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He's there to die
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Old 18 May 2006, 20:28   #1 (permalink)
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Default He's there to die

is it just me or is aunva dyeing spirit there to die??
giveing you yes thats right you pref enemy
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Old 18 May 2006, 20:41   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: hes there to die

No, if he was their to die they would not give combat helping rules.
Really he is pretty useless and youd be better off without him. This has been discussed before and i think everyone came to the conclusion that he was not their to die.
Even if he dies tau are stil **** at combat.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: hes there to die

if i wanted to i could start a bonfire out of this topic that would o on for hours and hours....oh well might as well not do it. just go to the search feature and type in Aun'Va, youll have your argument there.
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Default Re: hes there to die

He's their to soak up enemy fire, if he dies, its not all that bad (unless half your army runs off the board), but certainly you don't want him to die off too quickly.
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