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[BatRep] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels
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Default [BatRep] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

1000 pt battle report
Tau vs. Blood Angels

My list: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=25676.0
His list:
Commander w/power weapon
Death Company w/chaplain
Tactical squad w/ plasma gun and heavy bolter
Scouts w/sergeant, powerfist
Scouts w/ rocket launcher, 2x sniper rifles
Bike squad w/melta


The board was about 25% terrain, a mix of all different types. His troops set up along the top edge, and he chose to infiltrate one of the scout squads. My Helios suit was deepstriking, and the Kroot are in the large woods on the bottom of the map. Firewarriors are represented by the Tau symbol. He won the roll for first turn, and the game began. These diagrams show the board as it was at the end of each turn.

Turn 1

-Blood Angels-
Scout unit 2 moves forward through cover
The bikes turbo boost, placing them behind the cover used by the scouts
Death Company moves forward
Predator moves forward

Devilfish moves forward and drops off pathfinders
Hammerhead unleashes a submunition round onto the tightly packed Death Company, killing 3 of them (2 get back up).
Hammerhead fires SMS at bikes, killing 1
Firewarriors shoot at Death Company. No kills.
Shas’el kills one member of the Death Company, but they get back up.

Turn 2

-Blood Angels-
Scout move through terrain and assault into the Firewarriors, killing 6- the warriors hold!
Bikes advance and fire melta at the HH, missing.
Death Company gets into CC with the other Firewarriors, killing 8- the warriors hold!
Scout unit 1 fires missiles and snipers at the Devil fish, but doesn’t do anything.
Predator opens fire on the fish, doing nothing.

Shas’el shoots at the commander, dealing 1 wound
Hammerhead scoots and shoots, killing the remainder of the bikes with the SMS and killing 1 tactical marine with a submunition.
Pathfinders return fire against the scouts, killing 2.
Firewarrior squad 1 gets destroyed in CC. Squad 2 holds out through the turn (amazing!)

Turn 3

-Blood angels-
Scout unit 1 advances into rubble
Tactical squad advances
Predator shoots at the devilfish, doing nothing
The Death Company wipes out the remaining Firewarriors
Scouts and commander attempt to assault the Hammerhead. They fail to do anything.

Deepstriking Crisis suit shows up, directly behind the Predator. It fires the TL fusion blasters at the rear armor and misses completely.
Pathfinders and devilfish shoot away at the Scouts, killing another 2 and forcing the unit to fall back.
Hammerhead moves away from the assaulting marines and commander and shoots at the side armor on the predator and misses. The SMS system manages to take out the Commander.
Kroot and Piranha shoot at the death company, Killing 3. 2 get back up.
Shas’el shoots at tactical squad, fails to wound.

Turn 4

-Blood angels-
Death Company assaults the Kroot
Scouts assault the Hammerhead (again) stunning it, and the other scouts attack the Helios suit.
Tactical squad shoots at the hammerhead, fails to do anything.
Predator shoots at piranha, missing.

Kroot hold their own in second round of CC- kill 2 death company (1 gets back up).
Pathfinders fire at the Predator, doing nothing.
Shas’el fires at the Tactical squad, doing nothing.

Turn 5

-Blood Angels-
Death Company wipes the floor with Kroot, consolidates out of the woods.
Predator wipes out the piranha
Scouts kill the Helios suit
Other scouts destroy the Hammerhead’s Railgun.
Tactical marines fail to penetrate the Hammerhead’s armor.

Hammerhead moves, fires SMS killing 1 Scout.
Devilfish moves, firing at Death Company with no result.
Pathfinders fire at Death Company, miss.
Shas’el fires at scouts, kills 1.

Turn 6

-Blood Angels-
Death Company assaults and wipes out pathfinders
Predator shoots and kills Shas’el
Scouts fail to assault hammerhead
Tactical marines fail to penetrate HH armor.



I was really not expecting Blood angels for this game. My list had been used extensively against a friends marine army, and the drastic changes between his style of play and the Blood Angels caught me way off guard- specifically the Death company. I was also not prepared for infiltrating scouts, and because of that lost an entire unit of FW. The dice gods did seem to be against me- every time I got a situation set up to hurt him, my units failed to do what was required of them.

Lessons learned

-Counter-infiltrate the Kroot!
-Skimmers were a great advantage, because he could only hit on a 6+ in CC
-Ion cannon > Railgun (against marines anyway)
-Give suits TA and different weapons loadouts.
-Devilfish make units more survivable
-Keep fields of fire open.

I’ll be testing out a more mechanized list tomorrow, and hopefully will have suitable countermeasures in place for the next time I face this army. My new list can be found here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=26010.0

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Default Re: [BAT REP] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

Nice try! Good job with the BatRep.
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Default Re: [BAT REP] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

Don't feel to bad about this man, sometimes it happens... keep your chin and just wait, sooner or later you will have a game where you can do no wrong, and when you totaly blow your enemy off teh table that warm feeling of satisfaction will make you forget about games like this.
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Default Re: [BAT REP] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

how did he do on the blood rage rolls. is that what allowed him to get into your FW lines quickly?
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Default Re: [BAT REP] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

Hey for assualting armies, try using Flechette Dischargers! They're great targets but wound all that assault them on a 4+ regardless of T. > Plus I usually bring one Railhead for anti-Tank then two Ionheads for Rhinos/SMurfs. Personally, I wouldn't take Kroot but then again, you're a Hybrider. Hmm, really, you need more mobility against assualting Marines because shooting only does so much, plus moving helps, A LOT!

Hmm, basically, I like the Bat Rep, but you can't rely on sheer gun fire to blast them! Plus, I have to create a 1850pt anti-SMurf list too, maybe you can allow your experiance on it.
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Default Re: [BAT REP] 100pts Tau vs. Blood Angels

Actually, in the next game I played (diffrent opponent, still marines) the Kroot proved themselves very useful, wiping out an entire unit of CC scouts and being my only scoring unit by the end of the game. I personally thinnk it would be rather cheesy to bring 3 heavy tanks to a 1000pt game, so I don't plan on it. Transports, however, are a diffrent matter.... >

Originally Posted by Knight Actual
how did he do on the blood rage rolls. is that what allowed him to get into your FW lines quickly?
Yeah, he got blood rage for pretty much every assult unit on the first turn.

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