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Tau Kill Team mission
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Default Tau Kill Team mission

Tau Kill Team Mission- Papal Assassination

This kill team mission is designed for Tau from the Farsight Enclaves. It can be played by the other races, but the Tau receive special bonuses.

The Fluff-
The Kill team has been dispatched by order of Commander Farsight. Their mission is a simple one- infiltrate the Tau homeworld, T'au, and dispatch a single heavily protected target- Aun'va.

The Rules-
The mission follows all the rules for Kill Team, as outlined on pg 214-227 of the WH40K rulebook. In addition, the following special rules are in effect: The target of the assassination is Aun'va, and is used precisely as described in the Tau Empires codex. Aun'va and his body guard count as the Boss Brute. Additionally, up to half of the brute squads may be replaced by teams of firewarrior Shas'la. (instead of drones).

If the Team is selected from choices in the Tau Empire codex, they gain the cunning disguises" specialist kit at no additional cost. They may also select one XV-8 Shas'ui battlesuit or one XV-25 (or XV-15) Shas'ui battlesuit, paying no penalty for breaking the immutable rules. The suit may not be upgraded to team leader or Shas'vre. Penalties for breaking the mutable rules with the battlesuits weapons, or any other features of the team, apply as normal.

The Board should be setup using as much Tau city terrain as possible. Aun'va should be placed near the center of the board, preferably in an open, plaza-like area.

I'd like to hear how this turns out. Any suggestions for improvement in the mission?

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Default Re: Tau Kill Team mission

Fluff: NO WAY IN HELL farsight will never actvely do something like that, he pretty much just stands on his little worlds...

Rules:the last part is definately not going to happen, a crisis suit in a stealthy game? in your dreams.

setup: well at least you got one thing accurate :
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team mission

Yes drop the Crisis suit and only have some Stealth suits 25's or 15's.

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Default Re: Tau Kill Team mission

The fluff isnt going to fly. Try this:

Aun'va has identified a threat to the Tau expansion. A radical and influential Imperial Governor on a planet near the empire. Tau propoganda is being crushed by the zeal and fervor this man riles up in the populace, for the Tau to gain any sway with the public to soften the planet and those nearby for invasion and conquest this man must be eliminated. Luckily the water caste has managed to establish a small outpost on the planet under the guise of negotiations. A small team of Fire Warriors must locate this dangerous governor while he gives one of his speeches to the public, and assasinate him. Those involved will likely not come back alive but the task must be done. Prepare yourselves Firewarriors.


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Default Re: Tau Kill Team mission

oh something awesome for that kind of mission. take 20 models (with basic guard stats w/o weapons and armor saves) and arrange them around a podium where the governor and the boss brute guards are. now THAT is a mission
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