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Squad below 50%
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Default Squad below 50%

Was discussing this with a friend but we couldn't agree.

The BBB says that a squad below 50% counts as full VP to the opponent and is not a scoring unit for the owner

In the case of say 2 Crisis Battle Suits. 1 suit dies putting the squad AT 50% but not below it per the rules, the way I interpret it.

The question is

1) Does the single crisis suit count as full VP to my opponent or only 50%?

2) Is it still a scoring unit for me?

3) If it fails a morale test can it still rally as it is at its 50% mark not below?

I said yes to 2 & 3 and no to 1 which my friend disagreed with, stating the opposite in answers
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Default Re: Squad below 50%

Actually below 50% is only half VP for your opponent. You never get full VP for a unit until its completely dead or falling back at the end of the game and/or off the table. If it rallies even below 50% its still only half VP.

As I understand it a single suite remaining from a 2 man team is not below 50% and so can still rally but it does have to take last man standing checks and is still a scoring unit.

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