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### Read this before posting!!! ###
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Default ### Read this before posting!!! ###

Firstly, Welcome to the Tau Board and thanks for reading this.. not many people do :-\

Now, on to the good stuff.

If your new to Tau and considering starting a Tau Army (or have already decided to), the 'Want to start a Tau army?' thread will be perfect for you, detailing everything you need to do with hints and tips along the way in a simple step by step guide.

Looking for Tau Tactics? The 'Tau Tactics' Thread would be the obvious place to start, but also check out the 'Know yourself' thread and the 'Know your enemy' thread for tactics, and gaming tips on using your Tau and using the Tau against other armies respectively.

Or if your just plain itching to post a question on something or a specific tactic, make sure it hasn't already been answered in the 'Tau FAQ or listed under the 'Tau Tactics' thread.

Lastly, if your posting an army list of some sort, please write the Topic Names in this format:
[#,### point army list] Army Name
(Note: This may change in the near future, but please have it like this for now)

Also, if you have any questions regarding where to post, if to post about a topic, please PM one of the mods or staff.
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