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What do you use?
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Mech? 9 24.32%
Static? 1 2.70%
Hybrid? 27 72.97%
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Old 26 May 2006, 23:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default What do you use?

do you have skimmers? or static?
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Default Re: what do u use

I use Hybrid. The best of both worlds.


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Default Re: what do u use

Im somewhat of a tread head... though technically Tau tanks dont have treads... whatever. I like my armor and crisis suits rock I use both a good deal. Hammerheads are one of the best tanks in the game so I use 3 of those aswell. I may turn my army more hybrid by making use of some auxilaries to put some numbers and some static gunline and support into my army but for the most part I think Im too big a fan of mech.

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Default Re: what do u use

Pure Mech Tau. Go Mech Tau or Go home :P
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Default Re: what do u use

Then I'll go home. And remote-control my robot to play my Hybrid army for me :P
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Default Re: what do u use

Right now I'm doing a mech army. I first did a hybrid army - only because hammerheads are awesome. Everything else was static. Was pretty fun. I'd like to go back and redo that army after I finish my mech army.
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Default Re: what do u use

Name is self explanatory.
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Default Re: What do you use?

My Fire Warriors are almost invariably fielded as an air cavalry force, as I tend to avoid points-preservation tactics with them. Usually, the rest of the force will be made up of Crisis Suits, Hammerheads, Piranhas, and eventually a Skyray, so in that sense it is a pure Mech force. From time to time I dip into Hybrid by fielding Kroot, and more recently Sniper Drones if I have the points.
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Default Re: What do you use?

Nothing like a well executed battle plan of mobile and immobile parts meshing together for an intense battle and well-earned victory.
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