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Mech Tau
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Default Mech Tau

They say an army should contain more then the minimum troops to be fair. Just curious when playing Mech Tau how many components should one take to get a good army score in the following. I am building a 1700 tourney list and want it to be fair but effective

HQ: 1-2

Elites: 0-3

Troops: 2-6

Fast: 0-3

Heavy: 0-3
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Default Re: Mech Tau

I would run a shas'o, 4 or so Crisis, FoF FW teams, a Piranha, and a small unit of Vespid. For heavy a Railhead, and if points there 1 to 2 broadsides.

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Default Re: Mech Tau

For Mech I would say:

1-2 HQ suits
1-6 Elite suits
2-3 Mounted FW teams
1-3 Piranhas
2-3 Hammerheads (0-1 skyray)

By the time points are tallied that kind of build will probably have roughly proportional amounts in HQ, Elites, Troops and Heavy Support depending on the build though you could go suite or skimmer heavy if you wished. A Pathfinder team could also be fit in.

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