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The Ejection System
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Old 05 Jun 2006, 21:13   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Ejection System

I was thinking of adding an ejection system to a commander. Apparently, it works if you lose the last wound to a shooting attack that does not inflict Instant Death. So it's useless in Assaults and vs. Lascannons. Well, fine, I guess. Clear enough. The unit in question is a ranged attack unit anyways.

Now the book says the profile of the model is changed, and by profile they apparently mean the unit statistics. OK, fine.

Apparently, GW shows a pilot on their site with a jetpack, but the pilot should only have a pulse pistol. This is supported by the TO FAQ. Although a jetpack isn't listed as equipment for any model. So the pilot IS still an Infantry unit type, right?

It'd be a fun model to make. Make a guy standing in a crater, surrounded by Crisis parts.

Anyways, the pilot model replaces the battlesuit, so can he be assaulted by the squad that shot him? Do any extra wounds carry over to him? This is a rather vague wargear item.
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Old 05 Jun 2006, 21:48   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

I'm guessing that your commander is killed and replased by the pilot and the pilot profile no extra equipment may be given to the pilot and so technical it's not a different unit. Same tau, just no crisis suit. I hope that helps.
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Old 05 Jun 2006, 21:49   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

Don't you have to lose your last wound? There wouldn't be any extra wounds to carry over.

Doesn't it say that its replaced by a model with the exact same stats as a firewarrior? Fire warriors are infantry so...anyways one could argue that losing the suit would constitute losing the jump pack hence infantry.

The assault question is a good one. My guess is that its assumed to be the same model (it was just replaced) and can be assaulted. Hopefully everyone gets a decent dice roll so this wont come up.

I agree it's a bit vague but not beyond figuring out.
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Old 05 Jun 2006, 23:12   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

Actually the J/P was supposed to represent the ejection system still strapped onto the commander. I'd assume that the unit that shot down the BS would still be eligible to assault the commander since it is the same person.
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Default Re: The Ejection System

i think this would be a godo piece of wargear to give 'vre monats ... either the tank hunting one, or the AFP one, since the commander would probably have either invul save, and is usually well protected IC status

Also, on wheter or not the model retains his jump infantry (jet pack) ability: While this is not spelled out exactly, it seems pretty clear to me that the jetpack equipment on the xv8 suit is what gives the jetpack ability to the wearer. Now that the suit is gone, the character should lose the ability... he's been ejected with so little equipment, he doesn't even have the Firewarrior 4+ armor -_-'

I thought long about this, and concluded that I would feel too much like an arse if I insisted he maintain his Jetpak status.

double-post fixed - Khanaris
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Old 05 Jun 2006, 23:24   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

Knight Actual, next time use the modify button instead of making another post.
Actually the J/P issue is quite clear, the pilot is only equipped with a pulse pistol, if he still had a J/P it would say he was equipped with a J/P, just like how the commander entry says that the commander is equipped with an XV-8 suit = J/P.

And the only point of the Ejection system is to deny your opponint victory points. Is it worth it robbing him of 30+pts for a regular suit? Of from robbing him of 60+ pts from an expensive commander?
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 13:24   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

Well, victory point denial is fine and good, but it's an expensive system that gives you only a small chance of denying your opponent VPs. Most of my suits die to lascannons and the like, but if wounds carry over or you can be assaulted by the same squad that blew your suit, it's not looking like it'll help.
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 15:57   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

I'm of the opinion that it's just not worth it.
Too restrictive on when you can use it (basically if you're dying to bolter/pulse rifle fire). If that's what's killing you, either you're going to die in assault, or the very next shooting phase you're going to die to more shooting.

Assuming it's on an HQ that is also an IC (the only meaningful way to use it) - what you're dealing with is a suit that died to shooting that already negotiated the targeting rules for an IC... So you're just going to get shot again.

It's the most disappointing piece of special issue wargear they gave us (second goes to the Positional Relay, which should have not taken a hardpoint) (third is the Command & Control Node - also should have not needed a hardpoint).
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Old 06 Jun 2006, 16:07   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Ejection System

I think what they should have done is allowed us to control the direction the escape pod scatters. That at least gives the pilot a way to escape.
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Default Re: The Ejection System

I also wish the pilot could wear some armor, I mean no save at all... even pathfinders get a 4+ save and they are much more lightly armored in appearance than the basic troopers I imagine that if they could fit in an immergency pistol that a helmet or at least a piece of body armor worn over the flight suit could be included and yes controlling the direction of the scatter would be great.

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