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Should I change to Tau?
View Poll Results: Should I change to Tau? I'm currently collecting Dark Eldar.
Yes 5 10.87%
No 0 0%
Look into it 12 26.09%
Hell yes 9 19.57%
Hell no 3 6.52%
Get the Codex 15 32.61%
Other 2 4.35%
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 11:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Should I change to Tau?

I am currently collecting DE but want to change. Here is a poll to see what other people think. If you say other could you please message me and let me know what.
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

What kind of List your running with DE ????????????????
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Yeah what list are you running now?
AND do you like shooty army's? (as you are collecting DE now, which isn't exactly shooty)


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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Personally dude the DE are retired, I would get out of that army as fast as possible, dont waste any more money in any DE model. They are extremely weak, there h2h incompetitent, and they just feild to few units.
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Everything I've heard about Dark Eldar says that they are absolutely deadly in the hands of a skilled player. Regardless, it depends on what you want in an army. There are so many posts here about what Tau are that I don't really need to go into it, but it's your choice in the end.
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 14:35   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

I think that if you want an army as polar opposite from Dark Eldar, then Tau are for you. Just remember, the Tau are so weak in H2H that a determined five year old can kick their blue little butts.
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 15:44   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Well Dark Eldar are fast and deadly in assault, Tau are not as fast but still remain a lot of mobility and are deadly in shooting. If you want to do something almost completely polarly opposite to your DE then Tau are the way to go. Given you play DE I would advise doing just that. In game mechanics and fluff they are very different and could be very refreshing for you and renew your warhammer experiences as cheesy and cliche as that might sound.

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Old 06 Jun 2006, 15:53   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Of all of the armies, I think Tau are probably the perfect option to move to (but I would say that for almost any of them short of nids or orks) - the army plays radically differently with the shooting and relisant units, but has the same emphasis on mobile warfare. Once you get used to that style of play, the more 'sit there and take it' armies sort of lose their appeal once you get into them.

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Old 06 Jun 2006, 18:29   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Are you thinking of a wholesale switch, or actually considering adding a second army? Do you need to play only one army for financial considerations? or do you have the ability and desire to collect more than one army?

I play both armies myself. I am marginally better at playing Tau, bu I really enjoy both armies. Because they are so different, I really have to think differently. Old Tau habits must be set aside when playing DE. I actually have to think and consider more carefully, hopefully making me a more well rounded player.

If you can only play one army, I'd recommend the Tau. The DE situation is not settled enough for me, while the Tau are very popular and should be around indefinitely. The Tau have gotten more options and are fun to play unless you really miss CC.

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Old 06 Jun 2006, 22:05   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Should I change to Tau?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure everyone on this forum, want you to change to Tau, they are a LOT of fun to play!

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