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What am I missing?
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Old 22 May 2006, 01:23   #1 (permalink)
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Default What am I missing?

I am banging my head on the table and my paper has so many erasor marks on it I am wearing through the paper. I am stumped and don't know what I am missing. I am building a take on all comers list for a tournament in July for 40k. The last tournament I entered I took my Witch Hunters and took first, I don't want to take the same army as it just gets repetitive but I am pretty competitive. I posted my army list on another thread but I am stuck on the commanders and perhaps you guys can help.

I don't know if I should take 2 HQ choices designed for anti-infantry or MEQ.

In a single turn I can put out the folling

2x Railguns (str 10)
2x Fusion Blasters (str 8 )
36x Pulse Rifles (str 5)
4x Pulse Carbines (str 5)
20x SMS shots (str 5)
8x Missile Pod Shots (str 7)
9x Burst Cannon Shots (str 5)

Now I don't know if I should go with 2x HQ commanders decked out for anti-horde or anti-MEQ. I really like the CIB and the new commander model and thought it would work great combined with the burst cannon giving 8 shots a turn that hit on 2's. It seems to work great against anything T 3 and 4+ armor and both weapons have the same 18" range which mean they work well together.

or go with 2x suits with Plasma Guns, Fusion Blasters and Multi-trackers but they only become really effective at 12" or less

What am I lacking? and how should I equip my 2 command suits?
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Default Re: What am I missing?

I use 2 and I do this:

-Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, HW MT
-Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, HW MT

Both can perform excelently at taking down marines, even terminators. The Shas'el can also do fairly well at anti hord its not bad to be able to blast down 2 enemies easily and follow up with 5 shots that arent bad at killing hordes. The Shas'el isnt perfect for anti hord or anti marine but is versatile enough to do both and the Shas'O is great for getting close and busting up terminators and even tanks, also very versatile. These two combined are a nice combo for a take all comers list. However both are fairly agressive and if you like being cautious they arent for you.

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Default Re: What am I missing?

Are one of those railguns on a HH? If so you have subs. and a great deal of anti-mob stuff in there. You have a great deal of strength 5 weapons, and an decent deal of anti-tank though against some lists it might not be enough.

Because of this I say go with Helios (PR and FB). Its real effective on high BS suits and it has the ability to take out armor in case the railguns are unable to. Anyways, mass fire against MEQs will eventually take them down but a few AP 2 weapons can't hurt!
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Default Re: What am I missing?

So which HQ would complement the army better based on the fire power I already have.

a) 2x Shas'els


b) Shas'o
-CIB, BC, CCN, HW:MT, HW:BSF (3 pts to spare)



c) Your suggestions?
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Old 22 May 2006, 04:31   #5 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: What am I missing?

i would say 2 Fire knifes, they are in the middle so they can provide anti-horde AND anti MEQ. along with a bit of transport busting goodness ;D
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Default Re: What am I missing?

I'd go with A

And btw he has a very decent ammount of anti tank considering its tau.
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Default Re: What am I missing?

I'd take two shas'els. One with CIB/plasma/TA/HWMT, and another with plasma/fusion/ta/HWMT, or twin plasma/fusion/ta/hwmt.

The burst cannon simply does not have the penetrating power that a commander deserves, and you have dozens of 5/5 shots already. I see a lack of plasma, but the CIB is a fun weapon that is both anti-horde and anti-meq.

Just don't glue it in, play with them both, and you'll see which you like better.
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