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Is Running a Form of Cowardice?
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Default Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

In a game yesterday against a SM player, I was loosing and decided I should have my HQ crisis suit take distance and shoot from afar after the marines were done slaughtering my FWs.

Well, I ran. he started coming after me, and said:
"Stop running, your commander is a stupid coward!"
I told him I was keeping my distance and being strategic about making it unable for him to assault me.

He persists I am a coward and so is my last remaining suit. Then he says "There should be a turn limit so you can't run away like this"
Well that just pissed me off. And yet again he persists I am a coward and says my suit should charge his marines. I'm thinking that the fool has no idea what he means. If he thinks being defensive is cowardice...... >

I killed about 5 marines before he caught up to me.

So, as a conclusion, keeping your distance, or "Running" is merely a strategic thing to do. Not cowardice. What do you think?
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

your opponent souds like he's 5 yrs old.

and there IS a turn limit, so you should just run and save yourself some VPs when the turn limit runs out.
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

Of course it's cowardice! But you're Tau, you do what you're good at! Tau don't have that 'death or glory' thingy..
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

It was a "Tactical withdrawl to marshal your remaining strength"

Seriously why would a Tau want to get into combat with marines where he won't even get to
strike before he dies?

Well unless he's O'Shovah...
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My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

Who gives a crap? I'll gladly be a coward if it means I survive longer. Honor, cowardice and the like go out the window in real war. Not to mention, it's pretty easy to be "Brave" and charge forward when you get an insane amount of attacks in CC while wearing power armor. :
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

There is a difference between cowardice and logic and duty. Its not necessarily brave to charge to certain death when it would not make a difference. It is however fulfilling ones duty and is logical and practical to fall back and steadily fire into the oncoming foe for as long as possible.

A strategic withdrawl or retreat is part of warfare, its not always cowardly. There is a difference between turning tail and running and a fighting withdrawal. Falling back is a practical tactical move and should not be disregarded and branded as cowardly. Your opponent was just being an *** and frustrated at having to try and catch your suits. Even a marine will suddenly realize that staying in the fight when hes suddenly all alone from his squad is not a good idea.

So bassicly you werent being cowardly you were showing good sense and your opponent has no manners or intelligence enough to know the difference, ignore him.

I've had my suits run in the past. My last battle against Space Wolves saw my left flank desintigrate just as my opponents right collapsed and all of a sudden my Shas'el was all alone on the far left field. For two turns he danced around cover constantly back pedling to stay away from the onrush of the surviving wolves cutting down a handful of them a turn. Given enough time he could have probably finished them all off or reinforcements would have made it across the field just as or before he was eventually cought. Ive had my Shas'O do the same, when finally extricated from cc with an assasine he made haste away from a charging Grey Knight Grand Master, there is no glory in a foolish death.

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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

Well people round here call the tau assault phase the "coward phase" due to all the jetpack movy stuff that happens. I just laugh it off
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

And anyway, in tau fluff, it says there is no dishonor in tau retreating- a last stand is seen as the last refuge of an incompetant commander.
So there- tell him that* ;D

Edit- spelling
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

Exaclty Ukos, a last stand is the sign of an incompetant (read: useless) commander.

Please, there is nothing cowardly about that, you are maximising your strength, doing what is strategically and tactically best, and it's not running away, its strategic withdrawal while destroying the enemy. Besides, it is not a run away/ coward phase, it is all about the strategy, and mobile warfare. How much brains and guts does it take to plan out a risky strategy that works, and how much to just run in and punch something? I'll take Tau war anyday.

And one thing to tell your mate - the real cowards go into battle in power armour. Real men wear carapace all the way! (Except for Catachan Jungle fighters and Orks - you have to be insanely brave to fight with 6+ armour.)
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Default Re: Is Running a Form of Cowardice?

That's pretty funny. Really, it's probably what the marines would've been yelling at the retreating crisis suit, so I think his taunting is actually in the spirit of the game. Don't let it rile you, he was probably hoping you'd make a mistake and charge so he could score in assault.

Remember, Marines charge forward, heedless of danger.
Tau know better, they aren't mind-conditioned automatons. That's why the low Leadership.
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