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Shield Drones
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Default Shield Drones

With the new stealth suits coming out how are we going to be able to buy Shield Drones? Will there be seperate packs with them?

From my understanding the shield drones came with the old stealths, however the new boxes dont. Will i have to go through mailorder to get them? I dont fancy buying Shadowsun so i can get a few drones :S.
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Default Re: Shield Drones

actually the old sheild drones only came in team leader packs (pathfinder teamleader had one, as did the stealth team leader, and I think my ethereal came with one)

But since thats a lot of single models that you might not use to buy for a single sheild drone, try converting. Simply take a sheild generator from a crisis suit (you know that you have them handy, hardly anyone uses them) and glue it to the top of the drone. The way I did it was to take the connector on the bottom of the generator and glue it to the divet where the aerial is supposed to go, seeing as how there is 2 divets, you should have another one for the aerial itself.

and voila, instant sheild drone.
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Default Re: Shield Drones

Or you could be boring and normal and put the generator on the bottem as well! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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