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Tau Rule!
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Old 27 May 2006, 04:31   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau Rule!

TAU RULE!!!!! :rockon: alright i just started tau and i have 24 fire warriors 1 devil fish 1 hq xv8 battle suit 16 kroot 6 vespids and 3 xv15 stealth suits i dont no what to buy to expand my army but not wast money.

post script
Iwould also liked to be informed about the tau titan. i cant find anything about it in my empier codex. :rockon:

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Default Re: TAU RULE

Yeah... way to spam....

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Default Re: TAU RULE


Read. Now. You're asking to have your head kicked in by a Moderator.
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Default Re: TAU RULE

Well from what I can tell you have a basic army set-up there. I say get two more Battle suits as bodyguards for your commander, a hammerhead, and maybe a Squad of Phiranas or Pathfinders. That should leave you with a good well rounded army that can take on many things.

I wouldn't mind seeing your current list to tell what you use.
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Old 27 May 2006, 04:43   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: TAU RULE

I think everyone knows what's going to happen to this thread.

ShasLa - Read the rules, please.

[size=12pt](Click Here, This is a Link!) THE RULES[/size]

Note: Topic unlocked for the time being. If it boils back to a nice spammy simmer though, expect it to have the lid put back on.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau Rule!

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Default Re: Tau Rule!

First time sins can be eaily forgiven.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Tau Rule!

The only real complaint I have now about the Tau is that Fire Warriors are a royal pain to paint. Other than that it's been lollypops and rainbows. Welcome to here.
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Old 27 May 2006, 11:26   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Rule!

Hey ShasLa, welcome to TauOnline!

Like several other people have pointed out, make sure you read the rules before posting.

I suppose you are wondering about what you should get next? Well, if you take a look in the Tau Army Lists board, I am sure you will get some help. Also make sure to check out the important topics here on the Tau board for tips on army list construction.

And of course, feel free to PM me (and I assume the other members as well ) if there's anything you wonder.

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Old 28 May 2006, 12:33   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Rule!

you know, i just love when a noob asks for advice and the 1st 3 to 10 relplies have nothing whatsover to do with his actual question. :
if you're gonna whine forum rules FINE, they have moderators for that kinda thing but whatever, however you should at least answer his freakin question.

for my answer: looks like yer goin Mech, so if i were you, i'd get another fish (for your second squad), fill up my heavy slots with hammerheads for high end firepower and then get some more crisis for flexibility.

good luck
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