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Suits and support
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Old 29 May 2006, 22:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Suits and support

Okay, so I know everyone is tired of "What's your favorite suit config?" poll threads. However, here's a new twist on that because I've read all the statistics and believe that several of the more famous configs really are the best at what they do.

The decision then becomes what role you have your suits perform, and who's picking up the slack in the other departments, as well as how they're going about doing it.

1. what's your favorite suits config
2. what do they do generally in turn 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6
3. Who else is in the army, and where are they hanging out during all of this?

a sample load out of your preferred off the top of your head list too, if you've got one... no details pls... keep it short.
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Default Re: suits and support

Team Leader w/ BC-MP-TA-HWMT

1/2 - Get into position while firing off missile salvos, firing BC is enemy is fast.

3/4 - Continue firing missile salvos, possibly adding Burst Cannon fire to the mix if the range is there/if required (horde armies), possibly falling back to fire base (I run hybrid)

5/6 - Firing while falling back to the fire base usually.

1/2 Kroot and Stealths are infiltrating/Multiple Firestorms are doing as above/Fire Warriors, Sniper Drone Teams and Broadsides are getting into position (Fire Base)/Fusion Equipped Piranha are moving forward (turboboosting when appropriate) and into position for terrain hiding/surgical strikes

3/4 Kroot and Stealths along with Firestorms harass the CR*P out of anything in range, while Piranha continue their hunting and/or hiding after making thier points.
Broadsides, SDT's, and Firewarriors deal with anything past the front line, sometimes have serious trouble against Drop Pod/Deepstrikers

5/6 Front line is falling back with support from remaining Firebase

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Old 29 May 2006, 23:51   #3 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: suits and support

well i suppose that my favorite Crisis configuration would be the firestorm because it is rather cheap and can spit out 5 shots which are all rather nice at slicing open those hordey little buggers you see a lot.

alright for turn 1/2 they usually fire at the big ones/infiltrators, depending on the situation (aka genestealers at 13" are top priority) but just mainly moving up the field and firing at whatever they can that will give me a nice bonus for V.P.

now on turn 3/4 they get to fulfill their role of ultimate infantry killers . at 18" you get off a good 15 sots in a full shot and all of them will ignore armor etc, on average they will kill about 7 a turn (guants) and then they just jump back out of the range of any guns.

now on turn 5/6 there is only a little while left in the game and so they just start to fire at anything that moves (well enemy movers) and even then a whole lot of stuff that doesnt move. then there is the desperate 6th turn assualt against that squad of 5 hormaguants (all the more V.P.)

now the things that compliment them are the broadsides railguns for big creatures or a submunition plate from a HH against hordes.
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Default Re: suits and support

terminator squads (arriving by telly port/drop pod/land raider) much?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Suits and support

what are you talking about?
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Default Re: Suits and support

Fireknife, Deathrain and Helios are my three favorites. My standard suits are Deathrain laying down some serious fire and with the targeting array, accurate fire that punches down any light armor asap. The team leaders or independant monats are team leaders or shas'vre armed in Fireknife fashion with targeting array and HW MT these guys help the deathrains with light armor but can also put down some plasma shots in case deep striking termies become a threat.

Helios is the configuration of my commander, he eats through termies for breakfast and heavy armor deffinetly has something to fear from him. Against almost all infantry he hits on 2s wounds on 2s and oh yea ap 1 and 2 weaponry with 3 shots thats usually 2-3 dead units a turn when he gets up close and at 40pts a terminator... you get the idea. Deep striking terminators or a Land Raider that my Railguns cant seem to get rid of, well if it has to be done he can do it. The last fall back plan of my army. When all else fails if he cant do it... no one can.

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Old 30 May 2006, 00:24   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Suits and support

hmm, interesting vash, your approach is the exact opposite as mine,...

my commander's generally laying down the smack down with the multi shot weapon (CIB/MP/FB ++ ~ 13X pts) he deals with all the various emergencies such as errant rhinos, last man standing characters, unbelievably lucky power armor rolls etc. Where as for terminators, I have a dedicated hunting platform (3 helios with 2 shield drones).

I run with this a hybrid cadre with ~ 500 pts of Fire warrior, broadside fire base, pathfinder, and a few other odds and ends.

Sometimes I'm seemingly light on rhino busting power, but i trust my fire warrior squads to come through with a glancing every turn starting at 30" (ideally, but how many can there be right?) That, seeker msls, the commander, and some times the ion head.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Suits and support

my next choice is helios, the best Termi/power armour destroying unit out there.
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Default Re: Suits and support


They are spread around my army to discourage terminators, and respond to threats.

Against guard or something, they tend to deepstrike.

Yes, I just played a game where they wiped out a termie squad.
Watch me rebuild my army! - Now with pics of my new scheme!

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[url=http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=11198.0]Crisis Suit Theory, Army Composition, and why Fireknives suck - You've got to read this classic by T0nka
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Default Re: Suits and support

Missile/Plasma/Burst HWMT (3 suits)- they provide heavy punch for my rolling firebase
any given turn they are taking squads down enough for stealth or drones to finish off

Missile/Plasma/Fusion HWMT (3 suits)- more of the same plus these guys will break off to tank hunt.

Twin Fusion/TA - deep striking monkey wrench - any given turn will be hunting tanks

my philosophy is to overload the ememy with so many worrisome units that he cant possibly get em all.
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