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Shadowsun's best army
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Old 27 May 2006, 01:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shadowsun's best army

hey guys i got another prob for ya...

what army is shadowsun best for ???

what i mean is, is shadowsun best used in a meck tau army, a standerd tau army (stand back and use our "toys"), an ethral army (a tau army that is ruled by ethrals giving the tau the ethrals abuilityies), an alien allie army (tau+kroot+stingwings=magor butt wopping) or an army that is built around her (troops use simular weppons and eqipmant) ???

so what do u guys think???
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Default Re: shadowsun's best army

I think...Spellcheck!

But in reference to the question, Shadowsun is probably not that useful to an ethereal based army- her commandlink drone is just as effective, if not more, than an ethereal's powers. And there's no price of failure. The commandlink is also denied usefulness in an "alien" army, since drones and kroot don't gain any effects from it.

She seems like she'd be best deepstriking out in front of a static army as a really expensive tank hunter, or bolstering the line in the same.

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Default Re: shadowsun's best army

She cant infiltrate, Deep strike or join squads....

Id say she is best in a hybrid army leaning static or a fully static army. She can hang back providing leadership boosts and then run forward when heavy armor or 2+ save nasties approach and help toast them. Would be cool to use her beside Sniper Drones, a Skyray and Stealth Suits lots of stuff that is out of sight or has a stealth field. Think of how annoying it would be to the enemy.

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Default Re: shadowsun's best army

My vote is for a hybrid army too (then i'm biased b/c i don't think completely mech armies are as good as hybrid armies for take all comer purposes) because of her ld boosting ability.

But i would say that having an ethereal with her is almost mandatory .... otherwise, every one will ALWAYS be passing their morale checks.... which is not good. when it's the assault phase of his turn, you'll want your troopers to lose and fallback, nomatter that they may die trying to disengage, you want to be able to shoot at the assaulter.

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Default Re: shadowsun's best army

True actually losing moral when the enemy charges is almost essential to save the unit. All those in Base to Base contact will hopefully get killed and the others can break away without being run down. Then given Shadowsun's leadership and a shas'ui with bonding knife they can turn around easily.

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Default Re: Shadowsun's best army

Wernejo, I have warned you about your posts before. Please take the time to use the spell-check, and cut the webspeak. If you keep it up you aren't going to leave me a lot of choice. >

But I believe that Shadowsun actually works pretty well in just about any style of army. She is fairly slow and short-ranged, so her best use is commanding your side of the table or else the middle. This fits in with all three primary flavors of Tau armies.
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