was blocked towards it). My broadside did not die(!) and proceeded to first take out a Russ and then later destroy the chimera.

One entire flank of his army was gone. He still had four Russes left but had spared them out in a crescent from his deployment zone. A forced bail made the center squad of fire warriors eat a battle cannon shell and the two that survived ran off the table, while their 'fish got blown to bits. The Ion head destroyed another Russ and I finally dropped both the Stealth Suits and Deathrain late game behind his tanks.

The Deathrains killed a Russ. Another was destroyed(I forgot who killed it). He tried to shock my stealth's, and then killed the deathrains with a battle cannon shell. Finally the stealths took out the Command tank (from behind), and game over.

This was a great game all around. It seemed like an uphill game unit the terrain and efficient firing slowly started taking out his shots. He really made no mistakes as I simply kept denying him a target, and saved most of the shots that he scored (Lucky decoy launcher rolls for me helped). Keeping the suits in reserves was a great idea as I had few enough models for me to hide them all. The 2nd turn 2+ deepstike was key early on, and the Helios suits drew a lot of fire that he probably needed elsewhere. My broadside survived the entire game with only one wound on him!. He was always forced to go into it's firing line as the 'side covered a lane to an objective. Late game, the simultaneous arrival of both other units helped because he could only really focus on one squad rather than each individually.

What I got from the game? I saw how intimidating an Armored Company army can be, how beneficial it is to deepstrike units in tank heavy (or crisis suit killing) environments, and how terrain can really make a win.

He was a good opponent, and it was a fun game.

After this I immediately played the same mission (on a different table) against a Witch Hunters w/ Allied Daemon Hunters army, thinking I could capitalize on my good luck. I lost...

The combination of it being escalation (only my broadside started and was immediately assaulted by a daemonhost), terrible terrain placement (My deployment zone was in an open field, and all the loot counters were close to him), and two unlucky leadership checks (a full squad of Fire Warriors ran from the objective as did three stealths on turn seven) made me lose by about 75 victory points. It was a good game but I was screwed from the beginning.

The highlight of the game was a Calladus Assassn being bludgeoned to death by two Deathrains and the look on my opponents face was priceless. It was a close game and I'm definitely going to look for a rematch preferably under different situations.

I moved up to tier five for a grand total of two hours before I was sent back to six (I started late)! Oh well...
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

Good! Nice to see that the ballanced army wins versus the uber cheeze.
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

Everything is proceeding as I have forseen...

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Witch hunters can be a real problem... The speed and faith points can combine to be a nightmare, especially against a low body count list like yours. Better luck in the future!
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

Well done. That is exactly how it should go.
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

Tau'va mon ami
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] A Russ? No Fuss! *plus witch hunters

Sounds like you played the AC as close to perfect! Well done, you have shown me that we can beat the damn things!

*Adds more Anti-Tank to list*
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