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Railgun Submunitions
View Poll Results: Do you use the railgun submunition, and how often?
No, I don't find it useful 15 41.67%
No, I don't find it useful 2 5.56%
Sometimes, when the time comes to use it 19 52.78%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08 Jun 2006, 19:55   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Railgun Submunitions

I was just thinking, most people would use the Hammerhead railgun for turning tanks and heavy units into creamed corn, but what about that submunition? I'm wondering how many people use it? I think it would be nuts going after 'nids and other swarmy armies with it.High strength and good AP, large blast, pretty solid.

What do you think?

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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

It is great to use against Guard, Tyranids and Orks. I have also found it useful against Eldar from time to time. Since it doesn't scatter, it more reliable than an ordnance weapon against infantry, and the lower strength and AP won't matter unless you are facing Marine-Equivalent troops. It is one of the more important reasons why the Hammerhead is generally more popular than the Broadside.
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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

Basically, it works wonders against GEQ type units. However, it doesn't work as well against MEQ units.
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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

If you have some spare markerlight hits, the Sub-round can truly blow the enemy to pieces even when they are hiding in cover ;D. It's still a fairly solid weapon against marines, too, if they are no targets in sight for the solid shot, of course.

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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

Usually I have tank superiority by turn 2 or 3. At that point there's nothing else to do besides submunition stuff! Occasionally though it is worth it to hyperobliterate some fool character or member of a small squad with a solid shot, though.
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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

Where I play, I've found it totally useless. Most of the time I find myself fighting Marines or pseudo-Marines, so the Blast Template is both weak and useless. I used to take the Ion Cannon instead, but with the advent of the Sniper Drones, I can get more shots that can't be killed in one hit (or often even shot at all) for cheaper.
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Default Re: Railgun Submunition

Figured I would post this jst for giggles sake, been working on it in the back of my mind for some time.
MEQ under S6 template (assumes a hit):

MEQ Qty Wounds Failed Saves
1 .83 .275
2 1.66 .55
3 2.49 .825
4 3.32 1.1
5 4.15 1.375
6 4.98 1.65
7 5.81 1.925
8 6.64 2.2

Railgun .83 .83

Thus, use the submunition when fighting MEQ if you can get 4 or more under the template.
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Old 08 Jun 2006, 20:49   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Railgun Submunitions

From my experience playing tau. Plasma/Fusion/Ion/purple monkeys are too limited in availablilty to rely on for anti-infantry marine killing. Thus we must use the second method

Make them take a LOT of saves.

The submunition blast will do just that to a marine unit that is even the slightest bit clumped up. You can bet that if I dont need my hammerhead dropping a solid shot on something right away, I'm gonna be looking for submunition targets
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Railgun Submunitions

I find myself using it a lot when I come up against horde armies (Nids being the primary army I face). So I use it when it best suits me and not all the time.
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Old 08 Jun 2006, 22:23   #10 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Railgun Submunitions

this may just be me but personally i love the submunitions. they have a large blast template (unless they changed it without me noticing) and have high strength and range to boot. therefore you could [potentially completely destroy 3 squads of guants before they finally got to you (and do no damage) but still. now they are also great for killing Fire Warriors. along with everything else they are a rather nice weapons addition to the force, especially against Genestealers (4+ aint helping you now huh?)

on a side note, does the submunition act as a normal blast template weapon (i cant find anything that says it doesnt)?
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