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Creating Loot Counters for a Jungle World Tau Tio've!?
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Default Creating Loot Counters for a Jungle World Tau Tio've!?

Hi Guyz,

I am at a mental block. :-[ :P

I need some help with the loot counters for a ‘Secure and Control’ game.

I don’t know what size base they should be made on, or how high they can be. If I made them too big would they block LOS etc?

Finally, I need a creative push in the right direction. I will be playing Tau, that are based in on a Jungle world, and so anybody with a creative mind can you give me some sort of ideas as to what to model as a loot counter.

Thanx Guyz.

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Default Re: Creating Loot Counters for a Jungle World Tau Tio've!!!!????

Well generally Loot counters can be any size, as they have no impact on the game other than being a target for the objective - ie no blocking line of sight etc as far as I can tell (unless you and your opponent agree that it does). As for the look of the thing, how about some sort of communications device camoflaged into the greenery? Or some sort of downed suit/aircraft?
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Default Re: Creating Loot Counters for a Jungle World Tau Tio've!?

Some warp scanners for the upcomming campain might be good... Also you could try ammo dumps, weapons, Important personell (eg. injured etherial) INteresting artifacts to study, some item that if lost will cripple the Tau moral (or make them fight even harder to get it back... although tau don't go in for this muc, there may be a few things such as a realy important etherials hnour blade) There are plenty of things. Having a search on Google for "Loot Counters" may work.
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