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[BatRep] Two victories
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Kroot Shaper
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Default [BatRep] Two victories

Had two interesting battles yesterday, and they both really helped me understand what the different units can do. The first was a 1000 point game with me and an imperial guard player(both of us new) against a space marine player. I lost two crisis suits, and i literally killed all of his units except one tank which the imperial guard player took out. Sniper drones are really amazing,dropping tons of marines. The second game saw me playing against the same players but against imperial guard and eldar. This was my first experience with market lights and stealths, and im definatly never going to leave without them. I also experimented with deepstriking twin linked fusion blasters to great results. This single crisis suit took out 3 imperial guard tanks, a sentinal, and some eldar tank. However, i was a little disapointed with the hammerhead. So much hype over it, but i think the broadsides are more for me when it comes to anti tank. It failed to hurt a single tank, but reduced many guardsman and eldar to goo with the submutions. I will definatly take one for this purpose from now on. This particular hammerhead withstood about 20 hits from various eldar and guard tanks, and the worst result was immobalized. It eventually won the game for me, killing a wraithlord(the tall,awesome eldar walker right?) 1 inch away. Anyways, two more victories for the greater good. I have lost 1 game and won 3, and i cant wait to play more. However, i play a game against a really experienced necron player tomorrow, and i have no clue what the necrons can do as far as abililties,weapons,units etc. Could someone tell me some of the nastier suprises they will have in store for me?Thanks.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Two victories

Wow sounds like you had a pretty good day of gaming.

For necrons you should definetly watch out for necron destroyers and heavy destroyers above all else, because those things are awesome units and can get across the field in a heartbeat and have good guns. If he's bringing a monolith or a C'tan, keep a watchful eye out for them but just remember that they are slllloooowwww and are not immediate threats. Also, all necron gauss weapons can score a glancing hit on a vehicle if they roll a 6 to hit, so definetly watch out for them. And WBB is a PITA, but yo should probably concentrate fire on all units that can WBB because phase out is probably the best way to defeat them.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Two victories

Great gaming their. Good luck in your next game.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Two victories

My best friend played necrons, and i can tell you they are probably the hardest army for my tau to beat. Just make sure you have alot of AP 3 weapons. And watch out, because we don't have nearly enough high strength weapons to prevent their we'll be back rule. That means that just about every 2nd necron will get back up.
Good Luck
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: [BatRep] Two victories

Thanks for the advice. I overheard someone at my store talking about a teleporting lord with a full unit of warriors or something? Can someone tell me about this or did i hear wrong.
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