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Stingwings Pros and Cons
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Default Stingwings Pros and Cons

Dear Tau Online members,
I have recently been away from Gamesworkshop for a long time now, and i was suddenly was drawn back into Warhammer 40k yesterday as i visited a Gamesworkshop store and noticed the new changes that has been done. The main thing that got me was the Vespin Stingwings, they looked so interesting, but i do not know too much about them, Until i read the codex. In my opinion I believe they seem like glorified gaunts. The thing i was wondering if this is true or is there more to them than just speed and hard hitting.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

They are actually pretty different. They are very fast, but not all that good in close combat for their cost. Their principal strength is that their ranged weapon is very strong and ignores most armor. Combined with their speed, this makes them extremely good at taking out Marines and their ilk, especially when aided by Markerlights. The downside, of course, is their fragility.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons


Low AP


Low Str on profile
Low Armor
12" Gun
1 Shot from the gun

Basically...they can finish off a squad of marines....and if you attept to kill an entire squad of marines with 10 Vespids....there is no way. Out of 10 shots....5 will hit....and 3 will wound...resulting in 3 deaths. Now that youve shot off three marines, either you charge them and die....or they charge you and you die. They have way low armour to survive on thier own. And they have no strength to support themselves after they get into trouble by shooting marines.

Sure they can pop marines....but they cost the same price as a marine.

I think Vespids are garbage.

They could have made them better with doing anyone of these...

10 pts a model
BS 4
Str 4 & Attack 2
Gun range of 18"
4+ save
Assult 2 Attacks from gun

Anyone of thse things will make the Vespids worth while. Instead they are overpriced and dont do much in my army.

Any smart player who has Standard Saves of 3+ will obviosly target the Vespids and kill them quickly.

And even then....I use list that take on all armies. What am I supposed to do when Im not fighting Marines or Necrons? Guys like Nids, Orks, Eldar, IG will all laugh at Vespids. I will on average kill 3-4 guys a round with vespids. And I have to be in thier faces to do it. Vespids ONLY excell at killing 3+ saves. Any other armies I fight and vespids are horrible.

I know people like Vespids...but I simply dont. Everyone says they have a place and a purpose in every army. I think Vespids are the exception. I dont think they have a place in my army. I really dont like them. This is (for me) the worst option avalible. I guess its a good thing multiple people will debate this. Because I gave all the negatives about them. I just dont see any good from these guys.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

10 pts a model
The term 'freakishly broken' comes to mind...

Vespids are simply not wonderfull for what you pay, but they have a few uses - as rapid strike units, for instance, they can defend your deployment zone from Deep Strikers or Infiltrators, for which they would likely have markerlight support.

Perhaps the best use, though, is to punish min-maxers; even three kills can cripple a five-man Marine squad, and afterwards two models won't be putting up much fight against 10 Stingwings.

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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

The Vespid are a cool new unit that I like.

Yes they're very fragile, but so are many things in our army.

Yes they're expensive, but you can almost get 2 full Vepsid for every stealth suit you take.

They have some pretty good things going for them though.


These guys are fast! They're jump infantry, they have fleet and skilled riders!

This means they should ALWAYS be where you want 'em when you want 'em.

They have an effective "kill zone" of 24". So your opponent might move his marines up confident that the only thing that can see them is your firewarriors.

Then the vespid who've been hiding behind some woods jump forward and blast them!

The thing to remember about vespid is this:
They're a support unit!

If you move your vespid up ahead of your army and have them attack a unit all on their own they'll die. They won't even do that much damage first.

However try doing a Fish of Fury to someone, support it by flying a small unit of Vespid up to hide on one side of the 'Fish and fire away as well.

With some markerlight support they become even nastier (Hitting on 2's and wouding on 3's vs marines and cutting thorough their armour!)

Once your opponent sees what this little unit has done they'll freak out and try to kill.

But they'll have to catch the speedy little bugs first.

Remember you don't have to advance with them, after they've fired you can move them back 12" + a fleet move to keep them safe until they're next needed.

If your vespid do live till the end of the game they're also good for objective grabbing due to their sheer speed.

Personally I'm going to be running a unit of five + a strain leader for 6 in total.

This is a nice small unit that's easy to hide, fairly inexpensive and still capable of a decent damage output.

Oh and as an added bonus it's the contents of the nice convient Vespid boxed set

Vespid are neat, give them a try.

Just remember, they're fragile, so play it safe. There's no shame in dying for the Greater Good, but there is shame in dying NEEDLESSLY!
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Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

here's somthing to think about.

I put 24 fire warriors in/ near a largish forest which is about 2 feet away from another forest.

a bunch of assault marines come up to the back of that forest, staying out of LOS of the fire warrior teams. now the marines player get to make a decision as to whether or not jump out and take hits before getting into close combat.

that's 240 pts plus to deter.

now stick 10 sting wings behind a forests, anywhere on the board. no right minded marine player will approach without dealing with them first. not that the wings will do much damage.... marine players generally face other marine players because 80 percent of all players are marines of some sort. they seldom do calculations on the spot that they'll take only 3 casualties, but rather, they look at the AP3!!!11!!!111!!! OMG WTF, etc etc.

so without much work, you can use this to make it an exceedingly excrutiating decision whether or not to rush in with their cc elements to engage your tau firing line.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

[picks up the thrown gauntlet]

There are some real benefits and bonuses for using Vespids, but they just aren't that obvious, nor all that tangible. "huh? non-tangible benefits?!?" you may ask, well, read through this post to see what I mean. They are only tangible if you know about them, and use them, as they wont be so obvious that you could discover/stumble across them in game play, and if not purposely used, are indeed ephemeral (<-- > make you look that one up!).

Consider a SM Assault Squad jumpjetting towards a Firewarrior Team, and how that normally plays out. Now factor in a group of Stingwings out of LOS nearby the FW team... would the assault squad be quite so eager to charge headlong into the fray? The as yet unquantified factor of those Vespids will worry an opponent, even though they aren't engaging his army... Yet. This alone will change the way he acts. He may spend his ordinance shots at the vespid squad, ignoring the Hammerheads overly much, and other such unwise choices.

Vespid also team up well with other Tau units. Vespids and Helios Trio comes to mind, where everyone will be at 12", and would utterly wipe out any 10 man squad of SMs, or Orks, or.. pretty much anything infantry. Vespid and Kroot work well together on a charge, as the vespid can charge in from behind the kroot, and they get to shoot before charging... AND they have their very respectable I value to give the enemy a hard choice of where to aim it attacks (esp if its a Meq, where CC-ing away those Vespid may be so tempting they ignore the 60 kroot attacks). Vespid and Stealths also look promising as a fast moving shooter element.. while they dint get the assault move, they do get it if they assault something, leaving the valuable stealths to get away from any reprisals free and clear!

Never discount 2 markerlight hits with a Vespid Squad around. These are the only alien mercs that get to benefit from the markerlights, and with the gun they carry, that's huge!

They can grab loot counters better than jump troops, and can claim/contest quarters better as well. For mission oriented games, The 12" +d6" fleet move with no shooting is handy in its own right, as is the ability to jump into dangerous terrain (mostly) worry free can make for a handy escape (jump 7" into deep woods after grabbing a loot counter, for example)

The simple fear of the Vespid Gun can work to your advantage as well; simply line up FWs, Broadsides, Sniper Drones, and Vespids out in plain sight, and see what he shoots at. Odds are he will focus on the Vespid, because they are the AP3 gun that is highly MOBILE, while the rest is static, and while they may die horribly without actually doing anything, their spiffy paintjob and (again) unquantified reputation means that the rest of that lineup gets to keep intact through the early stages of the game, to much greater effect.

CityFight. Where Fragility is negated by Cover, and the gun stats mean everything. Here the high speed and penetrating gun makes them more of a terror death from above unit than Stealths could possibly ever be.

One wish I do have is that Vespids could buy EMP Grenades, giving them an option against vehicles... oh well.. :

But as you can see, they have many fringe benefits, if they are known and utilized. I hope I revealed some of the diamonds in the rough.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

although they look seriously cool, they are siriously not my personal choice.
once, i said to a marine player:
"i hate vespid!"
"but they are marine killers!"

yes, they are, but boltguns have an ap. equal to that of vespid armor.and at that high point cost, they are going to be killed by marines, not the otherway around.

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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

1) Vespid are the best answer to the Drop Pod we have in our army (unless drop pod contains termies).

2) Vespid should never be too easy to kill via shooting, because they have skilled rider and Fleet. They should always be out of LOS to that which can do serious harm to them.

3) They are I5, and despite other drawbacks, shooting + assault attack bonus + attacking first makes for a seriously good way to survive a close combat.

Vespid are a tremendous unit to protect Broadsides.

In Cities of Death, they'll become a terror, I predict.

Considering how popular Sv 3+ armies of various types are, the Vespid have great uses. I love them, though I've not used them much yet.
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Default Re: Stingwings Pros and Cons

One question though....how in the world will Vespids always stay out of LOS.

If they go to shoot someone....they will be in LOS to they guys they are shooting.

They dont have the jump shoot jump ability like stealth...so this means they jump...shoot....get shot. They will never be out of LOS if you plan to shoot.
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