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Who Starts Tau Anyways?
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Old 21 May 2006, 18:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I was kind of curious to see how many players started Warhammer 40k with Tau. Tau are my third or fourth army. I started right at the transition of 2nd to 3rd and I started on Ultramarines.

Compared to many of the other armies out their I feel like Tau are one of the more tactically complex armies and for beginners might be sort of overwhelming. You have all the logistics of shooting while carefully moving units more so than a footslogging marine force. The threat of assault is also interesting as in other armies CC can always be dealt with one way or another, while Tau have little to do the same. I think Tau are just a very challenging beginner army.

Just interested in what you guys think.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I did! i was thinking o starting with imps, but the shop was out of stock, and would only get new boxes next month, so i got lucky and started Tau ;D

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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

Tau are my first. I didn`t like the kind of society you have with the imperium at all, and I`m just no good at swarm tactics so orcs/nids were right out.

I might have gone with eldar/DE instead, but I just couldn`t stand the thought of fielding an army of coneheads (the helmets just anoy me)

Plus I like the fact that the tau are somewhat less xenophobic than the other races, and actually try to stay away and shoot at things rather than rush into melee. I don`t care how big your sword is; if I can take your head off from a few hundred meters, its no threat whatsoever!
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I went Tau first thing because of the Battle Suits. The thing is I'm a HUGE Gundam/Mecha fan and I use to just build them. Then randomly found out about 40k so I decided, wth I like war games, so now about 5 year later I'm still playing Tau! I was going to go Imperium, but I love the Tau wwwwaaaayy to much!
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I started with Tau and it's indeed an army that's more complex then the other armies. But that's what I like about the Tau, they have a weakness. There not all supersoldiers.

Also ... Suit's rule ! (sorry manga freak came out AGAIN) >


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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

The Tau are the 4th army I have played in 40k. I picked them more for their appearance than their rules, although I have come to appreciate how much fun they can be to play.
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

Tau was indeed my first army, but they got sold after 5 months. I payed a total of 204 USD for em, and sold em for 368. Just bcz a kiddo liked the paint job...

I then started a marines army, but now Ive figured out how damn boring they are.. and so i retraced myself to tau, and now Im starting a tau empire army..
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I started playing back in 2nd edition playing Orcs. In third edition, I played Space Wolves and Chaos. Once they changed the vehicle rules, I wasn't very happy about the fact my Rhinos were allot less effective. While I was looking around at my local hobby shop, I saw the new TAU codex, liked it and now the rest is history ;D


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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I've started WH40k with the Tau army. I was undecided between IG, Eldar and Tau, but I've chosen them because I liked the Tau fluff. And I liked their warfare, it's the more futuristic. I must say that I don't like the new aggressive and tyrannic way of the Tau.*
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Default Re: Who Starts Tau Anyways?

I started with tau and I never regretted the choice at all.
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