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Can JSJ be used after Deep-Striking?
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Old 09 Jun 2006, 04:36   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Can JSJ be used after Deep-Striking?

Can anything with a "Tau Jet pack" use its 'JsJ' movement after a deepstrike?
I know you can't "move" after deepstriking, and it says you can't assault, but I have read some battle reports that say Xv's deepstrike and then use their Jet packs during 'assault phase' to hide behind cover. I thought it couldn't be done. So can we do this?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Can JsJ be used after Deepstrike

you may not assualt after deepstriking therefore you may not use the assualt move (in fluff, it takes too long for the pilot to readjust to the ground before moving again) and that would just be unfair...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Can JsJ be used after Deepstrike

i say no.

rules state that instead of assaulting you may move 6" in any direction, and if you cannont assault, you cannot choose to do different.
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Default Re: Can JSJ be used after Deep-Striking?

Not directly relevant any more, but the previous FAQ answered this question explicitly. No move of any kind after deep-striking, sorry. :-\

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Default Re: Can JSJ be used after Deep-Striking?

Yeah I read one of those battle reports too. Sad thing is, it was a GW battle report. You can't, it even says so right in the codex.
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