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Tau Light Infantry
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Default Tau Light Infantry

People always say how Tau are all about firepower.

I believe that Tau would be very effective played as Light infantry rather than 'Static' 'Mech'

Here's why:
Light Infantry is all about staying mobile, harring the enemies flanks, and testing the strength of enemy forces

Light Infantry Units

Carbine Warriors on Foot: They are great at staying mobile, and hitting the enemy in the knee while some one else punches then in the face. They can also pin enemies in place.

Pathfinders: They are Tau light infantry. They have all the same reasons as above. Pathfinders also light up important targets for death in many ways.

Pathfinder Snipers, and Sniper Drones: For some reason light infantry always has some snipers lying around. Rail rifles are good at pinning enemies in place and pick off important targets.

Stealth Suits: Well, infitrators with huge machine guns. They are steathy and deadly, very light infantry.

Kroot: Kroot are the best light infantry I have ever had the honour of feilding. They are infiltrators, that pack a bolter-equse rifle and can see through more woods that anyone else (Other than Deathworld Vets.) They are the perfect Light Infantry unit. I love them for death!

Why Light Infantry works

Light Infantry if good becasue
A) It is fluffy.
B) It is good at harrying flanks and restriclting enemy movement.
C) Very unexpected. People will be expecting massive abounts of fire power, not smaller ones like a Light Infantry Cadre.

Hope this sheds some light on a very viable Tau army.

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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry


I have some questions about why a Light Infantry Tau force is a very viable way to play:

1 - How would this army deal with fast moving fearless assault based armies?
2 - How will this army reliably take on enemy vehicles; especially skimmers?
3 - How will this army survive against a superior shooting force (10 heavy bolters for example)?
4 - How will you even come close to touching monstrous creatures?
5 - How do you attack anything when there is a lot of terrain on the board, especially area terrain?
6 - How do you take on units, especially several, with 2+ saves?
7 - How do you protect yourself from moral attacks that would otherwise be devastating?

Bonus Question - How is a light infantry tau army fluffy?

Frankly, I do not see how this force will restrict any enemy movement nor do much at all with flanks, other than have flanks used to assault them too easily. A tau army with little to no anti-tank support (seekers are not viable as a sole source), poor staying power (AP4 weapons rip through your entire force), very poor odds to deal with tough enemy targets like 2+ saves and monstrous creatures, slow mobility on the general units you will have, relying on cover to stay alive from shooting, making you even slower, and near static with the force, and of course, totally open to assaulting armies and deep strike attacks.

In my opinion, to be viable, it would have to be able to roughly break even, or at least come close to even, at dealing with the more popular occurring threats in the game. If it cannot, then it is a themed army that is not a viable force in terms of competition.

Personally, I would call this a theme army due to that. I simply cannot see it as a viable force without having support in all areas of this game. Themed forces are fun, and can be good sometimes, but I'm afraid a Light Infantry Tau army simply doesn't stack up to it.

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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

Light Infantry Tau sucks.

If an entire army is made up of it.
I use a light infantry element to my forces. It makes it fluffy becasue it shows the advanced Tau supporting the others. It also is a good themed army.

It still uses that other components of a Tau army, so that answers all your other questions.
Man, this origami dream is beautiful, but those wings will never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket.
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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

Originally Posted by The Mothman
I believe that Tau would be very effective played as Light infantry rather than 'Static' 'Mech'
I see... this line was easy to read the wrong way then.

So what you are proposing is that we see "Light Infantry elements" as a tactical category distinct from the usual "Mechanized element" and "static element" that most people divide Tau up into?
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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

It actually mentions in the Codex that Fire Warrior teams often leave their Devilfish secured at base and opperate as LI.

My take on Light Infantry would rather be [Mostly] Light Infantry - the obilgatory Commander and a Crisis Team, and a unit of Piranhas... the rest of the force would be composed in the manner Mothman said. That would grant speed, AP, and a solution to quick assault armies - a five-strong wall of skimmers with Flechettes can ruin the most dedicated assault squad's day.
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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

well, i don't see this light infantry theme being fluffy at any level but the combat patrol level where a bunch of scouts are patrolling a controlled territory with light assets to cover alot of ground, and or to avoid detection while in enemy territory.

at that level, alot of your questions are answered mal.

1 - fast assault feerlessers
like any other tau force, but this time minus the xv8s. lay down horrendous fire with the xv15s, guided by mklights, or intercept them with vespids. pulse rifles are still just as good as well. at combat patrol lvl, there shouldn't be more than 1 units of these.

2 - vehicles.. pulse rifles (i don't see why light infantry must switch to carbines when they're both just as deadly on the move), guided seekers and rail rifles should be able to take care of the few armor 12, and some armor 11 you're liable to find. skimmer killing is never a tau problem with so many S5 weapons.

4 - monsterous creature that this list would have trouble with are statured chaos luits... in which case, just again drown it in xv15 fussilades. combat patrol rules really come to help here again with anything bigger than that.

5 - lots of terrain - 25% (standard) terrain isn't much trouble to work around in making pulse rifle work at max.

6 - 2+ saves don't exist in combat patrol

7 - morale attacks - no drop pods, so kill that librarian before they get into range, and a squad or two of sniper scouts should be no problem... just grab leaders for everyone, and hope for the best

in my opionion, this is an excellent idea with combat patrol. fluffy and cool as heck, but i agree with mal, outside of that restriction, you really need xv8s, or heavier to deal with the enemy heavy stuff..... fusion piranhas can help, but when that daemon armored, auraed, essensed, statured, resilient lord of chaos with wings is buddied up with the blood thirster 18 inches from your line, you need to bring up those rail guns to insta gib the lord pronto, as well as pour fire into the thirster....

and without xv8s, you really have no way to deal with the 10 terminators that just stepped off the droppod 5 inches from your line *behind* their drop pods, all saying boo!.

cool idea for combat patrol tho

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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

Light infantry is not always the best thing especially with Tau because we cannot pack in the weaponry of other armies, however we can do infantry.

A mix of carbine and rifle Firewarriors, kroot, gue'vesa with markerlights do nicely, sniper teams, crisis suits, stealth suits and broadsides all mix to make an all infantry force with heavy railgun support and battlesuits to deal out ap 2 goodness and provide heavier armor. Stealths infiltrate to a fire support position or to pop enemy armor, crisis suits go wherever needed, kroot infiltrate on the flanks to set up harassing fire support. Some large rifle armed Firewarrior squads lay down the fire and other smaller Firewarrior squads stay mobile with carbines to stay at arms reach and capture objectives and try to pin enemies. You should have plenty of fusion blasters and Broadside railguns to deal with armor and the heavier armor of the battlesuits helps offset the 4, 5 and 6+ armor of your Firewarriors and auxilaries. Vespid can also provide a nice bit of speed and ap 3 power. Doing this you can have an army that is entirely infantry, lots of light infantry and not a single tank in sight. The exact opposite to mech.

However rellying soley on light infantry... not so good. All infantry however is another thing, we can do that.

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Default Re: Tau Light Infantry

I use some light infantry in my army such as the Kroot and Carbine toting Fire Warriors. They work pretty well when backed up by the other elements of the Tau army.

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