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Left-handed Tau...possible?
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Old 27 May 2006, 17:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Left-handed Tau...possible?

im kinda curious to know if it is possible to make a left handed FW...ive tried once before and it doesnt seem to work
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Old 27 May 2006, 17:56   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: left handed tau...possible?

??? i still havent figured it out. but with a little green stuff you could probbobly chop the hand off and flip it. but im not sure that will work.
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Old 27 May 2006, 17:57   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

This is really more of a conversion question. It is possible, but very difficult. You can either sculpt a new hand out of green stuff or else carefully cut away bits of one of the other left hands until it fits in the one rifle they give you that has no hands attached.
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Old 27 May 2006, 18:01   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

what he said
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Old 27 May 2006, 21:25   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

You can somewhat do it. If you make a model propping the rifle off the ground so it is pointing skywards, holding the barrel in the empty left hand. Then have him pointing outwards with his right hand, which can be cut off from another rifle and modelling slightly with green stuff. Adjusting it's pose correctly can give the impression that the model is left handed. Pictures would help me explain this easier. :-\

Making one that it activitly aiming down the sights would require extensive modelling, though.

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Old 27 May 2006, 22:15   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

what your not considering is that in the 40k universe, there are no left handed people. if you don't believe me, start taking a look at all the models that games workshop produces. almost every army that has models with a two handed gun always carry them so that their right hand is holding the trigger and the left hand is holding the stock (exceptions being orks I think, but then they always were backwords)

its the funniest thing if you think about it:

necrons - right handed
tau - right handed
kroot - right handed
sisters of battle - right handed
marines - right handed
chaos - right handed
tyranids - right handed
dark eldar - right handed
eldar - right handed
imperial guard - right handed
orks - ambidextrous

I think thats all of them.

I wonder if as a general rule they just kill the left handed people for being anti- whatever army.

"use your right arm soldier!"
"but sir, I shoot better with my left hand."
"that will teach you to disobey a direct order."
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Old 28 May 2006, 04:19   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

Never thought about it that way but yeah, that IS pretty weird.
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Old 28 May 2006, 07:02   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

it's cuz it ain't worth the investment to sculpt a new mold just to have it be left handed.
let's not forget this is GW of which we speak, it's all about the bottom line.
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Old 28 May 2006, 08:22   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

Actually, back in the day ('Namish, don't know if they still do it) soldiers were yelled at and forced to fire with the right hand. This was mostly due because of the way the shell exited the gun. If you were left handed you would constantly have burning hot shells cross your face. (Example, the bolt on a bolter is always facing away from a space marine...)

Anyways, I doubt GW was referring to any hardcore training in the right arm usage, and it was simply just easier to model or an oversight that never seemed to matter.
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Old 28 May 2006, 10:08   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Left-handed Tau...possible?

well do i sound like a geek or not. But scientists believe that DNA twist is the opposite directions for the different handed you are. SO I guess in the future, where people are cloned, they would all have the same strand of dna twist thus being only the one handed. Orks being most very smart, would not have figred this out.

of course this game is many years older than this recent theory, but hey.
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